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bunch of people in a chat room....

You have just entered room "PrincessArabell Chat87."

EygptianGoddess9: where's sarah?

Wuxtrys: yeah no thanks to you i'm now in a chat room

EygptianGoddess9: what?

krazykris2002: who is this?

Wuxtrys: hey hush up you!

Gchildsa19 has entered the room.

PrincessArabell: hey courtney

Gchildsa19: uh hi?

EygptianGoddess9: watch out kristin ...he's feisti!

krazykris2002: I see

Wuxtrys: no you don’t you fool

krazykris2002: hi Sarah

Gchildsa19: hey

PrincessArabell: i hate you jensiiii

EygptianGoddess9: and i love you katriena

EygptianGoddess9: and sarah

EygptianGoddess9: and kristin Wuxtrys: yeah, well you're a worthless pile of vomit, and you too sarah and kristin

Gchildsa19: hey now

krazykris2002: thanks

Wuxtrys: yeah, i do what i can

Gchildsa19: wait till i know you before you insult me !

PrincessArabell: LOL that’s why I invited you here

PrincessArabell: courtney, go to it!!!

EygptianGoddess9: shut up

Wuxtrys: probably, it's more than that, it's my stunning looks

Wuxtrys: and your excessively unstunning looks

PrincessArabell: and odd- shaped head

Wuxtrys: and your twig thin child body

Gchildsa19: whoa girl

Wuxtrys: what are you black?

Gchildsa19: kris..hows it goin

krazykris2002: good

Wuxtrys: she's fine

Gchildsa19: what?

Wuxtrys: she won't be speaking to you anymore

Gchildsa19: hey now

EygptianGoddess9: she thinks she is!

krazykris2002: Sarah what you doing tomorrow?

Wuxtrys: she doesn't feel she needs to discuss that

EygptianGoddess9: i know i know katriena IS a brat!

PrincessArabell: i know what i'm doing tomorrow

PrincessArabell: screwing jensii!!!!

Gchildsa19: going to a movie and dessert with ryan isaksen

krazykris2002: fun

PrincessArabell: wanna play too, jess??

Gchildsa19: hey jess remember what we were doing at this time last year

krazykris2002: I thought Ryan was pretty much engaged

Wuxtrys: isaksen declines. he obviously doesn’t like you.

Gchildsa19: hey "wux" don;t even start i have had a long day!

Wuxtrys: shush up 19

Gchildsa19: no they broke up

krazykris2002: bummer


EygptianGoddess9: wait don't invite isaksen....NO

PrincessArabell: ~love wux and princess

krazykris2002: So what are your plans with Scott?

Wuxtrys: nothing

Wuxtrys: scott's more or less just a pile. i don't feel like seeing him

Gchildsa19: ?

Wuxtrys: yeah, don't question me

Wuxtrys: i know him way better than you

EygptianGoddess9: haha

PrincessArabell: jessica enjoyed your im profile for me jens

krazykris2002: Sarah I was talking to you

Wuxtrys: no

Gchildsa19: i know

Wuxtrys: no you don’t

PrincessArabell: yeah scott's really not my type

Wuxtrys: you’re not his type you tool

Gchildsa19: he hasn't told me

krazykris2002: oh a surprise

PrincessArabell: don't you think, jess??

Gchildsa19: well no he just jasn't told me :-)

Wuxtrys: jasn't?

Wuxtrys: is that russian?

krazykris2002: hey retard

Wuxtrys: shh

Gchildsa19: wux......

Wuxtrys: shh

krazykris2002: you are funny

Wuxtrys: shh

krazykris2002: you should be a comedian

Wuxtrys: shhh

krazykris2002: don't shush me boy

Wuxtrys: shh



krazykris2002: not happening

EygptianGoddess9: how do you do it courtney?


krazykris2002: nice try....i'll give you a 5

PrincessArabell: maybe a 4

Wuxtrys: what the hell does that mean?

PrincessArabell: lack of effort on your part

Wuxtrys: are you jewish?

krazykris2002: oh that was a good comeback

Wuxtrys: you're a jew too

Gchildsa19: watch the language please

Wuxtrys: i thought i told you to shut your blemished scar tissue face a long time ago freak

EygptianGoddess9: jew?

Gchildsa19: come quiet me then

Wuxtrys: no thanks, that’s kind of gross.

Gchildsa19: ouch

krazykris2002: what kind of name is courtney anyways

EygptianGoddess9: gross is the amount of makeup you put on, courts!

Wuxtrys: makeup?

Wuxtrys: that doesn't even make any sense

EygptianGoddess9: what is this quiet sarah stuff?

Gchildsa19: lol oh jess

Wuxtrys: oh she's a jew, she needs to keep to herself

EygptianGoddess9: haha

krazykris2002: Courtney do you play for the wrong side of the team?

