Some random moron...

GymDude81: 29 y/o OK?

lip corner: i guess

lip corner: are you coming here now then or what?

GymDude81: huh?

lip corner: it appears as though you're asking for sex...

lip corner:

lip corner: that's me if you're lookin to tap hardcore

GymDude81: wow...nice

GymDude81: the things I could do to you...

GymDude81: lol

lip corner: if you want, do those things... do

lip corner: if not, don't say "i could" or "lol" and stuff

GymDude81 wants to directly connect.

GymDude81: lemme show ya what I got

GymDude81 is now directly connected.

GymDude81: (note: this is him sending pic#1 of his penis)

GymDude81: (pic #2)

lip corner: i don't need to see that

GymDude81: (pic #3)

GymDude81: sorry, couldnt stop it

GymDude81: whee are you located?

lip corner: oregon

lip corner: what's your address?

GymDude81: Im in FL

lip corner: where in florida?

lip corner: maybe i'll come

lip corner: i've got money

GymDude81: Clearwater

GymDude81: Ive got the money too

lip corner: what's your name?

GymDude81: Bill

lip corner: bill....

lip corner: hmm...

lip corner: okay, what's your last name bill?

GymDude81: cant say

lip corner: that's not fair, you know my name

lip corner: what do you do for a job bill?

GymDude81: Massage Therapist

lip corner: i don't believe you

lip corner: can i call you? what's your phone number?

lip corner: sweedish deep tissue? what kind? you can't just say massage therapist and capitalize it as if it were something pecial and expect me to believe you...

lip corner: so what kind?

GymDude81: I dont specialize.....but I am NCBTMB certfied

GymDude81 direct connection is closed.

lip corner: okay... well i've gotten what i needed to close the file... my real name is officer colleen stutzman... that's mandatory for me to tell you that. i work in rochester, ny. i've recieved what i needed

lip corner: the pictures you've been sending over AIM are illegal to transfer in the manner of which you do

lip corner: you cannot transfer pornographic material unless both parties agree

lip corner: it became an issue about a year ago and until cameron vs larson you could get off easily by the ex post facto laws

GymDude81: and YOU accepted the transfer

lip corner: it doesn't matter if i did or not

lip corner: the other people

GymDude81: Literary major too, huh?

lip corner: i've recieved complaints usually based in duress as the victems of the transfer often feel wrongfully pressured and/or uncomfortable with the pictures.

lip corner: i'll warn you now

lip corner: that's not something that should become a habit of yours

lip corner: it's only a misdemeanor, but civil action is pretty common on those grounds.

GymDude81: ok then

GymDude81: point taken

GymDude81: I'll watch it

lip corner: thank you

lip corner: that's all