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  1. I hate people who think they have a great voice. These are usually 16 year old girls who don't realize they're about to have babies.

  2. I hate people who try to make a career out of that voice, but end up having babies instead because they'd never make it, because they suck, and the only thing they're good at is having babies from multiple partners.

  3. I hate people with last names like Handcock, or Goldhammer, or if they have the word penny in it, like Pennybaker or Pennypacker or something. Realize that once upon a time back in our history, everyone made up their own names. That's where all of our names came from. And the people who have these ridiculous names today have the exact genetic herritage as the person who thought calling himself Pennypockets.

  4. By the same principal, I hate people with first names like Archibald unless they were named by foster parents.

  5. I hate people who endure fierce rectal prolapses in public and splash butt-matter-within onto my thighs, clothes, and sternum.

  6. I hate people who eat everything but the heels of bread. They make up excuses: "It molds faster if you eat the heel!" No it doesn't. You just don't want to eat something that's less white. That's absurd and I hate you.

  7. I hate people who execute feats of strength as performance art as well as the people who think they're really physically fit. Just because you can use mechanical advantages to tear lots of paper doesn't mean you're not going to die of cardiovascular disease. So go blow up a canteen or whatever your next trick is while I mock your artherosclerosis.

  8. I hate people who aren't very smart even if there's nothing they can do about it.

  9. I hate obese people and everyone can do something about that.

  10. Except some people can't. But that's rare. And I hate them too because it's still just as torturous to gaze into.

  11. I hate people who eat disgusting little objects bits because taste dictates every substance that enters their mouth excluding sex discharge juices.

  12. I hate people who make noises when they eat.

  13. Especially if they're eating sex discharge juices.

  14. I hate people who think the ingestion of food is a social experience that should be shared with loved ones. Good food should be eaten alone.

  15. I hate people who ask me why I'm eating that. Fucking leave. Leave me alone.

  16. I hate people who ask me mindless questions about anything. An example of this is when someone can't think of anything to say, and instead of embracing the silence, they feel obligated to fill it with something like this: "what's your favorite color?"

  17. I hate people who use erasers.

  18. I hate people who rub their first two fingers together with their thumb in a semi-circular fashion while holding their hand up to indicate money or some type of financial thing.

  19. I hate people who think polygamy and pastrami don't sound exactly the same and are virtually the same thing.

  20. I hate thetans.

  21. I hate people who say "o'clock" after something like 2:17 or 10:44.

  22. I hate people who accent the o' in o'clock.

  23. I hate people who resemble Buckwald in appearance and/or anything.

  24. I hate people who use the expression "kitty corner." This is not an expression. Catty corner kind of is. It was cater-corner and it was a French phrase implying that something was positioned diagonally across from something else. And then people made an expression out of it: catty-corner. This is as far as the expression goes. The only reason it became "kitty corner" is because people thought katty meant something about kittens. It doesn't. But unintelligent people assumed it was in fact about cats, and changed the expression to kitty corner. Then further unintelligent people perpetuated its usage. I hate these people.

  25. I hate people who run up and burst through huge pieces of decorated circle paper at the start of sporting events.

  26. I hate people who do karate or any other combative martial art and are serious about it. With the exception of jiu-jitsu, all types can be lumped together with hacky sack under the group of activities known as "performance art."

  27. I hate people who use the word "stuffs." Like this: unabsorbed food stuffs gets pooped. The word "stuff" is already plural. You making it super-plural is just irritating.

  28. I hate people who extensively masticate in order to swallow dry things.

  29. I hate lazy people who don't deserve lassitude.

  30. I hate people who don't work because it interupts their "soulful experience on earth." These people should never speak.

  31. I hate people who reak like hell, like hippies usually do, but sometimes even worse.

  32. I hate people who don't work because of intellect constraints.

  33. I hate people who don't work because they're too placid and tender to work anywhere.

  34. I hate people who mooch shit off everyone.

  35. Sometimes I do that. That's okay though.

  36. I hate people with a huge supply of shrubs and bushes in pots.

  37. I hate people who hang out in coffee shops.

  38. I hate people who hang out in bars.

  39. I hate drunks.

  40. I hate the people at meetins who are either forced to be there or think reading aloud is helping.

  41. I hate druggies.

  42. I hate a person who goes to meetings for it who caused me to lose my job even though I didn't want to work there anymore but it's the principle.

  43. I hate people who think bongs harness divinity.

  44. Mainly because it's ridiculous, combined with the fact that they're always tedious and unexciting.

  45. It literally amazes me - I'm astonished at how fantastically uninteresting these people are.

  46. I hate junkies who think they're special and unique. I think I already covered this concept but it was worth reiterating.

  47. I hate every person on earth ever who drinks and talks about it as if it were actually something exciting. They tell these awful stories - "so I'm drinking last night right? And I'm hammered. Like I'm fucking wasted. It was awesome." And then that's the end of the story. It's mind-numbing. It actually literally numbs my mind to listen to this. Please stop.

