some sick freak...

bumphard21265: hello

CacPacBagNapSack: yes

CacPacBagNapSack: I SAID YES!!

bumphard21265: how are you tonight?

CacPacBagNapSack: beep

bumphard21265: would you like to cyber i have a 8inch hard on right now

CacPacBagNapSack: hmm... that's gross... you're pretty gross

bumphard21265: why you dont like cocks?

CacPacBagNapSack: i didn't say that, it's just that yours has this weird cheese disease

CacPacBagNapSack: and i'm not into that

CacPacBagNapSack: but it was romantic though

CacPacBagNapSack: thanks anyway

bumphard21265: for what

CacPacBagNapSack: the romantic sentiment

bumphard21265: what that i want you to suck all the cum off my 8 inch cock

CacPacBagNapSack: yeah that's gross...

CacPacBagNapSack: but you're pretty romantic though

bumphard21265: and swallow it

bumphard21265: do you swallow

CacPacBagNapSack: yeah i freakin KNOW you. you're not 8 inches. you're not even 6, you're like 4, 4 and a quarter...

bumphard21265: ya what do I look like

CacPacBagNapSack: like a tennessee passport

CacPacBagNapSack: skanky

CacPacBagNapSack: toothless

CacPacBagNapSack: the usual

bumphard21265: a/s/l

CacPacBagNapSack: yes, oh wow

CacPacBagNapSack: i'm just baffled by your overwhelming romance

CacPacBagNapSack: you swept me off my feet

CacPacBagNapSack: are you going to recite me a poem?

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