Less Appealing Guy...

Background: "lip corner" (i.e. me) has a pretty sexy portfolio,
full of really sexy pictures of this apparently steamy early 20's
horny little sex fiend... Whoever's pictures I actually stole to
make this, I apologize... But your body was certainly used much
more appropriately this way. I promise. Anyway, this obviously
attracts lowlife males at a more disgusting than alarming rate.
Hence, good times are once again, diligently produced...

horny94521: hello

lip corner: hi

horny94521: whats up?

lip corner: nothin just being lonely

horny94521: i represent that remark

lip corner: right, okay whatever, where do you live?

horny94521: would love to have someone to wrap my arms around right now

lip corner: yeah you guys always start out sounding sweet, but youíre not

horny94521: calif

horny94521: you

lip corner: oregon

horny94521: hows things in or tonight

lip corner: nothing's in right now

lip corner: it's been about 3 days

lip corner: oh... oregon

lip corner: my bad... I guess I canít complain, I thought you meant something else

horny94521: been about 3 days?

lip corner: yeah

lip corner: how'd you know?

lip corner: just a lucky guess?

horny94521: a bit of sexual enrgy building?

lip corner: TONS

lip corner: i'm about to bite penis

lip corner: but it's just some kid

lip corner: so i won't

horny94521: whose?

lip corner: my neighbor, he's like 12

lip corner: i shouldn't

horny94521: and how old are you?

lip corner: 20

horny94521: to bad i am not your neighbor

lip corner: how old are you?

horny94521: 24

lip corner: ah, and how old is your penis?

horny94521: lol ... sam age babe

horny94521: got a pict?

lip corner: not on my computer

lip corner: i'm on my neighbors

lip corner: and he keeps pricking my neck with the tip of his penis

lip corner: that's why i want to bite it

horny94521: and just what you doing to cause him to want to do that

lip corner: he's immature... iím not really wearing much and i'm always touching his privates so he thinks heís gonna get some

horny94521: ic

horny94521: so what you look like

lip corner: 5'3"

lip corner: blond

lip corner: blue eyes

lip corner: HUGE rack...

horny94521: sounds scrumptious

lip corner: my tits kinda hang out of my shirt all the time

lip corner: it hurts my back to walk

lip corner: they're not real though

horny94521: and what about the rest of your body

lip corner: well, half of them aren't real...

lip corner: i weigh 101lb but my huge tities are about 81 of that

horny94521: and your butt?

lip corner: hey what's bovine mean?

lip corner: my ass is tight, my ass is tight

lip corner: what does bovine mean?

horny94521: love a tight ass

horny94521: rock s my owrld

lip corner: what does bovine mean?

horny94521: especially wehn my hands are squeezing them

lip corner: yeah... true, you can if you want...

lip corner: but what does bovine mean?

horny94521: cow

lip corner: and quisen?

lip corner: does quisen mean something?

horny94521: never heard of it

lip corner: hmm...

lip corner: okay, now about my supple ass cheeks

horny94521: and legs?

lip corner: lets stick with my ass cheeks

lip corner: would you be willing to perform rigorous anal sex?

horny94521: love fucking an ass

horny94521: shoving my cock deep in a tight ass

lip corner: are you experienced though?

horny94521: just the thought gives me a hard on

lip corner: why do i care if you like it or not, are you experienced?

lip corner: that was what i asked

lip corner: how many people's asses have you stuck your penis into

lip corner: number

horny94521: soemthing about lubing about her asshole and then just shoving my cock deep with one thrust

lip corner: i didnít ask thatÖ give me a NUMBER

lip corner: guys and girls

lip corner: total count

horny94521: sorry don't keep count

horny94521: no guys

lip corner: any?

lip corner: you don't keep count like you've never done it before??

horny94521: plenty

lip corner: okay

lip corner: good

horny94521: you writing a book

lip corner: is your penis all stained and everything?

horny94521: usually make her suck it clean

horny94521: woiuld you do that?

lip corner: have you ever given a dirty sanches?

lip corner: do you know what that is?

horny94521: i donít know what that is

lip corner: what do you like best about a manís ass hole?

lip corner: do you like the feeling of you using his poop as lube?

horny94521: whats a dirty sanches

lip corner: or do you maybe like the pieces of poop that get stuck to your pubic hair that you try to get out with toilet paper but have a really difficult time?

lip corner: or maybe itís the emotion that accompanies a manís old withered butt hole waiting for your penetration and you can reach around and feel his old sagging penis.

lip corner: maybe itís the fresh crisp 12 year old boys butt hole you like even moreÖ

lip corner: i just want to learn a little more about you...

lip corner: what is it that you like best about butt holes?

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lip corner: sick bastard