random guy who IMed me...

MTApollo: hi

MTApollo: a/s/l?

CacPacBagNapSack: tru dat

CacPacBagNapSack: let's hook it up

MTApollo: ?

CacPacBagNapSack: enough with the dirty talk

CacPacBagNapSack: action, buddy, action

MTApollo: what od you look like?

CacPacBagNapSack: nothing like you

MTApollo: any more details?

CacPacBagNapSack: i look like a jizz bag... like a cloth rag that's been jizzed on and left in a wet field collecting moisture overnight and then eaten by maggots... that's what i look like... you?

MTApollo: same here

CacPacBagNapSack: nice

CacPacBagNapSack: we could hook that up

MTApollo: : - )

CacPacBagNapSack: is that what a smiley face? are you happy?

MTApollo: yes

MTApollo: do you have a picture of this?

CacPacBagNapSack: no, but if you look around like outside some dirty neighborhoods i'm sure you'll find something of resemblance

CacPacBagNapSack: maybe stumble across some disgusting filthy penis juice cac-caked onto a dirty sweat sock from late october 1988

MTApollo: ha

CacPacBagNapSack: was something funny?

CacPacBagNapSack: what diseases do you have?

MTApollo: none, why?

CacPacBagNapSack: none?

CacPacBagNapSack: hmm...

CacPacBagNapSack: okay- lie to me, i understand

MTApollo: ?

CacPacBagNapSack: like every other guy in the world

CacPacBagNapSack: just a liar who's trying to get in my panties

MTApollo: I have no diseases, I swear

CacPacBagNapSack: yeah sure, "no i don't have "syphilis" i swear" then i wind up with syphilis

CacPacBagNapSack: "i promise i don't have chlamydia" then i wind up with chlamydia four times

MTApollo: I have nothing

CacPacBagNapSack: you sure?

MTApollo: yes

CacPacBagNapSack: because people have told me that in the past and i'm still trying suppressive therapy for herpes, the clap and about 11 other stds..

CacPacBagNapSack: so you have NONE?

MTApollo: nope

CacPacBagNapSack: you swear...

MTApollo: yeah

CacPacBagNapSack: well do you want to hook it up then?

MTApollo: sure

CacPacBagNapSack: where do you live?

MTApollo: NY

MTApollo: what do you really look like?

CacPacBagNapSack: blond... i was beaten severely by my last husband... so i'm missing some teeth and one eye... but i've got a great body

MTApollo: pics?

CacPacBagNapSack: i don't have any... oh, yeah, and i don't have any fingers... but you rarely see my hands anyway since i'm in a wheelchair

MTApollo: so tell me what you look like

CacPacBagNapSack: are you anywhere near rochester?

MTApollo: yeah, about three hours

CacPacBagNapSack: oh not bad... north, like you're up by canada?

MTApollo: no, south

CacPacBagNapSack: ah...

MTApollo: are you going to continue with a real description of yourself?

CacPacBagNapSack: no...

MTApollo: : - (

MTApollo: please?

CacPacBagNapSack: i have to go

MTApollo: : - (

MTApollo: well give me something to work on

CacPacBagNapSack: i was attacked by giant moths just outside the college there in rochester and they tore my seatbelt, panties and bracelet

CacPacBagNapSack: bye