  48. Do us all a favor. If you've ever consumed alcohol at any time in your inane, useless life, please, for the love of everything holy, tell no one. Just keep it to yourself, it's boring.

  49. I hate people who thuroughly describe dreams to me. This is one step above the alcohol stories. I promise nobody wants to hear them.

  50. I hate people who think drugs are a worldly and earthy experience.

  51. I hate people who listen to drop-d death rock. Nobody can play an instrument, sing, be coherent, or attractive. They should all be dead.

  52. I hate people who listen to rap. Fact: I swear to you on my life every "rapper" that has ever lived has had less talent at every possible thing in life than any new born crack-baby ever born ever.

  53. I hate people who listen to country pre 2001-2002. Call it holiday season 2001, country became almost sufferable. Pre-this it's really really bad. Really, really bad lyrics sung over a G-chord for several minutes. Then you see the fans in the front row of these horrific performances with tears streaming down their face. Wow.

  54. I hate people who don't listen to any of the three previously discussed music selections, but secretly appreciate one or more. These "appreciators" should be shot in the bottom of each foot two times per foot piece. They shouldn't necessarily be killed, but they need to be taught a lesson. And it needs to be severe.

  55. I hate anyone who is involved on any level with the concept, production, or purchase of anything that often appears on popular radio and television.

  56. I hate the worthless trash-orb who invented Land'o'Lakes butter.

  57. I'm going to try to get people to use the word "orb" to describe people. Try to make it catch on okay?

  58. I hate people with no mannors. People with no mannors should be dead.

  59. I hate people who won't take their shoes off in someone elses house regardless of the fact that every other human being who enters the door does. These people should also die via public quartering.

  60. I hate people who use the word 'said' as reference to something someone else is talking about. Example: "Does said paper have any particular length?" Just use the word 'the' like everyone else on the planet. Said doesn't even make sense. I know it's a phrase. That doesn't justify your stupidity in using it you fool.

  61. I hate people who cause this hate to prosper. Example: What the hell did you ask me? "I asked you if said paper has any particular length." You know what? I heard you. I asked so I could offer you a chance to redeem yourself. You're such a moron... Such a moron.

  62. I hate people who never make eye contact when you're trying to talk to them.

  63. I hate people who feel eye contact is vital and won't quit staring into your eye balls. Your eye orbs. These people are orbs.

  64. I hate people who love The Doors.

  65. The Doors are a band. I love you if you didn't know that. But you did. That's the problem.

  66. I hate anyone who appreciates the anti-harmonious voice of the Billy Corgack whatever rat in a cage song guy.

  67. Nevermind (amended December 17th, 2003).

  68. The Rolling Stones, Elvis, KISS, and there's some more bands. I hate them.

  69. "Up in here" or simulating barking as a song. Hate.

  70. I hate everyone who knows what I'm referencing.

  71. I hate people who think of themselves as an artist because they believe the drugs allowed them to express something.

  72. I hate people who think they're original.

  73. I hate people who won't conform to anything because they think they'll be different than everyone else if they don't.

  74. I hate all the dopplegangers from the last two sentences who comprise the 1.8 billion clone count and still think of themselves as unique.

  75. I hate anyone who's ever said "open your mind" referring to drugs or anything else.

  76. I hate everyone who uses that line because they think it's philosophical.

  77. I hate everyone who uses that line because they have the intellect of an ordinary fourth grade child.

  78. I hate people who drink non alcoholic beer and act drunk to fit in.

  79. I hate people who know what BSDM is.

  80. I hate the orb who e-mailed me to correct my wrongness in the previous hate. Apparently it's BDSM and not BSDM. Boy am I stupid.

  81. I guess I don't hate these people. But isn't it weird how sometimes a guy wears an executioner's mask and sometimes they eat each other's poop?

  82. I hate people who do little more than play computer solitaire.

  83. I hate white trash mostly because they're my relatives on my dad's side of the family.

  84. I hate people who sprint across the Mexico-U.S. border to birth a girl named Vienae, and she still believes her mom had her while on vacation. Thus she's a citizen and has sex with Travis. I don't hate these people, but if I paid taxes, I'd hate the ones who cross the border to use those taxes. But I don't. But it could happen. And if it did, I'd be pissed. But probably not very.

  85. Oh, but I do hate the Mexicans (the Hispans) that cause every food manufactorer to list ingredients in both English and Mexican.

  86. And things like biblioteca. I can't find my book now. I'm angry.

  87. I hate people who think they're some race other than what they obviously are. The more common occurances of this are retarded white suburban kids thinking they're Jamaican and/or Black.

  88. Sometimes I want to be Jewish. That's not the same thing.

  89. I hate black people who think everything is racist and refer to their friends as "niggers." Wow you're a moron.

  90. I hate Iranians who lie, cheat, and steal. I like the ones who don't. Quite a bit because they're funny. But the ones in the restaurant industry steal more than they tell jokes.