Wuxtrys: hey 2002 are you talking?

krazykris2002: you heard me

EygptianGoddess9: yea, go to the gay side where you belong!

Wuxtrys: what are you 17?

EygptianGoddess9: good one kris

krazykris2002: I'm in college reject

Wuxtrys: whoa... a failure i’m sorry.

krazykris2002: you should be

EygptianGoddess9: ya sorry courts, she actually goes to a real one!

PrincessArabell: courtney isn't in school

PrincessArabell: and he doesn't work but 12 hours a week

Gchildsa19: where are the nice guys? why did you bring this one in?

krazykris2002: that's lame

PrincessArabell: this is supposed to be FUN

krazykris2002: I can have fun too

PrincessArabell: oh ok

krazykris2002: So everyone has run out of things to say?

Wuxtrys: hi eygpt

EygptianGoddess9: courtney is the most dominant person on the planet. he rules me.

EygptianGoddess9: no just waiting for the next fight!

EygptianGoddess9: why did my name just say that?

krazykris2002: I'm ready

Wuxtrys: you're like 17

Wuxtrys: what the hell are YOU ready for?

PrincessArabell: to get in your pants

krazykris2002: to fight

Wuxtrys: who?

CMelliec has entered the room.

CMelliec: hi

Wuxtrys: cmelliec is poor white trash

PrincessArabell: hi melanie

EygptianGoddess9: oh hey mel, this is jessica

CMelliec: huh?

PrincessArabell: wuxtrys is my horrifying friend courtney, and the others are jessica and kristin and sarah from south

CMelliec: HEY

Wuxtrys: her name is melanie, the sloppy piece of garbage

Gchildsa19: sup

EygptianGoddess9: no that's your home life!

Wuxtrys: homelife is named melanie? that doesn’t even make any sense.

PrincessArabell: yeah go eat fad

Wuxtrys: fad? you people are so stupid.

PrincessArabell: when kabes eats more than you there's a problem

EygptianGoddess9: haha

PrincessArabell: friggin power bars.....

EygptianGoddess9: who eats power bars ?

CMelliec: hey katrina

PrincessArabell: hi melanie

PrincessArabell: like our chat?? lol

PrincessArabell: how's davidscott??

CMelliec: isn't it jessica who's a succer for a hot guy

CMelliec: should i show her davidq

EygptianGoddess9: WHAT ME?

EygptianGoddess9: NEVER!

Wuxtrys: david q is a tool

krazykris2002: i have severe gang green

krazykris2002: i’m soo loaded with disgusting diseases i can't even stand myself

PrincessArabell: YES she would appreciate it

CMelliec: wanna see my david jess?

krazykris2002: hey that's funny

krazykris2002: I wish I was as cool as you wux

Wuxtrys: yeah, well it’s going to be massive struggle for someone of your poor status

PrincessArabell: melanie just asked you a question jess

PrincessArabell: wanna see her guy?

EygptianGoddess9: yesyesyesyes

EygptianGoddess9: show me the "money"

Wuxtrys: that was stupid.


PrincessArabell: hey guys, guess what i'm wearing??

krazykris2002: nothing?

PrincessArabell: just a good ol thong and lacy bra

Gchildsa19: i am comin over

PrincessArabell: just felt like sharing that with the good ol mormons

Wuxtrys: okay, next time share something fascinating with the morons

Wuxtrys: melanie, tell me something about your prostate cancer...

CMelliec: it's not really cancer. i have huge bumps all over my body that are pussing at any given moment

CMelliec: lol

Gchildsa19: lol

krazykris2002: lol

Wuxtrys: my goodness… lol? please… please…

EygptianGoddess9: pussin all over ...that's your face again courts

PrincessArabell: yeah

PrincessArabell: EEEW

krazykris2002: go gchild

Wuxtrys: clever… wow. very clever. are you 9 years old?

PrincessArabell: lol

Wuxtrys: seriously, those lol’s have gotta stop… please stop.

krazykris2002: smarter than you half wit

Wuxtrys: yeah, probably, as clever as you are…

krazykris2002: well we made it to college

Wuxtrys: but you told me yourself that you were a college reject?

krazykris2002: that's a good one

PrincessArabell: the group feel that courtney insults people as a way of maintaining distance to prevent intimacy

EygptianGoddess9: hahaha

Wuxtrys: at least hahaha is better than lol you stupid pile of trash

PrincessArabell: but the group is very forgiving

EygptianGoddess9: not your butt again courts

Wuxtrys: courts?

Wuxtrys: what is that?

EygptianGoddess9: ya you're gay right?

krazykris2002: right

EygptianGoddess9: even for men

PrincessArabell: his old roomate jesse would know, wouldn't he??

Wuxtrys: eygpt, whatever your name is, everyone knows your brother bangs guys. it’s a well known fact. he was kicked out of my high school for doing it publicly in 1999.

krazykris2002: you spy

PrincessArabell: why are all the ugly ones taken!!

