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Kim's mom....

Wuxtrys: ben'll be home in less than 30 min

Wuxtrys: is this sarah?

Wuxtrys: courtney told me to tell sarah that

Wuxtrys: that ben's on his way

Laguna606: Sorry this is Kim's Mom

Wuxtrys: oh okay

Wuxtrys: guess you aren't sarah then

Wuxtrys: i don't think

Wuxtrys: you aren't sarah are you?

Laguna606: My name is Tuyet, Kim's mom

Wuxtrys: oh okay

Wuxtrys: so you probably don't know a ben

Wuxtrys: sorry

Wuxtrys: my mistake

Laguna606: OK : - )

Wuxtrys: there's like 10 names here and i'm trying to figure out which one it is

Wuxtrys: i don't suppose you would know would you gorgeous?

Wuxtrys: alright sweet honey sliced pie, nevermind beautiful princess

Laguna606 signed off at 12:15:19 AM.