17 and random...

nonprofitsex: are you a hair dresser?

berber2000: no

nonprofitsex: ouch, you don't need to yell at me

nonprofitsex: i was just asking

nonprofitsex: i thought you might be a barber since that's what your SN says

berber2000: I wasn't yelling

berber2000: I was just saying no

nonprofitsex: look you're yelling, look

berber2000: no I am not

nonprofitsex: shh SHUT UP!!

nonprofitsex: SHUT YOUR FACE!

nonprofitsex: so what is it that you do for a living?

nonprofitsex: since you obviously lied about being a barber

berber2000: I am a student

nonprofitsex: i see, middle school or college?

berber2000: High School

nonprofitsex: oh shoot, that's right... i'm not from around here... where i grew up there was no high school... you went to college at 13

nonprofitsex: i keep forgetting i'm talking to someone in the states

berber2000: where did you grow up at

nonprofitsex: iran

nonprofitsex: but my parents lived in kuwait

berber2000: are you still there

nonprofitsex: no

nonprofitsex: i was sorta forced out on oil issues

berber2000: what does that mean

nonprofitsex: oh, i'm a college proffessor

berber2000: where do you teach

nonprofitsex: you probably aren't familiar with it... it's called Duke...

berber2000: ya I know duke

berber2000: hey whats you a/s/l

nonprofitsex: i'm not sure what you asl is

nonprofitsex: i'm an ass hole?

berber2000: age sex location

nonprofitsex: OH

nonprofitsex: oh okay

berber2000: ya

nonprofitsex: i'm a 49 year old iranian male who doesn't really have a set address

nonprofitsex: i move a lot

nonprofitsex: my children help me to move

berber2000: where are you know

nonprofitsex: North Carolina, but in a remote town called Remope Villance

berber2000: thats cool

nonprofitsex: that's where my daughter grew up

nonprofitsex: she's 16 now

nonprofitsex: she works in a hospital as a test dummy

berber2000: almost the same age as me

nonprofitsex: yeah... that's right

berber2000: really she a test dummy for the hospital?

nonprofitsex: not dummy... but you know what i mean... they see how long before for medicine takes on her before giving it to patients

berber2000: how much does she get paid for it

nonprofitsex: she's on scholarship it works out in credits

nonprofitsex: she's very gifted

berber2000: thats cool

nonprofitsex: yes my son...

nonprofitsex: she attends duke with me

berber2000: thats cool but I am not a guy

nonprofitsex: i know... a 17 year old female... i call all sorts of people son...

nonprofitsex: it's noble where i grew up

nonprofitsex: in iranian it means "proud fighter and warrior of truth"

berber2000: okay just making sure you knew I was a girl

nonprofitsex: it has nothing to do with gender my son...

berber2000: oh okay

nonprofitsex: my 16 year old daughter is my son

nonprofitsex: i have a drivers license

berber2000: thats cool

nonprofitsex: yes my son...

nonprofitsex: i just got it when i was accepted as a citizen this last march

nonprofitsex: i drive cars

nonprofitsex: all sorts of cars

nonprofitsex: fast cars slow cars big and small

nonprofitsex: i do my son

berber2000: what??

nonprofitsex: i do him

nonprofitsex: she is a proud warrior

berber2000: what do you mean by that??

nonprofitsex: we engage

berber2000: to your daughter

nonprofitsex: yes

nonprofitsex: i engage to him

berber2000: your gay

nonprofitsex: no, no... it's not like that

nonprofitsex: it's not like that at all

nonprofitsex: i didn't mean to offend you

nonprofitsex: i'm sorry

nonprofitsex: it's intellect

nonprofitsex: we engage intellect

nonprofitsex: and then we exchange quasi sexual batter back and forth

berber2000: You did affend me

nonprofitsex: how were you offended?

nonprofitsex: i didn't mean to give the wrong impression

nonprofitsex: we are of different herritage

berber2000: I wasn't affended I was just wondering if you were gay

nonprofitsex: oh... no, not in your sense of the word

nonprofitsex: why do you ask?

