JB Essay Submissions
Submitted: Sunday, April 18, 2004

MTV TRL / Choose or Lose / Campus Compact's Raise Your Voice Campaign:

Want to make your community safer ... cleaner ... better? Think you would make a good president? Have big plans to change the world?

We want to help.

It's a Presidential Election year, so "TRL" has joined forces with Choose or Lose and Campus Compact's Raise Your Voice Campaign to help you with your quest to give back.

Tell us why ó in 300 words or less -ó you want to dedicate your life to community or public service and you could win a $5,000 scholarship for college and chance to be on "TRL."

Be a police officer, start a food shelter, become a teacher or run for public office. Tell us your plans for making the world a better place, and be as specific as you can. What do you want to study in college, what profession do you want to go into, and how are you going to make a difference?

We're going to pick the top 10 most compelling essays and ó later this summer ó put them online to let your friends vote on who should win.

>> I want a community cleaner. . YES!!! Think you.

I hear you've that. Iíd actually like a lot more than $5,000 or whatever it is,
but Iím willing to consider and negotiate if I donít have to work much at all.
But Iíd like you to think about paying me a lot more
than that. Maybe not right off the bat, but when we work things out.

\ I'm going to win this stupid essay contest.
I really like water a lot usually. Such things: One time I went water paddling DeChutes. I did
>>>> it
>>>> iwth woneot well anyway.
> If Water Resources Dept. has 2 employees already to assist>Watermasters
> the NW region, located in Salem and Oregon City, then Iím excited!
> may 15th my birthday!! malaria, ricket,s Obsen, and Gum.
>>>>> wrote:
>>>>> wow courtney, i did hear about boy comment from katie,
Employees Watermaster responding water right disputes informational
inquiries complaints assists region field activities inspections
microcomputers streamflow data activities is what Iím ready for.

Experience in the use of microcomputers trackling activities preparing
reports is required. Friday, 23: Exam #3
Monday, 26: All abstracts/summaries and your 2 questions are due
Wednesday 28-Monday 3: student presentations in random order
Considerable contact with general public, stuff happens to
privates. i rubbed wrong way.
hese positions research water rights maintain water right records.
>>>> roots the movei.
trying now build up courage to eat more beef for
breakfast right now. it gets hard.
oh ick. pancakes instead?
>> suitcase.
>> pancake sounds a lot like suitcase.
>> you're throbbing with anticipation. abosulutely physically throbbing.
>> a road pung.>temptress shall seduce you to bring the hung!
>>> p.s. I donít want to be on TRL. Iíve disliked being there before.
>>>> the end.

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