Black Death

Alternate title: Sexual Intercourse
transcribed in 2002

Socioeconomic pneumonic electronic chronic bubonic plague
And polymitiliteus inside us-
In tetnis needle rubella beetle fetal position
With cottage cheese disease congenital abnormalities.
VDs penile tease herpes on a preteen sleaze bag
Pre crabs slabs jabs she grabs for Pabst Blue Ribbon-
With sexy tips something slips rips grab the hips and punish
The dog in heat sweet marbled meat treats on dirty sheets
For one orgasm spasm malignant neoplasm.

So robust lust must can't hold back the thrust
From undressing caressing it's now infesting nesting in your junk-
Lube and slide with Astroglide suicide very little pride
When morning hits tender tits clits splits your clothes won't fit.
A couple scores torn whore abhors the morning sores
Thrills chills then spills and shrills kills your last of youth-
Sour kraut sprout title bout out in the great wide open
And Sunday waking severely shaking aching taking your pills.
And then you die...