  91. I hate anyone who thinks that any of that was racist at all. Racism doesn't exist except in those who bring up the fact that their ancestors that were shipped to America when it was Britain, were slaves.

  92. Racism also exists in the south. It exists a lot in the south. Nobody likes the south. If you do like the south you should be hung to death on a hangman scoop.

  93. I hate people who are right now accusing me of being a racist.

  94. You are? Oh. Name three human beings who were slaves. First and last name. Any three slaves that have ever walked the earth. The fact that you have to google your first name means I win...

  95. Moving along: I hate people who dress up.

  96. I hate people who wear abercrombich fitch or whatever the hell it is.

  97. I hate people who think they're rich and then drink cheap brandy in a fit of make believe. Rich people are too busy making money to do this.

  98. I hate any female who spends more than 1 minute putting on make up.

  99. I hate anyone who needs makeup.

  100. I hate people who comb their hair to be a strategic mess.

  101. I hate people who comb their hair.

  102. I hate people who throw temper tantrums.

  103. I hate anyone who uses hair spray.

  104. I hate everyone who washes a shirt after wearing it once.

  105. I hate people who hang everything neatly and organized in a closet.

  106. I hate people who leave their cell phone on when they can't take a call anyway.

  107. I badly hate people with cell phones. Why can't you just turn it off? I was in the middle of a sentence.

  108. I hate people who, while telling a story, stop and say (with predictable hand gestures) "wait, wait! This is the funny part!"

  109. I hate people who wear cowboy hats. Especially if they lower the front way below the back so that they'll be unbalanced-cool.

  110. I hate people on the subway diet.

  111. I hate people who think the subway diet will make you lose fat.

  112. I hate people on the slim-fast plan.

  113. I hate people who need to lose weight or they'll die of cardiovascular disease, and turn to the slim-fast plan.

  114. I hate slim shady.

  115. I hate every guy with short bleached blonde hair.

  116. I hate people who eat nothing because they think it's good for them.

  117. I hate people who string wires across their body and clamp them to their legs, abs, and chest, flipping a switch to initiate and induce seizure-like twitching, resembling that of a full blown Parkinsons patient, and claim it to be a workout.

  118. I hate people that ask for a back scratch.

  119. I hate guys that drive fast due to the fact that there is a female sitting in the seat next to them, apparently waiting to be exhilarated and impressed by the spedometer reading.

  120. I hate people who ask for a sip of your drink.

  121. I hate people who ask for a bite of your food.

  122. I hate people who abuse the internet for sex... Dirty, dirty white trash.

  123. I hate anyone who wears a giant obese starter jacket.

  124. I hate snowboarders. This is just a behavioral thing.

  125. When people say tell me 8:00am it sounds like slowly spelling ham. I hate people who pronounce words troublesome.

  126. I hate ignorant, hypocritics that drink themselves into a stupor and then preach about Christ. You're going to hell. I don't need to hear how you're going to get there via the Christian path.

  127. I hate Unkle Kracker, who puts a childish catchy beat to a song about adultery.

  128. I hate the band Anthrax, who ripped off a sweeeeeeet chemical.

  129. I hate them.

  130. A lot.

  131. I hate people who think "a lot" is one word.

  132. I hate people who watch channel 24 for their religious practice.

  133. I hate people who watch the WB.

  134. I hate people who watch UPN.

  135. I hate people who pronounce UPN like "oop-in".

  136. I hate people who try to talk like Cartman.

  137. I hate people who watch South Park.

  138. I hate people with guns.

  139. I hate the guy in the Statesman Journal who writes about fishing every damn day.

  140. The majority of people just want sex, alcohol and donuts. I don't want those things. I don't hate myself very much.

  141. Regarding drinking fountain practices: With a passion, I hate people who have to be within an inch of where the water comes out. Please understand that the water is ejected in a parabola. It goes up. Then it comes down. This is not a fucking nipple. You don't have to catch it before it begins its uprise.

  142. I hate people who are forced by their free will to look at themselves in the mirror in different facial expressions and postures.

  143. I hate fat people who say things about carbohydrates.

  144. Just eat your food like a normal human being. Don't crickle crackle every bite with your mouth smacking and open because it's fashionable. It would be outstanding if it didn't sound like chewing corn nuts every time you ate anything.

  145. I hate people who lift with a four inch stroke on any exercise machine, particularly leg press. Here's what's going on. These ignorant fools are striving for attention because they have very very little self esteem. This is not healthy. I don't like you.

  146. I hate people who think they know something they don't and try to bullshit their way through a conversation about it. I don't try to bullshit geography or golf. Don't try to act smart, questions are fine, comments aren't.

  147. I hate people who take nine hundred thousand different nutritional supplements. Notice how you're still weak and malnourished looking?

