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not Monet Honda ps2 rare sub Matrix porn J-lo

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Description (revised): Item Specifics - Cell Phone Accessories Compatible Brand: Nokia

I found this one of a kind factory sealed masterpiece in a small shop outside of Paris. I just had to have it. I trade everything. I gave it all up. But now I can't afford. EVERYTHING MUST GO!!! This once in a lifetime opportunity only comes once a life. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth!

My wife and I have been thinking long time and feel time to part with it. Turn my misfortune into your fortune today!! This piece goes hand in hand in hand with everything you ever have! I am not a terrorist. TOTAL LIQUIDATION! Bid with confidence!

It's supposed to be in color but my printer is black and white but take my word it's amazing! Just ask me. Don't quote me. It won awards. An award winning piece! Going to a baseball game with a nephew. Catching a home run ball. Getting it signed by Jose Canseco. PRICELESS!

"I love this piece" they say. Brilliant! I'm not trying to reel you in. Don't let this one pass you buy! It doesn't get any better than this. Check out my awesome feedback. Email me with any questions and await a prompt return.

If you had balls you'd do buy it now!

Printed 8 x 11 picture will be folded up in thirds with your address written on the back, stamped.

Shipping handling is $2.95 U.S. dollars, buyer must pay insurance too! God Bless!

See my other auctions too! Problem solved.

Happy bidding!

Don't bite the hand that feeds you.
Added November 2, 09:13pm

Thanks a ton about this. I trust eBay.
Added November 3, 08:49am

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From: bp123086@aol.com
Question for seller -- Item #3056871263

Wow this piece is awesome, do you know what era it came from. I've never seen anything like it. This artist is brilliant, I love the way he combined talent with the mind of child. This person is truely brilliant. If I had the money I'd definately buy it.


Re: Question for seller -- Item #3056871263

A candle loses nothing by lighting some more candles because of it. And you know you're getting old when a candle costs more than the cake! Hey I just thought of. Have some bark chips too. I bought some bark chips there too. Bless you!

From: bp123086@aol.com
Re: Question for seller -- Item #3056871263



Re: Question for seller -- Item #3056871263

Thank you! Thanks, that's a lot of traffic jams. Many are hearsay. I try to deal.