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JB Spamming
Mass e-mails

From: Dacia Callaway
Sent: Tuesday, August 31, 2004
To: 100+ recipients
Subject: FWD: *guys check this out it's hilarious-- YOU HAVE SWINE LEGS!!!

Hey, Dacia here. Hey friends!!! except some of you are friends OF friends so you probably have no idea who I am. I get around though *wink wink* kidding... but either way you gotta check this out, it's hilarious!!!!------

> KEI- whoops, sorry, my right hand was on the wrong keys,
> I've attention from digital!
> You have swine legs!
> HA!
> If you donít send this message minimum people of fourteen,
> likelihood high for cancers such in swine legs is probable.
> You have three days.
> If you send it, not only will you be free of harm's way,
> but a Buick Regal will be awarded to the winner.
> To: Joan Cuntbosc and other candidates like YOU:
> Big news from the JB Medical community.
> International JBM pharmacies to open in the western United States.
> Cancers of the lower leg will be treated to first 12 patients in each state free of cost.
> ISP LL-tracing of intercontinental email forwards ensures precautionary awards to participants.
> Check local JB's non medical branch for intricate details of privates.
> Also email Cuntbosc two times with a grasp of twine thighs.


From : hipolito carlos

What the fuck is this?