  148. I hate people who buy/sell/trade hemp and/or people who blow glass. I'm not going to expand on this.

  149. I hate groups of people. Fairs, meetings, parties, plays, picnics, parades, shit like that. I hate all the people in all of it.

  150. I hate people who follow you around for a parking spot. I'm on foot, walking TOWARDS cars. You following me for that reason makes me very uncomfortable.

  151. I hate public security guards and rental cops that, due to the fact that they're overweight and undereducated, feel they can extend their power way beyond their little miniscule abilities. I probably know more about jurisdiction than you do you $8 an hour worthless chunk of rolling adipose tissue.

  152. I hate people who eat potato chips prior to touching anything.

  153. I hate people who eat potato chips.

  154. I hate people who think Jamba Juice is a good source of vitamins and minerals, and hence, healthy.

  155. I hate anyone denies the fact that Jamba Juice consumption will make you a fat, fat piece of diabetes.

  156. I hate people who go through the fast food line, order 8,000 plus calories of "meats" covered in bacon wrapped in overbleached bread, hideous amounts of soybean and vegetable oil that's been deep fried twelve times over to resemble the shape of a french fry, and tops it off with a diet coke, as if the calories there are what push them over the limit. You're going to die. Just have a coke.

  157. I hate people who do "the wave" at athletic events.

  158. I hate people who say "I have no regrets." Everyone has regrets. Fact: those who say "I have no regrets" have vast amounts of regrets and use this little fib to feel better about themselves. Story: I was peeing last night and I misplaced my discharge and heavily moistened my crotch region and upper thighs. I regret not having checked the aim of my penis better than I did. I confessed this regret to Kristen as I walked out of the bathroom, soaked.

  159. I hate people who roll down the window of their Honda at 10pm in twenty degree January weather, absorbing severe frost bite symptoms so that you can hear their distorded bass pumping a little more effectively. I can already hear your license plate rattling, I know you're a loser, you don't need to accentuate it.

  160. I hate the people who purposely leave their garage door open year round so you can see their $1500 Jaguar in all of it's shimmering glory. It's a 1986. You can put it away now.

  161. I hate the drivers of those lame ass low riders that you have to avoid due to the fact that any altitude change greater than a quarter of a centemeter anywhere in the road will result in sparks violently erupting from the under carriage of their car and onto your hood.

  162. I hate people who jack their trucks up so high that it requires a fire truck ladder to get in the damn thing. A. You have no more ground clearance than my Grand-Am does, as your differential hangs down at the exact same height, B. Your center of gravity is lifted another eight feet into the air so you can't corner over 6mph, C. The truck is now worthless as a functional truck because how the hell are you going to be able to load anything into the back, and D. I gaurentee you have zinc deficient micropenis and I'm sorry.

  163. I hate people who brag about a memory loss due to a disgusting heroin addiction.

  164. I hate people who use the term "bitch slap".

  165. I hate people who use the expression "mind's eye."

  166. I hate people who say "welcome to my world." That's a pretty self-satisfying and egotistical thing to say when someone else is complaining about something.

  167. I hate people who use the word "grassroots" to describe something.

  168. I hate people who marry for money. Just work. Get a fucking job you sloth. This is actually fine though.

  169. I hate rich decrepit old men who marry teenage models...

  170. But not as much as I hate the teenage models that marry them.

  171. Not always though. I don't want to pin myself in a corner if I decide to make this choice when I'm decrepit.

  172. I hate people who use unknown illness as a key to avoidance of important tasks (i.e. school, work, sports practice). You don't have Lou Gherig's disease, it's okay.

  173. I hate people with umbrellas. Fucking just get wet. You always jag me in the face with those metal prongs that hang off the edge in all directions. Knock it off. Just accept the fact that it rains sometimes. You're so stupid.

  174. I hate females who get belligerently just wasted, get cummed in by the first operable penis, and then sue the second the alcohol wears off.

  175. I hate females who agree that the instance provided above is classified as rape.

  176. I hate females who get belligerantly drunk anyway. They don't even need to do that fake-pitty-lawsuit-annihilate-the-life-of-someone-else-who-did-exactly-what-you-did-just-so-you-can-feel-better-about-your-miserable-worthless-hellbound-life garbage. I already don't like you. It wouldn't bother me if the event the night before somehow killed you. I don't know how, but maybe during the course of action it just quickly put you down. That would be outstanding.

  177. I hate all guys who manage to get involved in that situation. Supreme example of lowlife equality. I don't care if SHE is pressuring YOU. It doesn't matter. She'll be sober in a matter of hours. Do the fucking math.

  178. I hate people that have their teeth cast in gold or silver. Do you think you'll look rich? You can't even afford toothpaste, everyone can see that.

  179. I hate people that watch something on television or see something in a movie, act it out in real life, then blame everything on what they saw. TV and movies aren't real. You can't physically perform a lot of the things you see. Please learn to distinguish that from reality you sad, sad piece of trash.

