Another random with a possiblility of travel...

ponitraniami: i want to bone you

lip corner: do you live in oregon?

ponitraniami: no, but i have a penis

ponitraniami: it can fit and interlock into your vagina

ponitraniami: it will be fun

lip corner: how far away

ponitraniami: verrrrrrrrrrry far

lip corner: how far away

ponitraniami: Erie, pa

lip corner: then why are you talking to me?

lip corner: if you live that far away, your 5 inches can't stretch across the country

ponitraniami: hey i'm 5 and a half thank you

ponitraniami: and i want to fly there to stick my dick in your cunt

lip corner: are you going to or not?

ponitraniami: yea i will

lip corner: when??

ponitraniami: when can you?

lip corner: i LIVE in oregon

lip corner: i'm ALWAYS here

ponitraniami: i need to see a pic first

lip corner: i'm not going to waste my time if you're not coming

ponitraniami: ok ok, settle down, i'm coming, have 10 more packs of cigarettes and i'll be there by the end of those 10, wait that would mean i'd have to be there within an hour

lip corner: so you're a disgusting display of a person then?

ponitraniami: i'm joking babe

ponitraniami: now u got a pic?

ponitraniami: i bet ur all wrinkly

lip corner: i'll give you the link to see a bunch of pics

lip corner: will that work?

ponitraniami: that'll work

lip corner:

ponitraniami: are they you?

lip corner: yes of course me you fucking limp fag

ponitraniami: cool

lip corner: i'm blonde

ponitraniami: yes you are

ponitraniami: daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn baby girl u fine as fuck

lip corner: yeah i know

ponitraniami: so if i came all the way to oregon to see you, u'd let me stick my 5 incher, excuse me 5.5 incher in ya?

lip corner: if you're gonna come, you can all you want

lip corner: no harm done if you don't show, it's not like I'm be missing anything. I already know you're a complete tool. you're online soliciting sex.

ponitraniami: i don't think u'd let me fuck you

lip corner: why what do you look like?

lip corner: do you look like a little girl?

ponitraniami: no, i don't look like a little girl

ponitraniami: 6 3, 185, blonde hair blue eyes

lip corner: what's the problem?

lip corner: are you 13?

ponitraniami: no

ponitraniami: i'm 19

lip corner: okay

lip corner: what's the problem, you're scared then you fucking pansy?

ponitraniami: no i'm not scared

ponitraniami: not at all

ponitraniami: just when i see you, i'd be done already

lip corner: okay... well, i'll make up for that

ponitraniami: can i stay with you?

lip corner: i'll kick you out when i feel like it

lip corner: you can stay until then

ponitraniami: seriously?

ponitraniami: who u live with now?

ponitraniami: anyone?

lip corner: nobody, kicked the last guy out about a week ago

lip corner: he was here for a month MAYBE

lip corner: and you don't have to pay for anything

ponitraniami: not even the sex?

lip corner: I'M NOT A WHORE

ponitraniami: i believe you

lip corner: listen do you want sex or not

lip corner: it's not going to be a relationship

lip corner: just sex

ponitraniami: ok

ponitraniami: just sex

ponitraniami: i love you already

ponitraniami: so i can cheat on u too then right?

lip corner: i'll punish you severely if you do

ponitraniami: whoa

ponitraniami: that could be good

lip corner: yeah, you would only like it for a minute

ponitraniami: why's that babe

lip corner: pain

lip corner: severe intense rigorous pain

ponitraniami: i want ur pussy

lip corner: i have 6 stds that have been officially named

lip corner: 4 that are yet undiscovered by medical professionals

lip corner: 3 i haven't mentioned to them yet

lip corner: and probably more i haven't noticed

ponitraniami: ok then

ponitraniami: i'll still fuck you

lip corner: i've had chlymidia 9 times

lip corner: 9 FUCKING TIMES!

lip corner: i must have given it to 10,000 different people

ponitraniami: do u have a naked pic of you?

ponitraniami: hello?

ponitraniami: hello?

ponitraniami: are you still there?

lip corner: i'm here, with chymidia 9 times

ponitraniami: hi

lip corner: i didn't say hi

ponitraniami: i know i just did

lip corner: i know. don't

ponitraniami: i want you

ponitraniami: and your friend

ponitraniami: at the same time

lip corner: that can be arranged

ponitraniami: really?

ponitraniami: i'm seriously looking to go west too!

lip corner: bloody hell. the last thing the west needs is more fucking fairies like you.

ponitraniami: if i could stay with you, that would be great!

lip corner: if you're coming anyway, you can stay here until you find a place of your own

lip corner: my number is 99922.1

ponitraniami: huh?

ponitraniami: phone? or address?

lip corner: radio station

ponitraniami: huh?


ponitraniami: how is that a phone number


lip corner: it was a typo, cut me some slack

ponitraniami: no prob, cutting slack

ponitraniami: in process..........

ponitraniami: cutting slack process complete

ponitraniami: congrats. that was the stupidest thing anyone's ever written ever

ponitraniami: ur hot, u know that?

lip corner: i know

ponitraniami: ok, just as long as u know

ponitraniami: how many guys u think u've slept with?

lip corner: over a hundred but i don't know

ponitraniami: thats it?

lip corner: i don't remember i did a lot of drugs

ponitraniami: do u like it in the ass?

lip corner: yeah

ponitraniami: really?

lip corner: you have to lube

ponitraniami: thats ok

lip corner: with dishwashing detergent

ponitraniami: dishwashing? that burns

lip corner: i know. it has to be jagged up into the tip too

ponitraniami: ur a bad girl babe, i want u

ponitraniami: which way u like to be fucked the best?

lip corner: with a penis obviously you fucking moron

ponitraniami: ok then

lip corner: call if you want

ponitraniami: i want to see you naekd

lip corner: you can see everything if you come, that's the only way

ponitraniami: i'll call you right now

ponitraniami: whats ur number


ponitraniami: area code?

lip corner: it's a cell

ponitraniami: it still needs an area code?

lip corner: are you sure?

ponitraniami: i thought so, yea, pretty sure there

lip corner: 503

lip corner: call tomorrow or later tonight

lip corner: i don't have it right now

lip corner: katie has my phone

ponitraniami: ok

lip corner: i'll see her later

ponitraniami: can i ask for katie?

lip corner: i guess... she won't know what you're talking about

lip corner: go ahead though

ponitraniami: ok

ponitraniami: whats ur name?

lip corner: megan

lip corner: or jessica is my friend

ponitraniami: cool

lip corner: go ahead and call, but katie probably won't know what you're talking about...

lip corner: you got the number?

ponitraniami: got it babe

lip corner: night

ponitraniami: night