PrincessArabell: a pity i tell you!!

Wuxtrys: hey... emaciated... be quiet

EygptianGoddess9: shut up

EygptianGoddess9: man...

krazykris2002: So courts you are what 17 and half and a highschool dropout?

Wuxtrys: remember? i said YOU were 17, it’s not funny when you say it because you’re a not funny person. and i go to willamette.

CMelliec: wow...i think it's my bed time, night girls

Wuxtrys: you’re poor white trash. remember that as you go to bed.

CMelliec has left the room.

krazykris2002: hmmm.....

EygptianGoddess9: oh she left...i liked her

krazykris2002: me too

Wuxtrys: shh... reject, be quiet

krazykris2002: don't shhh me boy

Gchildsa19: i am going out to portlans with nick on sat

Wuxtrys: boy?

Wuxtrys: you're a 17 year old school girl.

EygptianGoddess9: nick?

Gchildsa19: he is in a tux and i have to be formal

Wuxtrys: yeah, he's a puddle back

EygptianGoddess9: as an the movie guy?

Wuxtrys: an?

Gchildsa19: i don't know what to wear

krazykris2002: nick yikes Sarah

Wuxtrys: yikes, nice

Gchildsa19: well he has a gf

krazykris2002: I know you envy me wux

Wuxtrys: yeah, you're a puddleback too

Gchildsa19: he just wants to wear hte tux one more day

krazykris2002: ohhh… I’m going to cry

Wuxtrys: i would if i were you

Wuxtrys: you're worthless… i’d be crying now

PrincessArabell: nick ferrazano?

Gchildsa19: i need a hug

EygptianGoddess9: katriena where you at

krazykris2002: I would if I saw your ugly face

Wuxtrys: man, that class of 2002 is sure a clever one

Gchildsa19: from scott

PrincessArabell: i'm here no worries girl

Gchildsa19: i know

EygptianGoddess9: i was a bit scared yes

Gchildsa19: he is playing at foxxes on fri but i am not gong

krazykris2002: why?

EygptianGoddess9: scott is hot

krazykris2002: yes he is

PrincessArabell: courtney have the genital warts healed yet?

Gchildsa19: they hired his band

krazykris2002: which one?

PrincessArabell: what about the scavies, i know that was bothering you...

Wuxtrys: scavies? that's not even a word.

EygptianGoddess9: you mean the ones around his month?

Wuxtrys: what the hell is my month?

Gchildsa19: don;t be gross

PrincessArabell: yeah and his peni

Gchildsa19: hey both of you

Gchildsa19: aaahhhh

Gchildsa19: i am gunna leave

PrincessArabell: so why aren't you going on friday sarah?

Wuxtrys: mr. T... there's some things you just don't talk about

PrincessArabell: courtney, i have severe genital warts and they sting my privates

EygptianGoddess9: well when you date gays and women with sexual experience....

Gchildsa19: uh do you know what foxxxes is

Wuxtrys: gay white trash strip club for gay white trash like you

krazykris2002: hey girls and "boy" I have to jet....i have a psych test tomorrow

Gchildsa19: good luck

krazykris2002: thanks

Gchildsa19: sweet dreams

EygptianGoddess9: bye kris love ya

PrincessArabell: nice talking to you!! Good luck

krazykris2002: love ya chics

Gchildsa19: love you

Wuxtrys: you suck ass you child pornographer

krazykris2002 has left the room.

PrincessArabell: Wuxtrys: i have my girlfriend itch the scavies around my anus when the pain becomes too much

Wuxtrys: what the hell is scavies? scabies you mean? you didn’t even do it right. my goodness you’re dumb.

EygptianGoddess9: over your big neck, anyday

Wuxtrys: what? I don’t know what to say to that. it doesn’t even make sense.

Gchildsa19: i am out soon

Wuxtrys: please hurry

Gchildsa19: fine bye

Wuxtrys: leave now you fat savvy slut

Gchildsa19 has left the room.

PrincessArabell: Wuxtrys: her small child helps

Wuxtrys: i told you… you don't do it right. just don’t even try

Wuxtrys: you have to move "my" words so they're not DIRECTLY after your name

EygptianGoddess9: huh?

EygptianGoddess9: hey "kat" why don't you thing evan is coming on?

EygptianGoddess9: party?

EygptianGoddess9: bed?

TheBriceIsRight has entered the room.

EygptianGoddess9: who?

PrincessArabell: man i was just gonna leave

Wuxtrys: you probably should he hates you

PrincessArabell: you fucker, scott

PrincessArabell: you blocked me this summer

Wuxtrys: he thinks you're trash

Wuxtrys: that's why

PrincessArabell: don't think i haven't forgotten!!!!

Wuxtrys: you emaciated freak, i should block you too

PrincessArabell: yeah well he didn't think so when we cybered!!!