  180. P.s. I don't hate this person, but Adam, you're not Zoro. It's weird when you carve Z's into the side of your house with a steak knife. It's really weird.

  181. I hate people that still wear No Fear.

  182. I have problems with denim. I hate people who wear denim.

  183. I hate males who grow goatees or any other facial expressions.

  184. I hate females with facial hair.

  185. I hate females worse who regularly shave their face.

  186. I hate people who ride razor scooters.

  187. I hate people who step on my shoe laces. Just watch where you step. It's not that hard. I do it everywhere I go.

  188. I hate people with perfectly tied shoes. What do you think you're better than me because you can tie your fucking shoes?

  189. I hate anyone who meets somebody in a bar and thinks that they are anything more than garbage.

  190. I hate anyone who is too young to enter a bar, so they wait outside a bar to meet someone new.

  191. I hate anyone who exits a bar to meet someone new.

  192. I hate people who say "wanna hit the bars?"

  193. I hate people who do "hit the bars."

  194. I hate people who try to make other people like them.

  195. I hate people who don't love Michael Stipe, Michael Jackson, or Michael Piemani.

  196. People named Michael are often great.

  197. I hate guys who think they're cool by sitting backwards in a chair. Seriously, we're well out of 1977. You're a complete idiot and you should be impaled in the face with a harpoon.

  198. I hate people who buy hats at "Lidz."

  199. I hate people who buy clothes from "Mr. rags."

  200. I hate people who wear, support, or do not hate Fubu.

  201. I hate people who think they're in "gangs". For the record, "gang members" are just people who are too weak to deal with things on their own.

  202. I hate weak stick armed people.

  203. I hate people who think they're big and/or strong, especially when they're just fat and sick looking.

  204. I hate people who wear tank tops everywhere. Tank top ownership guarantees you a maximum of purgatory.

  205. Those are the same people that walk around "casually" in the flexed position. Watch them, their hands fucking shake nonstop because they've occluded blood flow from flexing so hard. I hate these people.

  206. I hate people who talk loudly about their being "tough" because every one of these people is a little stick armed school girl who sings choir, but doesn't have a very good voice, but doens't get made fun of while singing there.

  207. I hate people who brag about everything.

  208. I hate people who brag about anything.

  209. I hate people who can't drive.

  210. I hate people who suck at driving but think they're good.

  211. I hate people who suck at anything but think they're skillful and talented.

  212. I hate people who overuse the words "stuff" and "thing".

  213. I hate people who have used the word "copula."

  214. I hate people who drive Hondas, Acuras, Mitsubishis, or BMWs.

  215. Especially BMWs.

  216. And Hondas and Acuras and Mitsubishis.

  217. I hate people who drive those garbage can volkswagons.

  218. I hate everyone who thinks any of these cars are good in any way.

  219. I hate people who drive old beater pickups.

  220. I hate people who think they're rugged driving old beater pickups.

  221. I hate people who think they're rugged because their car is dirty and they're dirty.

  222. I hate anyone with a brown car.

  223. I hate everyone who "cruises the gut."

  224. I hate sick, sick whores who loiter amongst the gut.

  225. I hate sluts who pick up on random guys (count=4) at the taco bell in South Salem.

  226. I hate people who stand downtown thinking something will happen.

  227. I hate people who sincerely think they're tough.

  228. I hate everyone who says something behind someone's back then is too teary eyed to say it too my face.

  229. I hate people who compliment everyone.

  230. I hate old people.

  231. I hate people who are always or ever happy.

  232. I hate people who count by raising fingers, and use their thumb earlier than 5. Far worse than this hate, is how much I hate people who start counting with their pinky.

  233. I hate people who have nervous ticks in their face and are always blinking really ferociously.

  234. I'm just kidding. I don't hate these people. But isn't it funny how they do that?

  235. I hate people who use the word "heart" too liberally. The heart simply contracts, sending oxygenated blood pulsing through the arteries so that metabolic demands can be met. The elusive poignant ventricle has yet to be discovered.

  236. I hate people who work for jobs they don't enjoy because without fail, they will always build a career out of that job and resultantly become super bitter in life then try to bring everyone else down to feel better about themselves.

  237. I hate people who call their cars rigs. The only exclusionary criterion here is construction employees referring to their company trucks. All other people I hate.

  238. I hate people who read/purchase, or glance at any book that ends in "for dummies."

  239. I hate people who move their lips when reading silently. It doesn't interrupt anything, it's just super annoying.

  240. I hate republicans. So far, earth harnesses the largest group of compulsive liars masked as "republicans."

  241. I hate democrats. At least conservative people don't have tons and tons and tons of babies from tons and tons and tons of Spaniard partners. Not Spaniard though. Mexican. From Mexico. But from the U.S. of A.

  242. I love Bill Clinton.

  243. I hate people who overdress in a huge excess of jewelry accessories and purchase brandy while thinking they're wealthy.

