Wuxtrys: what it is that threw it, i don't know.... i mean i don't know for sure.... but i do know that what put it there sure is angry for something eh?

Wuxtrys: hello?

Wuxtrys: are you working?>

Brkmichaels: hello

Wuxtrys: oh

Brkmichaels: who are you

Wuxtrys: whoops

Wuxtrys: who's this??!

Brkmichaels: hold on

Wuxtrys: hurry up

Wuxtrys: what are you doing?

Wuxtrys: are you peeing?

Wuxtrys: hello?

Wuxtrys: trickling down and pooling at your thighs

Wuxtrys: hello?

Brkmichaels: hello

Wuxtrys: hi

Brkmichaels: who are you

Wuxtrys: did you finish?

Wuxtrys: oh, did you finish?

Brkmichaels: finish what

Wuxtrys: peeing... did you finish peeing?

Brkmichaels: what the hell are you talking about

Wuxtrys: please

Wuxtrys: please

Wuxtrys: did you or no?

Wuxtrys: isn't that what you were doing?

Wuxtrys: ANSWER ME


Wuxtrys: i guess we weren't made for each other

Wuxtrys: do you think?


Brkmichaels: suck it

Wuxtrys: thieving gypsie

Wuxtrys: can i get some valium through you then?

Wuxtrys: like if i stop by your pharmacy... eckerd

Wuxtrys: baby, it's shane

Wuxtrys: hello?

Brkmichaels: whatever put some glass in them holes

Wuxtrys: no.... no thanks... i don't want to talk about it.

Brkmichaels: are you still there

Wuxtrys: i don't want to talk about it

Brkmichaels: pearl jam rocks especially black

Wuxtrys: i don't want to talk about it

Brkmichaels: talk about what

Wuxtrys: i haven't seen you in forever

Wuxtrys: do you want to go out on a date?

Brkmichaels: dani and i still have your rx from 1995. SHANE where do you work

Wuxtrys: bank

Wuxtrys: obviously

Wuxtrys: kmart

Brkmichaels: what do you do?

Wuxtrys: i thought you were in love with charles... i've loved you for soooooooo long

Brkmichaels: shutup bitch

Wuxtrys: why do you keep asking....

Wuxtrys: i told you already like a thousand times

Brkmichaels: how's your dad

Wuxtrys: fine

Wuxtrys: serious

Wuxtrys: will you go out with me

Brkmichaels: what about his dog

Wuxtrys: dixies a freak

Wuxtrys: you look so good in tie die

Brkmichaels: dixie?

Wuxtrys: serious

Wuxtrys: will you go out with me?

Wuxtrys: i've loved you for so long

Brkmichaels: i am dating someone

Wuxtrys: charles?

Wuxtrys: it's not charles is it?

Brkmichaels: His name is Adam Fields

Wuxtrys: i don't like him

Brkmichaels: do you know him

Brkmichaels: why?

Brkmichaels: i love him

Wuxtrys: i just don't

Wuxtrys: i think he's a dweeb

Brkmichaels: why?

Wuxtrys: even greg would have been better

Brkmichaels: we have a bun in the oven

Wuxtrys: you need more than that

Wuxtrys: you need me

Wuxtrys: you NEED me

Wuxtrys: you need...... me

Brkmichaels: more than a bun?

Wuxtrys: much more than a bun

Wuxtrys: much more than alan adam whatever

Wuxtrys: you need me

Brkmichaels: a bun is all the power i need

Brkmichaels: makita

Wuxtrys: do you want a second bun?

Brkmichaels: w/ you?

Brkmichaels: hell no

Wuxtrys: what about MY drill?

Brkmichaels: hahahha

Wuxtrys: don't laugh at me

Wuxtrys: it hurts my feelings

Wuxtrys: i love you and you laugh at that

Brkmichaels: how did you know i was laughing

Wuxtrys: because you typed "hahaha"

Wuxtrys: typical indication of laughter

Brkmichaels: you remind me of someone funny

Wuxtrys: that hurts

Wuxtrys: that hurts

Wuxtrys: that hurts

Wuxtrys: that hurts

Brkmichaels: shane would never say typical indication

Wuxtrys: what's dani been up to

Brkmichaels: i don't know she hates me

Wuxtrys: what?

Wuxtrys: why?

Wuxtrys: maybe it's because of alan, your girlfriend

Brkmichaels: what?

Wuxtrys: adam, whatever

Brkmichaels: she's in love w/ adam --but i have his bun

Wuxtrys: he's a piece of trash, you need me

Wuxtrys: and my supple bun

Brkmichaels: she is

Brkmichaels: shane would never say supple either

Wuxtrys: i'm shane

Wuxtrys: i said supple

Brkmichaels: how do you like your christmas stocking you bought from Eckerd last yr? what did it look like again?

Brkmichaels: oh and that bear.

Wuxtrys: i hate it

Brkmichaels: why?

Wuxtrys: shush

Wuxtrys: brooke

Wuxtrys: shush

Wuxtrys: i love you

Brkmichaels: shush?

Brkmichaels: ha

Wuxtrys: laughing at me hurts brooke

Wuxtrys: you're rocking the boat

Wuxtrys: please stop

Brkmichaels: come visit me tomorrow

Wuxtrys: meet? where?

Wuxtrys: anything for you brooke

Brkmichaels: just kidding

Wuxtrys: just meet me at vallartas you won't regret it

Brkmichaels: hold on

Wuxtrys: do you have to pee again?

Wuxtrys: is it on your leg at all?

Wuxtrys: describe it to me

Brkmichaels: i will get back to you later. i have to go call dani and profess my friendship to her now before we never speak again

Wuxtrys: wait

Wuxtrys: wait

Wuxtrys: i'm the panty man

Brkmichaels: bye shane i will always remeber you

Wuxtrys: FUCK YOU!


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