This child of mine

T.S. Elliot of youth, T.S. Elliot of life.
The poetics of 2004.
Transcribed by Courtney Jensen, Kristen Wilson, and Jacqui Frank...

Mommy can I sleep in your bed?
But I'm scared and I don't feel good.
Can you turn on the light then?
My dream's aren't working.
There's something in my closet.
And I'm still thirsty.
And starving.
And I have to go potty.
I'm not even tired.
Everyone else gets to stay up.
Everyone hates me!
I hate you!
Come back I'm panic stricken!
I pooped.
Coulson's thumping when I try to sleep.
There's a bee on my duvet.
I have bleed pee.