UofO girl, don't remember her name...

Wuxtrys: shoot

folk shot: ??

Wuxtrys: oh whoops, i mean shot

folk shot: do iknow you?

Wuxtrys: i should hope not....

folk shot: ok

Wuxtrys: i just admire you at u of o

Wuxtrys: that's all

folk shot: really?

Wuxtrys: yeah

folk shot: gimme a clue

Wuxtrys: i sit at a desk

Wuxtrys: in a classroom

Wuxtrys: and i'm a human

folk shot: m/f?

Wuxtrys: i said i admire you, i'm not a lesbian

folk shot: more clues:-)

folk shot: do i have class with you?

Wuxtrys: my fingers hurt

folk shot: what?!?

Wuxtrys: oh it's just that my fingers hurt

folk shot: again, do i have a class with you?

Wuxtrys: oh, i'll be okay, no worries

Wuxtrys: oh wait

Wuxtrys: that's not what you asked

Wuxtrys: i just assumed you asked if i was okay

folk shot: ahh, i get it, so, are you ok?

Wuxtrys: yes

folk shot: your IM name sounds familiar

Wuxtrys: thanks, iím super popular

Wuxtrys: everybody likes me

folk shot: do you know my friends?

folk shot: and why the hell does your IM look really familiar?

Wuxtrys: i know it does huh?

folk shot: i assume i know you?

folk shot: i must say, i'm not much for these games

Wuxtrys: do you want to play some other games?

Wuxtrys: gush back gammon?

Wuxtrys: i'll come over

Wuxtrys: i'm really good at it

folk shot: well... i can't let you over until i know who this is

Wuxtrys: you don't like surprises?

folk shot: not particularly... what if i don't like you?

Wuxtrys: but what if you do?

Wuxtrys: i'll sing you a song

folk shot: lol, that's a risky game

Wuxtrys: and i'm a really really good singer

folk shot: ok

folk shot: sing

folk shot: wait

Wuxtrys: huh?

folk shot: i don't think so

Wuxtrys: why

folk shot: i don't think i know you

Wuxtrys: because i sing?

folk shot: where do you live?

Wuxtrys: you don't know me because i sing?

folk shot: i don't know many singers

Wuxtrys: anyone can sing

folk shot: *smiles* yeah, that's right

Wuxtrys: pretend this conversation is a song all in key

folk shot: and, i am in my pj's

Wuxtrys: no, no that's not part of the song

folk shot: ok

Wuxtrys: i've got a mouse named seth

Wuxtrys: and a kitten named dale jarret

folk shot: ??

Wuxtrys: no good?

Wuxtrys: you don't like pets?

folk shot: are you sure you are a guy?

folk shot: i have pets

Wuxtrys: what are their names?

Wuxtrys: what the hell are their names?

Wuxtrys: and don't tell me what they are

Wuxtrys: just their names

Wuxtrys: i'll try to figure it out

folk shot: what is your name?

Wuxtrys: dale jarret

folk shot: yeah...

Wuxtrys: i named my kitten after me

folk shot: so, the first name is Soos

Wuxtrys: cat

folk shot: nope

Wuxtrys: kitten

folk shot: nope

Wuxtrys: thatís what i meant

Wuxtrys: is it a rodent?

folk shot: ah, but still no

Wuxtrys: a bird?

folk shot: no

Wuxtrys: a dog?

folk shot: no

Wuxtrys: a bug?

folk shot: nope

Wuxtrys: a Jew?

folk shot: what the hell?

Wuxtrys: well what else could it be?

folk shot: fish

Wuxtrys: oh, is it alive?

folk shot: yes

folk shot: where do i know you from?

Wuxtrys: do you have some sort of an aquarium?

folk shot: well, i think if you know me, you would know that

folk shot: so, my guess is that you actually don't know me

Wuxtrys: i don't stalk you

Wuxtrys: i don't film your house

Wuxtrys: i just know who you are

folk shot: how do you know me?

folk shot: and how would you know my IM?

folk shot: what is my name?

Wuxtrys: i overheard

Wuxtrys: that's all

folk shot: overheard huh?

Wuxtrys: yeah in class

Wuxtrys: remember?

Wuxtrys: i told you that

folk shot: who was i talking to?

folk shot: your story is none too convincing

Wuxtrys: i said "you were talking to a friend and you said, 'here, IM me' and gave her folk shoot"

Wuxtrys: then i figured out that it was folk shot

Wuxtrys: i did that on my own

folk shot: what? when was this?

Wuxtrys: aren't i smart?

folk shot: truly

folk shot: i think you are full of shit and i am beginning to get annoyed

Wuxtrys: but i'm smart though right?

folk shot: not too if you don't have the balls to tell me who this is

Wuxtrys: i do too have balls

Wuxtrys: inside of a tight, well packaged pouched scrotum

folk shot: whatever, this is getting old

Wuxtrys: don't walk away from your feelings this october evening

folk shot: either tell me who you are or i am leaving

Wuxtrys: dale

Wuxtrys: my name is dale

folk shot: i don't know a dale

Wuxtrys: and i'm on this guy's IM name

Wuxtrys: he left it on on accident and since i don't have IM, i thought i'd use it

folk shot: well, i don't know who "this guy's" IM is

Wuxtrys: neither do i

Wuxtrys: some random guy

folk shot: what the fuck

folk shot: where are you?

Wuxtrys: at school

folk shot: which school?

Wuxtrys: u of o

folk shot: which class do i have with you?

Wuxtrys: didn't you have something to do with that apple?

folk shot: i seriously doubt it

Wuxtrys: doubt the apple?

Wuxtrys: don't doubt apple

Wuxtrys: no, you can use computers in the night classes

Wuxtrys: and the guy in the class before me left this on

folk shot: dude, you are really start to make me mad. how do i know you? and don't say, "because i have class with you." name the class

Wuxtrys: because i have class with you.... remember?

folk shot: whatever, i am ending this transmission unless you spill

Wuxtrys: breaks

Wuxtrys: rotors

Wuxtrys: drive line

Wuxtrys: axle, crank shaft

Wuxtrys: transmission

Wuxtrys: oh wait, you got that one

folk shot: yeah, later

Wuxtrys: okay

folk shot: okay what!?

Wuxtrys: okay bye

folk shot: you said it.

Wuxtrys: okay

folk shot: for the last time, do i know you

Wuxtrys: i thought

Wuxtrys: okay

folk shot: you thought what?

Wuxtrys: i thought it was Jewish

Wuxtrys: but, i don't know

Wuxtrys: don't quote me

folk shot signed off at 10:00:25 PM.