Wuxtrys: go pee on your feet again

Wuxtrys: you do that every damn day

Wuxtrys: jew

TheBriceIsRight: i've decided to remove my penis.

PrincessArabell: good idea, sport!!!

PrincessArabell: wasn't much to begin with anyways!!

TheBriceIsRight: and replace it with a spatula

EygptianGoddess9: who is bric?

Wuxtrys: yeah, bric, that’s who it is. Bric.

TheBriceIsRight: do i know you princess arabell?

PrincessArabell: brice, courtney's friend in cali? i think

PrincessArabell: yes you do dumbass

TheBriceIsRight: who?

PrincessArabell: quite well in fact

Wuxtrys: nobody remembers her

Wuxtrys: she's too dumb ordinary and quiet to remember

TheBriceIsRight: i don't remember talking to anyone with a stupid screen name like that.

EygptianGoddess9: like your girlfriends babies daddy?

Wuxtrys: yeah, nobody pay any attention to number 9 there

Wuxtrys: the 6th grade intellect doesn't really keep with the conversation

PrincessArabell: well you did

TheBriceIsRight: what did we talk about?

TheBriceIsRight: well we have to women who clearly think of themselves as amazing. Princess & Goddess

PrincessArabell: i just invited bruce mcroberts

I AM THE BRUZER has entered the room.

Wuxtrys: bruce hates you too

PrincessArabell: bruce loves me!!

EygptianGoddess9: a nother biyfriend courts?

Wuxtrys: umm… please don’t talk. you can’t even complete a sentence.


TheBriceIsRight: bruce is one sexy stud


Wuxtrys: he works hard to become so

I AM THE BRUZER: thats from princess bride

PrincessArabell: hey i invited you you could say hi!

Wuxtrys: exactly, bruce knows his finer films

PrincessArabell: and brice without a VERB sentences just don't work!

Wuxtrys: shh

Wuxtrys: hush up no high school diploma

TheBriceIsRight: who is this annoying person with the blue font who claims to know me?

PrincessArabell: i know you

TheBriceIsRight: prove it.

Wuxtrys: yeah brice, don't bother... she's worthless

PrincessArabell: and i'm the one... with

Wuxtrys: what?

PrincessArabell: the head?

Wuxtrys: hey little twig, don’t talk unless you can miraculously complete a sentence

PrincessArabell: i do enjoy fine films...

I AM THE BRUZER: you enjoy chunks of poop type objects

Wuxtrys: what else are you going to do you anorexic hooch

EygptianGoddess9: "cinderalia"

Wuxtrys: be quiet you

I AM THE BRUZER: eat shit and die bitch


PrincessArabell: WHAT!!!!!

PrincessArabell: you BRAT, where's your loyalty??

PrincessArabell: its been since what, kindergarten you backstabber!

I AM THE BRUZER: that is for court

Wuxtrys: bruce, you’re a true soldier

Wuxtrys: all in favor of trina eating her own poop say "I"

Wuxtrys: I


I AM THE BRUZER: with corn

PrincessArabell: you eat your pubes

Wuxtrys: that was stupid, trina.

TheBriceIsRight: so princess if you know me then you can tell me what color of eyes i have

PrincessArabell: my headlights are beatiful

Wuxtrys: once i drew a picture of trina burning in the fiery depths of hell and i titled it "my favorite thing"

PrincessArabell: lol

EygptianGoddess9: haaaaaaaa

TheBriceIsRight: trina why do you claim to know me?

Wuxtrys: she's a 46lb compulsive liar

TheBriceIsRight: i don't know anyone named Trina

PrincessArabell: once i saw you without your shirt on and i called it 'the grossest thing'

Wuxtrys: that doesn't make any sense and it was like 5 minutes delayed.

PrincessArabell: freaks of nature i tell you...

TheBriceIsRight: nice one. very funny.

I AM THE BRUZER: i benched 500lbs today, the funny thing is that it was 800lbs off my max, ha ha ha

Wuxtrys: yeah, she's disturbed... her mom abused her and her sister fingered her all the way through school

PrincessArabell: i called her 'magic hands'

Wuxtrys: “erin branson fisting trina” that’s all i ever hear about

TheBriceIsRight: so she's an incest abusing lesbian or what?

Wuxtrys: yeah it’s pretty gross

EygptianGoddess9: like your personality

TheBriceIsRight: i had sex with a 5 year old once

PrincessArabell: and THAT HEAD.... just doesn't fit his body, does it, jess??

PrincessArabell: really?

PrincessArabell: no wonder you and jensii are friends

Wuxtrys: trina deserves vaginal fisting by fat hands

TheBriceIsRight: who's Jensii ?

Wuxtrys: i don't know

PrincessArabell: or jensa!

