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A world of hurt: JB Nightingale Parables.

I love this: there's not a lot of blood flow to my anus when gaping and moist.
I didn't necessarily do this on purpose, but I kind of meant for it to happen.
I behave in this: gaping, a pony.

GOOD MORNING!!!! i once had an augmented stick.
The crux of the matter is clam blood.
If you'd like to mix up clams and bombs in a mishap, you can simply it "clambs."
] = "They had a pockets and striped shirt."
adom = "Tanaka San understands some English. He is good at singing songs."
[number] = "Cologne was bending a tractor earlier today."
_text = "JB: Suck it up and address stress like everyone else."
++] = "JB: On the toll bag."

I didn't know the c in sceptre was silent.
They made fun of me.
It hurt.
I quit.
Then I thought I taught the 4th grade.
Then I did teach the 5th grade.
I realized you have to be open to be hurt by such things.
So I began to teach the 6th grade.

If you go to the Oregon country fair you see a lot of hot people.
Not that they're hot from the sun. It's that they're in bikinis.
Not because its hot from the sun.
I would go on the Ferris wheel if there was one,
but it wasn't that kind of fair.
Mostly all you do is walk.

Weight of decree. How about this: i'll eat a leather item,
and you eat an old pastry.
think that'll work?

Remember when we saw a beached whale?
...I remember seeing shells?
It's excruciating when I pee.
I want you to eat cheerios or related various crisps 24-6.

"More than two reasons" was quite specific.
You must have had two specifically in mind.
Was one of them the Indian ocean?
No and it wouldn't hurt my feelings if you responded
to one of my sincerity letters with a
"I'm doing okay- I breid my kipple twice"
But suit yourself.

I met somebody new.
A longing affection.

If he had pistols,
He had babies.

And all you need know
that babies are good too.
Babies with pistols!

I don't want to talk about it.


"You are that sick little man."

You wrote that
But in fact meaning I'm a SLY little man.
And by sly little man we meant not a truck full of sorrow.

Okay. Also, I'm not a Chinaman, Chairman.
I bet it would help me if I were both sometimes...

The beach is full of self-will-
Pressing me to watch its every minute.
And Williams.
Though my experiences are limited of Hank.
Still yet I have to have met a real Hank.
Other than an artificial Hip.
Still of how a person called such a thing.
A Hank.
Poke a person.
Accuse them of hank.
Like a violent football-shaped dog.

I knew a man named Cathen. I thought we were kidding at first but it became clear real quick when he did it for work.

Mood sets in. Deviance sets out. I set off for an adventure...
The adventures of JB.