  244. I hate people who wear jewelry that consists of gold plated plastic and yarn.

  245. I hate people who wear jewelry.

  246. I hate people with pierced tongues.

  247. I hate people who gleam and shine as the dozens of piercings stretched across their face catch the light.

  248. I hate people who wear toe-rings.

  249. I hate people who drink pop.

  250. I hate people who think juice is good for you.

  251. I hate people who complain about allergies, regardless of the season.

  252. I hate people who complain about a season because of their allergies.

  253. I hate people who won't quit complaining about the police, because the second these people need help, who do you think they call?

  254. I hate the people who call the police over nothing.

  255. I hate people who complain about tickets. You wouldn't have a ticket if you weren't breaking the law. It's your fault.

  256. I hate people who sign their full name on everything. Brent Lee Haley or something. Knock it off... you're not important and neither is your excessively overdone name writing.

  257. I hate people who claim to have some social disorder disease simply because they're stupid.

  258. I hate people who say "good afternoon" because without fail, it's always said immediately after I've woken up. This instantly makes clinical depression the tone for the day. Say good morning until 6pm. Then just say hi.

  259. I hate people who throw parties.

  260. I hate people who go to those thrown parties.

  261. I hate it when cats rub ointment on my legs. I realize this appears to have very little to do with people, but sometimes people rub ointment on cats. I hate these people.

  262. I hate guys who wipe after they pee.

  263. I hate guys who have to piss every 4 minutes or so.

  264. I hate guys who pull their pants down around their knees to pee.

  265. I hate guys who wear their pants half way to their knees at any time. "Sagging". I hate "sagging", don't "sag". I will hit you.

  266. I hate people with nervous tic things that I can hear (throat clearings, high pitched noises, etc.) I have all sorts of nervous tics, but none of them are audible, so they don't ferociously bother everyone.

  267. I hate people who put decals and stickers on their car.

  268. I hate people who put spoilers on their cars. If you're dumb enough to buy a spoiler, you're too poor to afford a car that will go fast enough to make it functional in any way at all ever.

  269. I hate people who put custom exhausts on something as shitty as a Honda. Do you not understand that they don't do anything? I swear to you, duct taping an empty coffee can to the rear bumper will be equally as effective.

  270. I hate people who think they are poetic and philosophical.

  271. I hate people who lack the ability to be creative in that way.

  272. I hate those specific people without any creativity that still call themselves writers, artists, etc.

  273. I hate everyone else who refers to theirself as an artist.

  274. I hate people who can't figure things out for themselves.

  275. Leave Michael Jackson alone you fucking assholes. Holy shit, the guy invites dying cancer patients over to his theme park and the media turns it into a child-porn-carnival. Fucking knock it off, the guy didn't do a fucking thing. And he can dance like a banshee. I gather you must have found hate in there somewhere, more generally aimed. If you don't agree with me I could just as easily aim this number at you.

  276. I hate people who refer to sports teams they're not on as "we" or "us." And sometimes these people refer to their ethnicity as "we." Okay, black man, I'm sorry your relatives 200 years ago were owned by Brittish people with weird teeth. But, "us slaves," seriously? Please.

  277. I hate people who are over the age of 10 and are dependant on people for anything.

  278. I hate people who are chronically early.

  279. I hate people who are late as hell and don't see what the problem is.

  280. I hate people who try to give me advice about anything.

  281. I hate people who aren't any good at something who try to give advice about it.

  282. I hate people who feel obligated to eat in front of me.

  283. I hate people who wear sports jerseys with a name that's not theirs printed across their back, shoulder to shoulder. Is that not really insecure?

  284. I hate people who do their makeup in public with the little fold out round mirror box with the puffy thing pad and weird lip positions and shit.

  285. I hate people who call sausages "bangers."

  286. Some people have thick fingers. Some people call those fingers "sausage fingers." Call them banger fingers. Feel free to do that. Either way I don't like you. A time allotment.

  287. I hate people with flamboyant clothing.

  288. I hate people with perfectly ironed clothes.

  289. I hate anyone who continually sees their face in a mirror.

  290. I hate anyone who carries a mirror with them where ever they go.

  291. I hate people who wear khaki pants and tuck in their shirts.

  292. I hate people who wear hats sideways or crooked in any way.

  293. I hate people who wear visors, excluding Dilger.

  294. I hate people who go to bed at 7:30pm like Dilger.

  295. I hate people who have a perfectly folded bill of their hat.

  296. I hate people who are so egotistical they think that everything has to do with them.

  297. I hate people who say "nape of neck."

  298. I hate people who think they'll look cool if they constantly use profanity.

  299. I hate people who walk around picking flowers and pondering things.

  300. I hate people who ask "are you in line?" The only reason they're asking is because there's a line. The existence of the line is the only thing that precipitates the need to ask. And because there's a line, and I'm standing motionless at the end of it, there is very little excuse for me to be there unless I'm in it. Stop asking that question.