TheBriceIsRight: jensen if he was chinese? i don’t get it

EygptianGoddess9: no one does

Wuxtrys: cut her a little slack, when she was a fetus, her mom was fisted so severely she was permanently damaged about her face arms chest back privates and legs.

TheBriceIsRight: so how come people here know me and i don't know them

PrincessArabell: scottie poo cause i do

EygptianGoddess9: so guy from cali, how are ya?

Wuxtrys: he won’t speak with you

EygptianGoddess9: how old are ya?

TheBriceIsRight: 15

EygptianGoddess9: serious?

EygptianGoddess9: how ...cute....

PrincessArabell: when courtney was a small child he got it up his ass so bad its become disfigured and he now receives a large amount of pleasure from it...

EygptianGoddess9: and going to college, some of us can't go..poor!

TheBriceIsRight: i'm not in college.

TheBriceIsRight: i'm through with school for the rest of my life.

EygptianGoddess9: no future i take it...

Wuxtrys: and way more successful than a thin thin freaky ethiopian

EygptianGoddess9: huh?

Wuxtrys: if you don’t understand common sentence structure you don’t have to be here

TheBriceIsRight: yeah no future. i moved to LA to die.

EygptianGoddess9: just because you are mistakes are a girl...

EygptianGoddess9: for*

Wuxtrys: what the hell does that mean?

TheBriceIsRight: that sense makes of that when

Wuxtrys: true… in what but i thought what that was what to it did

PrincessArabell: so scott, how ya been since the big move?

TheBriceIsRight: i'm sorry, but i refuse to talk about my life until i know who the hell i'm talking to.

TheBriceIsRight: Princess are you going to tell me who you are or not?

I AM THE BRUZER: I've had crank,

I AM THE BRUZER: ive had speed

I AM THE BRUZER: ive jacked off until i bleed

PrincessArabell: go bruce!!

TheBriceIsRight: wow, fast typers in here

PrincessArabell: you honestly don't remember?

TheBriceIsRight: not to be rude but i've probably met 1500 new people in the last year. sorry but your name doesn't stand out.

Wuxtrys: yeah, she doesn't stand out to anyone. she’s about as exciting as a sheet of notebook paper.

EygptianGoddess9: ok now i know what kind of man you are....

PrincessArabell: you know crystal gabriel?

TheBriceIsRight: yes i know who she is.

Wuxtrys: trina’s sister, she’s ¼ the size of her

EygptianGoddess9: now thought we were taling about katriena and not your dick!

Wuxtrys: i haven’t understood a word you’ve said yet

Wuxtrys: next time you blurt out some lame comment

Wuxtrys: think it out in your head first

TheBriceIsRight: princess is a slow typer.

PrincessArabell: that's my sister

PrincessArabell: no PRINCESS just has better things to do

TheBriceIsRight: are you younger or older than her?

PrincessArabell: younger

PrincessArabell: 19

PrincessArabell: and MUCH cuter

Wuxtrys: no you’re not, you’re hideous

PrincessArabell: i had sooooo much sex with my sister

TheBriceIsRight: and we talked online before....?

I AM THE BRUZER: I've fucked a sheep, ive fucked a goat, i rammed my cock right down its throat

TheBriceIsRight: how long ago

EygptianGoddess9: nice history there bruce!

PrincessArabell: this past summer online

PrincessArabell: and then you BLOCKED me

PrincessArabell: i probably still am if you check

TheBriceIsRight: i block a lot of people.

PrincessArabell: yeah i just added you and NOTHING

Wuxtrys: i wish trina would quit talking...

PrincessArabell: mmm... my sister makes me gag when i eat her juices.

PrincessArabell: go kabes!!

TheBriceIsRight: well my list is set up so only the people i LIST can see my name

TheBriceIsRight: watch this......

TheBriceIsRight: wait, should i put you under "Bros" or "Chicks"?

PrincessArabell: bros please

TheBriceIsRight: ok

TheBriceIsRight: see....magic isn't it? my name appeared

PrincessArabell: okay you're on it now

Wuxtrys: trina, please...

PrincessArabell: i wear so much make up to cover the huge disgusting blemishes all over my face

TheBriceIsRight: i have over 100 people on my buddy list. there are about 30 i actually have on my "can see, can talk to" list.

PrincessArabell: i work out to compensate for my three inch cock

EygptianGoddess9: so courts, taking the car set with you on the valentines date?

Wuxtrys: okay, car set?

Wuxtrys: that's just weird

EygptianGoddess9: as in baby car set, dork!

Wuxtrys: yeah there’s no such thing as a baby car set

Wuxtrys: so trina has a penis

TheBriceIsRight: figures. she said to be put on "bros"

Wuxtrys: i know

EygptianGoddess9: seat excuse me!

Wuxtrys: seat... whatever

Wuxtrys: nobody even knows what you were talking about

TheBriceIsRight: courtney i forgot to tell you......

