The Sleeping JB: A short story transcribed by Millionaire Platinum in 2004...

In a faraway land, long ago, Millionaire Platinum.
Emily wanted a kid.
They had sex followed by a daughter that was titled Burbon.
To honor baby princess, Millionaire Platinum.
Everyone ate food. You may remember such as nobles and peasants.
It was to the castle. Women. Lots of them.

Millionaire Platinum, King Grant-Pubert. King Grant-Pubert brought Jones.
Jones was his and little. He was a boy though.
To be the feast!
Millionaire Platinum and Grant-Pubert: Jones be wed at once with Burbon.
To Burbon.

Wedding happened.
Among were fairies. Flores, Flores2, and Stormcalibur.
Each wished to bless the baby born of sex.
A gift was to do this.
Wands'a'waving, Flores chanted: "My gift shall rectify beauty!"
"And mine", exclaimed Flores2 "shall be chanting."
Before Stormcalibur could speak, the castle doors flew open with a cripple.

A little tiny cripple.
The tiny cripple appeared and grew quickly into the form of the evil witch, Hung.

Hung was furious/uninvited.
"I too again HA HA HA HA HA", she recalled.
"Before sun sets."
"And you die!"
"And then prick her finger."
These were all said by her, Hung.
With a clapping bolt of lightning, witch gone.

Stormcalibur gave nothing.
Instead "Should you prick your thing a finger, not in death, but in slumber will you behave.
For true love's kiss shall arrive bandaged and battered, such as yourself."

Millionaire Platinum feared restlessness still abrupt.
The good fairies and a hatchet.
A plan.
They would take Burbon to live them deep.
They guarded deep inhibitions. Guard the secret.
A peasant.
And Burbon came called Thing. Pedallion. Trumpet.

Years happened and Burbon became a sex icon.
A surprise! Her birthday! Happy birthday Burbon!
She pick berries.

They prepared the cake and a wedding gown.

Meanwhile, deep, Burbon told animals about handsom strapper dream.
This buck strapper might have been there hiding in the bushes this whole time.

Burbon sure sounded good about it.
About all sorts of stuff.
He clipped out to take her fingers.
No idea with his fingers.
They didn't know.

With his fingers.
Burbon scary of strapper.
She been betrothed years now. s.
Burbon had a cottage huh?

The Flores's and Stormcalibur surprises her.
Telling her truthful of princess betrothed at birth to a surprise.
A return home happen.

Hung's pet animal heard, etc. It flew and told in the cold.

Hung pricked Burbon in the cheek bone with her penis to a high tower.

"She touched it"

The three good fairies rushed, but it was too late. Burbon had already touched it to sleep. Deep.

Worried, the fairies dreamlike spell endured the castle of them.

Everyone sleeping now meanwhile.

And Hung captured Phillip or Jones and chained him both.
Using magic from 300 level, good fairies despised Jones's chains and provided him the Abacus of Virtue.
The Shield of Truth too.

They sent him downstairs
and the witch saw Phillip.
But escaping, Jones, she transformed became a dragon.

Breathed huge, hung waves of fire.

Jones had a shield.
A shield of bravely that guided.

He spun hunk his magic sword straight as an arrow into the evi's.
It fell to its death. Hung was no more.

Phillip raced to the castle and rubbed the princess all over.
Jones was enraged, smiling.
She slowly opened her eyes and awakened.
Jone's vanished.
The King and Queen were overjoyed.

Wedding happened again.
Aurora again.
They made intercourse.
Jones and Burbon also had babies.
Wedding plans were soon made.
And they all lived happily ever after in the same calpa.