berber2000: because you were talking about another guy

nonprofitsex: my son

nonprofitsex: not "another guy"

berber2000: okay

nonprofitsex: iranian practice must be unfamiliar to you

berber2000: ya it is

nonprofitsex: intercourse within kin is regular practice in my culture

nonprofitsex: it creates a strait bloodline to battle back against modern accusations

berber2000: so you have sex with your son that is a guy

berber2000: or is it your daughter

nonprofitsex: my son is a sixteen year old female

nonprofitsex: but "daughter" is not a word we tend to exercise in typical practice of conversation

berber2000: oh so you have sex with you daughter

nonprofitsex: it's not "sex", but rather a traditional practice

berber2000: see when you say son I think you are you are talking about a guy

nonprofitsex: no no... i'm sorry

nonprofitsex: i'll try to adapt to your sentence structure

nonprofitsex: my "daughter" and i engage in "foreplay" before "intercourse"

berber2000: oh okay

berber2000: now I am not confused

nonprofitsex: you understand then?

nonprofitsex: it's a continuation of heritage that my son and i share

berber2000: so its your culture to have sex with your daughter

nonprofitsex: legend has it that one of my culture will be borne back ceaselessly into the past to recreate the currents of time through one's early retrieval of life

nonprofitsex: it is a beginning

nonprofitsex: that's all

berber2000: oh I see

nonprofitsex: and according to your culture's witty labels, the answer to your question is "yes", i have fixations with interkinship

nonprofitsex: your witty dialect obviously disrespects my culture

nonprofitsex: it reveals everything- you do not appreciate one man's values from another

nonprofitsex: i understand, it's common in the states

berber2000: are you making fun of the usa and i

nonprofitsex: you are a proud representative of the USofA. I do not wish to disrespect it as it is a land of opportunity

nonprofitsex: but my son is naked and ready

nonprofitsex: my son's supple breasts will not diminish his societal belonging

berber2000: so she want to do it

nonprofitsex: my son is naked. and my son is ready. and my son is eagerly awaiting the method of it's arival

berber2000: so why are you talking to me then

nonprofitsex: because my son is practicing moves

berber2000: like what kind of moves

nonprofitsex: for "her" "talents" of "intercourse" as it seem "sexually" "attractive" for me to "ejaculate"

nonprofitsex: i'm struggling to fit it into context of your language

berber2000: oh I see

berber2000: how is she pracitsing

nonprofitsex: on a rope and pulley system

berber2000: what does that mean

nonprofitsex: plentiful tugging construed in a method of practicality

berber2000: what does that mean

nonprofitsex: she's strengthening her grip to unleash on my penis

nonprofitsex: is that more clear?

berber2000: ya it is

berber2000: but how is she doing that

nonprofitsex: with a rope and pulley system

berber2000: okay

nonprofitsex: equipment!

berber2000: ya what kind

nonprofitsex: that was supposed to go to my friend Flip

nonprofitsex: he's a frog

berber2000: okay

nonprofitsex: he understands

berber2000: hes a real frog?

nonprofitsex: it wasn't supposed to go to you

berber2000: are you talking to him

nonprofitsex: not any more he just left

berber2000: what do you mean by frog?

nonprofitsex: yes

berber2000: k

berber2000: but what do you mean by frog?

nonprofitsex: he's of another culture

nonprofitsex: very mischievous

nonprofitsex: he once opened the door to the floods of evil

berber2000: what culture is he

nonprofitsex: Flip is a dangerous man

nonprofitsex: and by man i mean frog

berber2000: what does frog mean?

nonprofitsex: frog = green creature that lives in moist areas and makes gurgling bellows

nonprofitsex: do you not have frogs in the USofA?

berber2000: ya of couse we do

berber2000: I know that but what do you mean by frog?

nonprofitsex: oh, he's mischievous

berber2000: okay

nonprofitsex: okay then

nonprofitsex: very well

nonprofitsex: he's a frog

berber2000: k