Young Angelina: A short story transcribed by Millionaire Platinum in the final days before his passing...

"Happy Birthday!" I gave my son a kiss on the mouth.
I mainly focused on his upper lip. I wanted to really nail that part.
I squeezed it between my lips. I love my son.

"It's okay MILLIONAIRE PLATINUM. I wouldn't prone."

"I don't understand."

"Dad? Do you have pets?"

"Ted Debiase, let me tell you a story. This is about your mom and me...
Don't go repeating this. Lets say it's just between you and me on this special day.
So there were some things that the ring did not intend.
But the years exceeded the hours that rose this moment of fate.
What should have never happened was now at hand.
The war endured.
Life was bound to this one fate.

In the stillness of the emptied village, the children slept locked into their mother's arms.
The terror seemed distant and calm.
Infant's cries often rode on the night's wind
as the mothers eyes set fixed on the war outlying their sight.
Please don't unplug or move / shut off: I'll lose files.

From the hazy distance, silence raged atop the mountain crest.
Iron and steel danced in the moonlight.
In this moment, the will of men fades, and blades grow heavy.

The end is nearing, and seems no less bleak than when it first began.
Not all will live. Most will be buried under the rubble of the tides of the waging war.
And all throughout, the ring beckons on the master's call.
I can feel it, pulsing inside us all.
It penetrates flesh and steel.
And Sauron, the master, is unveiled in the dusk.
The fury and the dark are unfolded into the night.

In the lapse of desperation the new resistance is revealed.
And the dark lord Sauron will soon fall to it.
The melee that wrought the will of men will raze the rule of Sauron.
The prevalence of rheumatoid arthritis and/or asthma will unsheathe this new dominance.
Its supremacy and ascendancy over all who saunter middle earth is not uncertain, nor unseen.

Consider the likeliness that the dark lord Sauron's arthritic hips were problematic.
Consider also his wheezing and shortage of breath during strenuous activity, such as battle.
Coupled, not even Sauron could defy, and he was fallen.
It rendered the tale of the ring.
And rendered life free.
Inoculate thirst slack twice.

Another lifeline was sunk on the light of the hour of his forthcoming time.
Prenatal asthma prowled in victory. I made time in my busy schedule.
It was out of my way.
I hope you invite me to your home this Christmas.
Sauron was cast down breathless.
Like an asthma-sickle; breathless, death, and chewb.

It's where they keep it.
It's where they keep it foolish.

History and destiny could not follow.


That bitch spider bit my fucking neck. I'm gonna go step on its fucking pouch of children."