TheBriceIsRight: i got my next door 50 year old hispanic neighbor pregnant

Wuxtrys: that's good hispans make good babies

PrincessArabell: your penis is the size of a baby carrot

PrincessArabell: or maybe an outtie belly button

PrincessArabell: on a good day...

Wuxtrys: okay.

I AM THE BRUZER: i have seen it, courtney is hung like a packing mule

EygptianGoddess9: you would know

PrincessArabell: wouldn't courts be a lovely step-daddy?

PrincessArabell: so MATURE

Wuxtrys: (little does trina know, everyone’s knowledgeable of the fact that she has the intellect of a medium sized humming bird)

TheBriceIsRight: haah

TheBriceIsRight: so princess you and crystal go at it, huh?

Wuxtrys: fisting

Wuxtrys: lots of fisting

TheBriceIsRight: i saved a humming birds life today

PrincessArabell: TRINA has a 160 iq

Wuxtrys: that's good, trina is garbage

EygptianGoddess9: thanks for sharing

TheBriceIsRight: caught inside a skylight thing

TheBriceIsRight: not before i let it fly around in my pants for 10 min. to pleasure myself.

Wuxtrys: hahaha

PrincessArabell: lol

TheBriceIsRight: then it started biting, so i let it fly out

PrincessArabell: why?

EygptianGoddess9: oh your mom wasn't working today?

PrincessArabell: no s & m for you brice??

Wuxtrys: what? seriously, both of you are so stupid.

TheBriceIsRight: not with hummingbirds

PrincessArabell: see the small legs and head on the huge middle just doesn't seem to quite... fit

Wuxtrys: i wish the two females currently talking…. wouldn’t

PrincessArabell: i love bsdm!!!!!!!!!

PrincessArabell: looks a little off

PrincessArabell: then get out of my chat room asshole

Wuxtrys: just because you like bsdm and i don't agree

I AM THE BRUZER: i like to pack large amounts of fecal matter in my oral cavity

EygptianGoddess9: hey katriena i forgot about that guy mel recommended, nice,very nice!

Wuxtrys: one time... this is a great story... trina died... the end

TheBriceIsRight: haha

PrincessArabell: not recommended hon, that's her guy

EygptianGoddess9: no i know

EygptianGoddess9: just to see!

TheBriceIsRight: Eygptian do i know you?

EygptianGoddess9: nope!

TheBriceIsRight: by the way, you spelled Egypt wrong.

Wuxtrys: what the yell is eygpt anyway?

Wuxtrys: good call brice

PrincessArabell: once i killed courtney and let prison inmates enjoy his dead body

PrincessArabell: yes you do

PrincessArabell: yeah but that was taken

PrincessArabell: and, DUMBASS, you didn't seem to notice that goddess is off, too

EygptianGoddess9: sad, very sad

Wuxtrys: hey bruce, i'll show you this picture i drew tomorrow... it's great, it's of me slitting the eygpt spelling B champ's throat with minted dental floss

TheBriceIsRight: wow things are getting violent in here.

PrincessArabell: yeah cause courtney can't handle it

PrincessArabell: never was much of a figher

I AM THE BRUZER: i much prefer the waxed to the minted

PrincessArabell: fighter


PrincessArabell: yeah, me as well....

EygptianGoddess9: no i don't know you brice, i'm karienas friend who is way to nice for this conversation but just enjoying it for now!

PrincessArabell: i've done martial arts since i was FOUR, dipshit

Wuxtrys: hahahhahahahahhahaha

Wuxtrys: martial arts do NOTHING

Wuxtrys: what happens when i poke you in the eye?

Wuxtrys: you scream "that is not ju-jitzu" and run off crying

Wuxtrys: you’re trained at angles to handle specific motions.

Wuxtrys: when REAL fights don’t include those motions and angles

I AM THE BRUZER: until at least 10 years of hard training, all you’re going to do is whatever it takes to not be stabbed.

PrincessArabell: i could kill you in about 500 ways before you even saw it coming

PrincessArabell: and i box

TheBriceIsRight: what kind of martial art?

Wuxtrys: she doesn't do it

Wuxtrys: she's a 30 pound fool who’s scared of date rape

PrincessArabell: no honest

PrincessArabell: ask crystal

Wuxtrys: no serious, she don’t do anything

TheBriceIsRight: no really what kind?

Wuxtrys: even if you did you’re the size of a raccoon

PrincessArabell: and small size is an asset

EygptianGoddess9: oh no, she knows the matix too!

Wuxtrys: whatever that means

PrincessArabell: in martial arts, cause you can move faster

I AM THE BRUZER: courtney, ill lend you my gun, that counters any week ass martial arts

TheBriceIsRight: WHAT MARTIAL ART???

Wuxtrys: i could crush your tiny bony figure with no effort mr. t

PrincessArabell: tae qon do and karate

EygptianGoddess9: mr.t?

