Quirky Youngster...

Okay, a little background: I am of course "slaka fuch" and I am
Instant Messenging a random 18 year old girl I found through a search.
And she's pretty gullible and quirky. That makes for good times...

slaka fuch: you're crazy

MagicCarnival003: who's this?

slaka fuch: you're crazy

MagicCarnival003: Crazy is an opionon used by mankind

slaka fuch: crazy is you

slaka fuch: you're crazy

MagicCarnival003: Crazy is a term used to insult unique people who can think for themselves by people who are scared or insecure and follow the crowd

slaka fuch: that's the biggest load of crap i've ever heard

slaka fuch: where'd you get that from?

MagicCarnival003: I got that from a lifetime of being told i was crazy

slaka fuch: hmm... you're probably just crazy

slaka fuch: and I can tell you made that up because it comes from the intellect of a ten year old

MagicCarnival003: You wouldn't know what I've lived through, so how can you judge me anyway?

slaka fuch: are you old enough to buy alcohol?

MagicCarnival003: WHO IS THIS?

slaka fuch: you know me

slaka fuch: are you even old enough to drive?

MagicCarnival003: alcohol is just used to escape from life, I'd rather not run away from life, I've doen that too much, I'm ready to face it now

slaka fuch: yeah but you arenít even old enough to buy it anyway

MagicCarnival003: If you know me, than why do you not know my age?

slaka fuch: you're 15 you can't even drive

slaka fuch: you haven't lived through that much

slaka fuch: you're just crazy so deal with it

slaka fuch: do you want some pills?

MagicCarnival003: lol, how would you know!?

slaka fuch: i'm a doctor


slaka fuch: i can prescribe to you some medicine

MagicCarnival003: And I can prescribe you to the police

slaka fuch: whoa, one moment you're loling, the next you're violent

MagicCarnival003: WHO ARE YOU?

slaka fuch: i'm not crazy

slaka fuch: that's for darn sure

MagicCarnival003: I can track you down and I will, trust me

slaka fuch: no

slaka fuch: no you won't

slaka fuch: you're too crazy and dumb to find me

slaka fuch: a fifteen year old crazy can't do that

slaka fuch: i'm just a doctor trying to help

MagicCarnival003: crazy people think differently, and so do I, I can find you easier than a blood hound can track a racoon

slaka fuch: no, crazy people just think less and slower. that won't help you.

MagicCarnival003: WHO IS THIS?

slaka fuch: i can find you easier being as i know who you are

slaka fuch: you wouldn't be able to find me even if you knew me

slaka fuch: you're crazy

MagicCarnival003: so, you're saying I don't know you?

slaka fuch: you do

MagicCarnival003: How can you know me if I don't know you?

MagicCarnival003: oh, well then, who is this?

slaka fuch: sshhh crazy, be quiet!

MagicCarnival003: How did you get my scrn. name....tell me or I'll leave

slaka fuch: wanna go to the carnival?

MagicCarnival003: carnical?

slaka fuch: no, a carnival, with the clowns. i don't even know what a carnical is.

MagicCarnival003: That's what I meant

slaka fuch: right, okay... whatever.

MagicCarnival003: why are you avoiding my questions about your identity, scared of confrontation?

slaka fuch: yes, i'm frightened to death of you

MagicCarnival003: don't sass me

slaka fuch: hmm

slaka fuch: is it a date then?

MagicCarnival003: No

slaka fuch: why?

slaka fuch: are you scared of confrontation?

MagicCarnival003: no, and that's the truth, unlike you I'm not afraid to admitt my fears

MagicCarnival003: Who are you?

slaka fuch: i'm a carnical

MagicCarnival003: So, what's your name, give me a riddle as to how to figure out who you are if you like playing games so much

slaka fuch: my name is a dame of a game of the same name

MagicCarnival003: keep going

slaka fuch: more rhymes?

slaka fuch: shame or fame this name i claim

MagicCarnival003: Are you female or male?

slaka fuch: male all hail i sail this jail or bail

MagicCarnival003: clues to your name, not sensless jibber jabber, your rythmes need work

slaka fuch: work is a jerk this perk of turk-eys lurk-ing here

MagicCarnival003: not helping...more obvious clues

slaka fuch: clues to hues in the shades of blues

slaka fuch: my name rhymes with the limes

MagicCarnival003: limes? What kind of name rythmes with Limes?

slaka fuch: itís not in rhythm with limes, it rhymes with limes, geez youíre stupid

MagicCarnival003: last or first?

slaka fuch: last or first this thirst comes first

slaka fuch: as last the blast is coming fast

MagicCarnival003: so, what does your last name rythme with?

slaka fuch: rhyme doesnít have a t

slaka fuch: and it rhymes with dusk as smells the musk the tusk and feathered husk

MagicCarnival003: Are you sure your first name rythmes with limes?

slaka fuch: dimes the times the limes indeed it rhymes

MagicCarnival003: I know no one with a first name that rhymes with limes

slaka fuch: the s is less when the word is blurred

MagicCarnival003: I see

MagicCarnival003: Where do I know you from

slaka fuch: school is fooled by tennis by dennis

MagicCarnival003: If I know you from school, did you graduate, or what grade are you in?

slaka fuch: ten and then go tend the hens

MagicCarnival003: Where did you get my screen name?

slaka fuch: the name to blame is patric's aim

MagicCarnival003: I don't know anyone named Patric, but oh well, I guess I have a bit of researching to do tonight

slaka fuch: yes it's best to mess the vest

MagicCarnival003: Is the person's real name Patric, or were you twisting it somehow?

slaka fuch: barely twisted, but close as pen is hen

MagicCarnival003: Can you tell me your real name

slaka fuch: no as no can glow

MagicCarnival003: Were you talking to me telepathically today?

MagicCarnival003: Or in my head?

slaka fuch: sleep

MagicCarnival003: sleep?

slaka fuch: sleep jeep beep

MagicCarnival003: Stop talking in rythmes now, you sound like a two year old

MagicCarnival003: Express your thoughts fully, what abou sleep

MagicCarnival003: *about

slaka fuch: you need sleep and juice before the carnival

MagicCarnival003: waht carnival, and I don't like juice

MagicCarnival003: And I'm an insomniac

slaka fuch: oh

slaka fuch: is this heather?

MagicCarnival003: you should know my name

MagicCarnival003: My name isn't Heather

slaka fuch: oh, i thought this was heather... i'm sorry... i got the wrong sn