some random girl...

CacPacBagNapSack: what disease do you have?

BOoOo 02: none?

CacPacBagNapSack: no i do too... what do YOU have?

BOoOo 02: i have everything

CacPacBagNapSack: i'm sorry to hear that

CacPacBagNapSack: you must sleep around

CacPacBagNapSack: are you pretty open with your virginity?

BOoOo 02: no its very closed

CacPacBagNapSack: closed what?

CacPacBagNapSack: i don't understand

CacPacBagNapSack: like woven?

BOoOo 02: haha my gosh

BOoOo 02: sure

CacPacBagNapSack: like woven wheats... the crackers? is that you?

BOoOo 02: yeah meijer brand

CacPacBagNapSack: sweet... sweet

CacPacBagNapSack: so any specifics on the diseases?

CacPacBagNapSack: like cheese or anything?

BOoOo 02: sick

BOoOo 02: no i dont have any

BOoOo 02: im clean as a whistle

CacPacBagNapSack: hmm... weird

CacPacBagNapSack: you know paul?

BOoOo 02: paul?

CacPacBagNapSack: yeah... he said differently

CacPacBagNapSack: so... i guess you should take that up with him

BOoOo 02: haha oh

BOoOo 02: dont remember him

CacPacBagNapSack: yeah probably, you were kinda drunk that night

CacPacBagNapSack: but, oh well.. people make mistakes

BOoOo 02: i suppose

CacPacBagNapSack: yeah, you just seem to slip a lot more than the rest of us...

CacPacBagNapSack: it's okay though

BOoOo 02: ouch... my heart

CacPacBagNapSack: no no no, your privates.

CacPacBagNapSack: i wasn't accusing your heart.

CacPacBagNapSack: i'm sure your heart is pulsating just fine

CacPacBagNapSack: perfectly working ventricle, SA node, etc

CacPacBagNapSack: but it's your cheese privates i'm concerned with

CacPacBagNapSack: wee down south we've got some problems

BOoOo 02: intelligence

CacPacBagNapSack: do you have any stinging or other painful sensation when urinating?

CacPacBagNapSack: i'm a doctor

CacPacBagNapSack: ask me anything... it's okay

BOoOo 02: so when i get this strange tingling

BOoOo 02: what does that mean

CacPacBagNapSack: it means your sexuality is developing into an urge rather than a question

CacPacBagNapSack: that's what leads you to disease

CacPacBagNapSack: so be careful with that

BOoOo 02: Ok ill try

CacPacBagNapSack: do you have pam?

CacPacBagNapSack: like pam cooking spray?

CacPacBagNapSack: hmmm... it just makes a great sex lubricant AND it protects your pots and pans from food sticking to them

CacPacBagNapSack: you might not know that... it's just kind of an added bonus

BOoOo 02: haha, thanks for the tip

CacPacBagNapSack: yeah.... you can cook with it too... so if you have sex.... SAFE sex... then you can cook with the same penis spray

CacPacBagNapSack: it's wonderful, textured, and a delight for many dishes

BOoOo 02: haha great ill try that maybe

CacPacBagNapSack: okay, but i have to go because i have diarrhea really bad and it's running down my milky white thighs

BOoOo 02: sick... goodbye

CacPacBagNapSack: i'm going to go wipe my legs

BOoOo 02: goodluck