Wuxtrys: trina

Wuxtrys: mr. t

Wuxtrys: alliteration, the repetition of a consonant

Wuxtrys: english class?

PrincessArabell: and some ju jitzu

TheBriceIsRight: name a Kata then

PrincessArabell: there a five main ones

PrincessArabell: i could show you

PrincessArabell: name one of the blocks

PrincessArabell: do you do it too?

Wuxtrys: tae qon do? i know a 6th grader who's a SEVENTH DEGREE BLACK BELT

Wuxtrys: 6TH GRADER

Wuxtrys: tae qon do is worthless… you might as well just do that billy blanks garbage.

PrincessArabell: some school give them a guaranteed belt grant every couple months

TheBriceIsRight: dude you can buy a belt anytime, anywhere

PrincessArabell: those schools hold no reputation in MY world

TheBriceIsRight: if you're "dishonorable"

Wuxtrys: yeah.... regardless

TheBriceIsRight: court, you knew Lisa Flande right?

TheBriceIsRight: she was a martial artist

Wuxtrys: yeah I know her

TheBriceIsRight: same with what's her name...from HS....forget her name

EygptianGoddess9: lisa?

EygptianGoddess9: slut

TheBriceIsRight: my god Salem is a small place.

Wuxtrys: lauryl adams… that’s the one who was a 7th degree black at 12 years old

TheBriceIsRight: yeah her

Wuxtrys: yeah... she works at the pharmacy in roths now

TheBriceIsRight: cool

Wuxtrys: yeah

TheBriceIsRight: dude Leno's intern is so gay

TheBriceIsRight: i should have his fucking job

Wuxtrys: who is it

TheBriceIsRight: i could do it better than that fruit

TheBriceIsRight: some kid

PrincessArabell: nice

Wuxtrys: hey, bitch... don't interrupt, my friend and i are having a conversation... your lame ass comments don't belong here....

PrincessArabell: is leno's intern on the show?

TheBriceIsRight: of course anyone who interns in LA isn't making enough $ to even pay he's got rich parents who spoil him clearly.

Wuxtrys: yeah figures

PrincessArabell: WHO is leno's intern?

Wuxtrys: bitch be quiet

Wuxtrys: nobody respond to trina

PrincessArabell: is he on the show sometimes for segments and stuff?

TheBriceIsRight: oh

EygptianGoddess9: well nice meeting you brice, sort of! =)

TheBriceIsRight: ditto, goddess.

Wuxtrys: yeah she's dumb, don't say bye

EygptianGoddess9: you fag

Wuxtrys: leave

EygptianGoddess9: bye, brice

Wuxtrys: nobody respond

EygptianGoddess9: leave.....who was invited in the first place?

EygptianGoddess9: huh?

Wuxtrys: nobody say anything.

EygptianGoddess9 has left the room.

PrincessArabell: so i'm trying to figureo out if you're the same guy i'm thinking of

PrincessArabell: dark eyes, kinda blondish hair??

TheBriceIsRight: yeah when i was 2 years old

(this is where she was asking me what color his eyes were on AIM, so I promised her that they were solid black from over dilated pupils, and then told brice to ask her what color they were)

TheBriceIsRight: what color are my eyes then? if you've met me in person you'd know

PrincessArabell: black

TheBriceIsRight: actually they're not black......i.....this is embarassing......i dont have eyes

PrincessArabell: yeah like all black pupils and stuff

TheBriceIsRight: well, one is glass.

TheBriceIsRight: the other is plastic because i couldn't afford glass

TheBriceIsRight: i painted them black so they'd look somewhat normal.

TheBriceIsRight: by default they are white

TheBriceIsRight: and my plastic one had a big freakin bar code on it was lame looking.

PrincessArabell: well that sucks

PrincessArabell: i'm sorry

TheBriceIsRight: yeah. in high school my eyes got some weird disease thing and i had to have them removed

PrincessArabell: you seem shy

TheBriceIsRight: of course! i have no eyes.......i stand out.

PrincessArabell: haha

TheBriceIsRight: most people just point and laugh. i try to avoid interaction

TheBriceIsRight: also i weigh about 350 lbs because i drink beer all day and don't exercise

TheBriceIsRight: then after my mom died i cut off my hand because i was depressed

PrincessArabell: yeah right

TheBriceIsRight: but then i got a job as a typist and had to have my toes off my right foot sewed on (since i didn't keep the severed hand)

PrincessArabell: haha

TheBriceIsRight: then people i worked with started calling me "toe hand". i couldn't take it anymore so i killed all my fellow employees

PrincessArabell: lol

PrincessArabell: bet they deserved it

TheBriceIsRight: then i made a deal w/ the government to get out of jail early in return for participating in a military experiment

PrincessArabell: hence the cut off dick....

