One Newspaper love

A T.S. Elliot poem transcribed by Courtney Jensen in 1998...

Deliverance all at three am,
Love seeketh only what is seen-
Deliverance some at three am,
Plant a life to seed a bean.

Remember those who deliver you,
A red border surrounds the black-
Remember all who delivered you,
Stand up the spread out the back.

Chain, water, desk, animal, hammer,
Item, John, green, folks along with,
Soap, beach, verbal, seating, thin,
Binder, pants, sand fall, paper,
Sofa seat, ripping leaves, plants,
Soft, elated, round buttons, backpack,
Shapes, short, Aaron, page from book.

A newspaper love taking all on
A new urban lifestyle.
In nature, tile, bird, Greek, yellow,
Classical, floor, entity, ocean, dust, meter,
Opium, taxidermist, tall, shoes, Russian.