  301. I hate people who REALLY accent the pronounciation of v's. Especially when saying "five."

  302. I hate people who wear tight jeans.

  303. I hate people who wear those short pants, long shorts things.

  304. I hate people with dreadlocks. Timmy counted five.

  305. I hate people who think they're pretty.

  306. I hate people with any piercings anywhere other than their ear lobe.

  307. I hate people with peircings even in their ear lobes. Fact: people with piercings are uncomfortable with their physical appearance and don't receive enough attention to have an adequate or moderate level of self esteem.

  308. I hate anyone with one or more primary colors in their hair.

  309. I hate everyone else who applies any other color of non-hair to hair

  310. I hate people who are sleek looking with the cigarette tucked neatly behind their dirty ear.

  311. I love people who throw their sick used up burning cigarette butts any place they please becuase I wasn't aware that they were biodegradable in three hundred billion years. That's swell, it will turn into grass soon.

  312. I love smokers in the same beautiful way as they heave smoke into me.

  313. I hate people who pronounce the p in something.

  314. I hate people with an $80 car and five grand in wheels.

  315. I hate parents who use leashes. If you need a leash, don't have children. Please. Please, you're hideous, don't have them.

  316. I hate males who should wear bras.

  317. I hate people who bitch about things for any reason other than comedy.

  318. I hate people who think the world of themselves for any reason.

  319. Shitting and wiping coupled together we'll refer to as phase 1. Once phase 1 is complete, the next step is to flush the toilet. I hate people who cannot complete phase 2.

  320. This completes stage 1. Stage 2 addresses hand washing. I hate people who skip stage 2 and go strait to stage 3, or just go to a new level entirely.

  321. I hate people who think they're smart.

  322. I hate people who think they can keep up with something they're not good at.

  323. I hate people with too much pride to lose at something they're not good at.

  324. I hate people who are too lazy to just get good at something they suck at, but then they still struggle to win.

  325. I hate people who work out with massive inhuman intensity and perform this incredible feat less frequently than they recieve a physical.

  326. I hate people who are visibly unfamiliar with the American Dental Association.

  327. I hate people who never leave me alone.

  328. I hate people who always ask me if something's wrong.

  329. I hate anyone who uses the word "grumpy" without it being funny.

  330. I hate people who brag about sex.

  331. I hate people who talk about sex as if I were interested in their sexual activity.

  332. I hate everyone who has ever used the line "i think i'm gonna go get laid tonight."

  333. I hate people who can't keep to themselves.

  334. I hate anyone who has to be the center of attention.

  335. I hate people who are in everyone's fucking way all the time.

  336. I hate people with carpal tunnel because all they do is sit in front of a computer all day.

  337. I hate people who fake tan.

  338. I hate people who add a th sound at the end of height. Like this: heighth. Sometimes I add a th to forgive but that's because I learned English in 1218 AD and it was commonplace at the time.

  339. I hate people who drag on about dumbass stories of their childhood that nobody wants to hear.

  340. I hate people who talk about high school.

  341. I hate people who don't understand that I've got better things to do then listen to their dumbass stories.

  342. I hate people who don't do anything but sit and reminisce about old times.

  343. I hate people who have elderly conversations. "Did you hear Dale down the street had a stroke? Do you think it has to do with his saccharine? I heard they got a new projector down at the cinema." Like that.

  344. I hate people who always have to be out doing something.

  345. I hate people who do less than I do.

  346. I hate people who park cars shitty. Listen, all honesty here. If you can't park, limit your driving to nights and weekends.

  347. I hate people who sleep more than I do.

  348. I hate people who have been offering me cookies since the sixth grade and don't get the point.

  349. I hate people who question why I don't like cookies.

  350. I hate people who ask me questions like "what type of clothes do you like?"

  351. I hate people who ask me other questions as if I were 8 years old.

  352. I hate people who talk like they're 8 years old because they're just that unintelligent.

  353. I hate people who get pissed at me over nothing.

  354. I hate people who are overly excited over nothing.

  355. I hate people who expend energy to walk unnaturally like an ass gimp thinking they look cool.

  356. I hate the people responsible for popularizing the gimp strut.

  357. I hate the people who still appreciate the gimp strut.

  358. I hate people who wear sunglasses all the live long day.

  359. I hate people who wear sunglasses inside.

  360. I hate people who wear sunglasses on the back of their head.

  361. I hate people who wear sunglasses on the bill of their hat.

  362. I hate anyone with a mohawk, mullet, or bull cut.

  363. I hate people who are picky about their hair cut.

  364. I hate high school kids.

  365. I hate anyone between the ages of 5 and 17.

  366. I hate people who love to travel

  367. I hate people who find pleasure in going to the beach.

  368. I hate people who are on the phone out of state and they yell into it like it's tin cans and string.

  369. I hate people who talk exceptionally loud in the first place.

  370. I hate people who talk so quiet I can't understand a single word they said.

  371. I hate people who babble on about pointless shit and expect me to pay attention and follow what they're saying.

  372. I hate people who are scared of elevators.

  373. I hate people who get a warm feeling when they see a teddy bear selling for $130 when it cost 9 cents to make in a sweat shop by a little foreign child who's probably dead.