TheBriceIsRight: no that was bitten off by hummingbirds

TheBriceIsRight: i tried to fit 10 in my pants at once and they all started attacking and freaking out.

PrincessArabell: hold on crystal wants to say hi

TheBriceIsRight: anyway. i'm a toe-less, toe-fingered, overweight, glass-eyed loser.

PrincessArabell: hey what's up?

TheBriceIsRight: so i decided to move to L.A. and try to break into the movie business.

TheBriceIsRight: i thought i'd be able to add some spice to the industry with my freakishness

PrincessArabell: so you still working courthouse?

TheBriceIsRight: what's up.

TheBriceIsRight: yes i am.

TheBriceIsRight: courtney quit. bastard.

PrincessArabell: courtney quit????

TheBriceIsRight: yeah... i took over his position though.

I AM THE BRUZER: courtney why the hell did you quit, we miss you

PrincessArabell: Is there a lot of people quiting. The last 2 times I've called theres been knew people

TheBriceIsRight: then courtney got jealous and angry.

PrincessArabell: what scott are you?

TheBriceIsRight: once when i was cleaning the pool he tried to kill me with chemicals

PrincessArabell: bruce is courtney still at the courthouse?



TheBriceIsRight: see.

PrincessArabell: he really quit?

PrincessArabell: honest?

TheBriceIsRight: i would have died if it wasn't for bruce pulling courtney off me and saving me from chemical burns

PrincessArabell: why?

PrincessArabell: why quit?

TheBriceIsRight: he was raped in the mens locker room one night after closing.

TheBriceIsRight: it haunted him so bad he felt he had to leave

I AM THE BRUZER: they thought that i could both work his position and mine

I AM THE BRUZER: more cost effective

PrincessArabell: oh well hey...

I AM THE BRUZER: he went to safeway to get some grub, he will be back

TheBriceIsRight: he's buying booze.

TheBriceIsRight: he's a big drinker now.

TheBriceIsRight: when he says "protein" he really means "hard A"

PrincessArabell: lol

TheBriceIsRight: he mixes Red Bull with Vodka and washes down some Ecstasy with it

TheBriceIsRight: a few pills along with the alcohol and caffiene make him into a raging psycho

TheBriceIsRight: (he drank one of those the night he tried to kill me with pool chemicals)

TheBriceIsRight: what can i say......the guys just going down hill

PrincessArabell: LMAO

PrincessArabell: you're funny

PrincessArabell: we need to talk more often brice

TheBriceIsRight: how dare you smile at courtney's demise!?

TheBriceIsRight: i wish it was a joke.....

Wuxtrys: alright i'm back

Wuxtrys: what the hell are you guys talking about courthouse?

TheBriceIsRight: you know, how you quit

Wuxtrys: ahh... i see

TheBriceIsRight: remember...

Wuxtrys: half quit the bastards

TheBriceIsRight: the old man raping you....etc.

Wuxtrys: dude

Wuxtrys: please

Wuxtrys: don't

TheBriceIsRight: sorry i know it still hurts to talk about it

PrincessArabell: courtney dying is my favorite fantasy

PrincessArabell: it plays over and over and over.....

TheBriceIsRight: so did you find out it was indeed Orville Roth who raped you?

Wuxtrys: different subject... we can talk about courthouse... but not that

Wuxtrys: and it wasn't really RAPE rape

Wuxtrys: someone slipped

PrincessArabell: nah, silly, dave thomas

TheBriceIsRight: dave thomas is DEAD

Wuxtrys: yeah, let's joke about it

Wuxtrys: thanks

TheBriceIsRight: ok lets talk about the pool chemicals you tried to kill me with

Wuxtrys: hahaha

Wuxtrys: sorry about that

Wuxtrys: i was kinda jacked up... lotta drugs

Wuxtrys: it's funny now though thinking about it

TheBriceIsRight: it's ok. i'm sure there are lots of those chemicals in the drugs i do.

PrincessArabell: oh you're not dead?

PrincessArabell: what a pity

Wuxtrys: me?

Wuxtrys: did i miss something?

TheBriceIsRight: no courtney never died.

Wuxtrys: i haven't read the conversation

TheBriceIsRight: i just said he was going downhill

Wuxtrys: i was gone for like 20 min

Wuxtrys: i think that egypt chick was still here when i left

PrincessArabell: i gotta get going

PrincessArabell: but i'll talk to you another time?

TheBriceIsRight: me too. fuckin a i just blew my day tomorrow

TheBriceIsRight: another 2 hours of sleep tonight. great.

Wuxtrys: sweet deal

TheBriceIsRight: adios ladies

PrincessArabell: sweet dreams

TheBriceIsRight has left the room.

PrincessArabell has left the room.

Wuxtrys: sons of bitches all left

Wuxtrys: eh, i'm gonna post this on my site

I AM THE BRUZER has left the room.