T.S. Elliot: Poetica 2004.
Transcribed by Courtney Jensen...

I give up tonight.
And you remain inches from my heart
Through all the moments I cannot trust or breathe.
You mean everything to me
And in a day I almost had you.
Every day you titled my life
With your smile you never bring.
My life turns from you to dawn-
Forgone the life I dream or bleed.
I hate it when I have hair connected in two skin spots.
In my hour alone I know
I'll never hold you ever again-
I'll never feel your skin
Nor ever breathe you in.
Just stay with me tonight
And I'll give up all my life.
Please just stay with me tonight.
But don't scratch me
With your raccoon fists.
It hurts me a lot.
Like raccoon spray spist cherish.
Thanks Tommy
Tommy Tommy Tommy
Tommy Tommy.