Evening August Heat

A T.S. Elliot poem meant to be read in song.
D Minor.
Transcribed by Courtney Jensen and Andrew Mikkelson in 1997...

Late in the evening summer heat-
They crowded the town
With the sound of the street.
They round a corner-
I rounded that corner
And there you were…

Your hair is purple
And your teeth are brown
You've got the herpes
From your sleepin' around
You drive a Geo-

You're walking by me
And you look like shit-
Your hat is crooked
And your face is spit
You drive a Geo-

You've got the wife beater
Up on your chest
You make me sick
You stand out.
You drive a Geo

Your blackened boots
Beneath your skin tight pants
You throw a picnic
Just to snort up the ants
You drive your Geo…

I see your spikes
Across your fishnet mesh-
Beneath your tie
Of human flesh
You drive a Geo
You vampire slut

And you wear the leather
In this summer heat-
You smell like filthy dying fish.
You drive a Geo.
You vampire slut.

Now you're sleepin' nights
On a public bench-
You beg for change
Just like a fuckin' wench
You drive a Geo.

You try so hard
To be original and noticeable-
Because your parents didn't give you any attention
When you were growing up-
Now you…
You drive a Geo…
You drive a Geo you vampire slut…

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