Advenient and You

T.S. Elliot's latter body of work, transcribed by Courtney Jensen in 2003...

Aaron Baine was inducted to truth
Presumed to misconstrue the title of youth-

And on the forest or fire
Inspires the writers of war
Who require in time the admire of more
Prior to the wyre of subsequent lore-

And track submission to fact
While cognitions react
Leading traditional renditions
And time honored monarchy
In time rendered traditions
Processional gender transition
For congressional impact
On the fact that Baine never knew-

But he cannot break the chain
Or abstain this arcane
Ascertaining this day
In his reigning campaign-
In refrain from disdain
On the rack of his pain
And he'll always contain his thoughts that remain
About his banging of marsupial woodland critters really hard and tight.
He bangs.

These are all things like overhead projectors and butchers.
Things like that.