  374. I hate the people who think a 100 page heavily used paperback book is worth $90 because it's mandatory to buy for some chemistry class.

  375. I hate the people who work in those stores in airports who don't understand that the rest of the world has everything they carry at a quarter of the price.

  376. I hate people who work in the mall.

  377. I hate carnies. They have bad teeth too.

  378. I hate people who enjoy the fair.

  379. I hate people involved with the fair.

  380. I hate people who aren't nausiated by french fries.

  381. I hate people who complain about rain.

  382. I hate people who are overwhelmed with joy when it's sunny.

  383. I hate people with tons of plants.

  384. I hate people who use the phrase now'a'days.

  385. I hate people who smell like... Okay, you know when you were a kid those little cars that went around a track with little motors and the little gun trigger that made them go that had a wire connecting it to the track... You know what I'm talking about? When they get hot they smell like burning electrical wiring. I hate people who smell like that routinely.

  386. I hate people who use steam rooms and saunas.

  387. I hate fat and ugly people who ask me to massage them.

  388. I hate incompetant people who think they're not incompetant.

  389. I hate all incompetant people because they don't get anything.

  390. "Goodie-2-shoes." Who came up with this? I want a name because I hate this person. Because someone doesn't cheat, people make fun of their shoes. Being bilaterally dressed with nice shoes has nothing to do with cheating. Figure it out.

  391. I hate people who dance to techno.

  392. I hate people who dance because they can't play an instrument to make music on their own, and so they move around "dancing" which closely resembles a retarded person trying to get to the front of the Wheels bus.

  393. I hate people who like dance music.

  394. I hate anyone who likes music that originates from a drum machine and a computer.

  395. I hate people who dress up like vampires on any day other than October 31st and hang out down town for attention simply because their parents didn't give them enough when they were a child.

  396. I hate people who can't draw worth anything but try to draw the nose on a face.

  397. I hate people who proudly show me art work of a face that looks like carved pumpkin slit eyes, an oblong circle mouth, and a sideways v nose. Please, if you're one of these people, just don't draw.

  398. I hate people who are clean cut every freakin time they go out in public.

  399. I hate people who do this: "I'll have..." followed by an item. Please don't ask for anything this way. Ask a question. Don't make a statement about what someone must give you. I hate you.

  400. I hate people who enjoy typical things.

  401. I hate people who think height ends in a th. It's height and width, not heighth and width.

  402. I hate people who think that a 12 piece bucket of mini mall rotisserie style chicken and a half rack of papbs blue ribbon is a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

  403. I hate people who think that Jesus is a guy with a snow white beard and a gleaming white robe. Or God

  404. I hate people who've never been spoken to directly by God, and have crazy conviction.

  405. I hate people who don't think that eating people is fine.

  406. I hate people who know nothing about a religion but blab on meaninglessly about science.

  407. I hate people who know nothing of science but blab on meaninglessly about religion. Chances are, nobody asked a question. It's ridiculous that this person is even talking at all.
  408. I hate people who are so disgustingly massochistic that they genuinly enjoy things inserted and jagged up into their ass hole and penetrated violently. Not penisses. This is expected in the gay community. Things like 2 hi-liters taped together.

  409. I hate people who say a word like "impricitry" and you're supposed to understand that they mean implicitly. If you can't pronounce a word close at all, say something else.

  410. I hate people who surgically remove moles.

  411. I hate people who use speak the phrase "institution of marriage." They do this because they want their peers to regard them as intellectuals. These people are in the 4th percentile of human being intellegence- all ages combined. They're using this phrase in hopes that they will appear to be in a higher bracked. The saddest part, is that we all can tell you're in the 4th percentile by your using that phrase.

  412. I hate people who can't understand the difference between plums and clams.

  413. I hate people occupy.

  414. I hate people who don't make sense.

  415. I hate people who end sentences with a proposition. Example: "where is it at?" Understand that "where is it" will suffice by itself minus the companionship of the "at."

  416. I hate people who take themselves to the hospital for every little tiny thing ever.

  417. I hate people who work out like a complete puss.

  418. I hate people who are overly cautious.

  419. I hate people who think that football players are tough because they wear four hundred pounds of padding.

  420. I hate athletes that wear more armor when they play their sport than a freakin storm trooper.

  421. I hate people who don't believe that football is a toned down complete imitation of rugby that requires no more skill or talent than hopscotch.

  422. I hate anyone who is always concerned about trivial things.

  423. I hate anyone who is always confused about trivial things.

  424. I hate people who are easily offended

  425. I hate anyone offended by any of this

  426. I hate people.

    to be continued...