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gross loose thing...

theBIGjensen: take off joes pants

stephandabbybbf: ok...but who are you??????

theBIGjensen: just take them off okay?

theBIGjensen: no questions

stephandabbybbf: ok

theBIGjensen: they off?

stephandabbybbf: now hat

theBIGjensen: no hats

stephandabbybbf: now what????

theBIGjensen: leave hats off too

theBIGjensen: did you take your hat off step?

stephandabbybbf: yes......

stephandabbybbf: what is the point in this

theBIGjensen: strip

theBIGjensen: just strip now

theBIGjensen: do it

stephandabbybbf: k....hold on

stephandabbybbf: now what the hell is the point in this

theBIGjensen: get fruit

theBIGjensen: go get fruit

stephandabbybbf: and stick it up my pussy right?????

theBIGjensen: no


theBIGjensen: oh wait, go ahead

theBIGjensen: do it

theBIGjensen: like a pear

theBIGjensen: do you have a pear?

stephandabbybbf: ok.......yeah.....hold on

theBIGjensen: make it quick

stephandabbybbf: k

stephandabbybbf: now?????

theBIGjensen: what do you mean now

theBIGjensen: do it

stephandabbybbf: ok.....i gotta question......

theBIGjensen: no

theBIGjensen: no questions

theBIGjensen: do it

theBIGjensen: say "qualcom"

theBIGjensen: now

stephandabbybbf: qualcom

theBIGjensen: yes

theBIGjensen: YES

theBIGjensen: again

theBIGjensen: AGAIN

stephandabbybbf: qualcom

theBIGjensen: again

stephandabbybbf: qualcom

theBIGjensen: again

stephandabbybbf: qualcom

theBIGjensen: LOUDER

stephandabbybbf: QUALCOM

theBIGjensen: yes

theBIGjensen: yes

theBIGjensen: again

stephandabbybbf: qualcom

stephandabbybbf: qualcom

stephandabbybbf: qualcom

stephandabbybbf: qualcom

stephandabbybbf: qualcom

stephandabbybbf: qualcom

stephandabbybbf: qualcom

stephandabbybbf: qualcom

stephandabbybbf: qualcom

stephandabbybbf: qualcom

theBIGjensen: okay, whew, it worked... sigh... thanks

theBIGjensen: wow, that was awesome

stephandabbybbf: riggghhhhhhtttttttt

theBIGjensen: what?

stephandabbybbf: who are u????

stephandabbybbf: anybody i know????

theBIGjensen: i'm nobody to be trifled with that is all you ever need know

stephandabbybbf: whatever do u know chalmers?????

theBIGjensen: friends from about 3 years ago

stephandabbybbf: wait......

theBIGjensen: i don't wait

theBIGjensen: you wait

stephandabbybbf: your weird

theBIGjensen: but i like you

theBIGjensen: i sure like you

stephandabbybbf: where u from????

theBIGjensen: really close to you

theBIGjensen: infact... if i walked for about 2 minutes i'd be on your porch

theBIGjensen: porch thing

stephandabbybbf: joe?????

theBIGjensen: ;-)

theBIGjensen: good, good guess

stephandabbybbf: your not

theBIGjensen: your is possesive

theBIGjensen: you're means you are

stephandabbybbf: what the u think your cleo or something????

theBIGjensen: let's not cuss okay

theBIGjensen: i have a kid and i don't want him hearing this

stephandabbybbf: okay.......

stephandabbybbf: whatever dude

theBIGjensen: dude, what's that about? don't call me dude

theBIGjensen: i work hard for a living

stephandabbybbf: ok....

stephandabbybbf: i still don't know who u r...because u are not joe

stephandabbybbf: u know chalmers....

theBIGjensen: beep

stephandabbybbf: beep?????

theBIGjensen: why are you yelling beep at me?

theBIGjensen: in question format no less

stephandabbybbf: u put beep...what is beep suppost to mean???

theBIGjensen: when?

stephandabbybbf: just a cecond ago. before i put beep?????

theBIGjensen: cecond? is that a marcupial animal?

theBIGjensen: they're very cute

theBIGjensen: how they carry their young

theBIGjensen: but yeah, i still don't know what you're talking about

stephandabbybbf: who are you? you are really freaking me out.

theBIGjensen: oh, i'm not trying to scare you, just take your pants off and get some fruit... and hurry your slow ass up

theBIGjensen: now

theBIGjensen: do it

theBIGjensen: get fruit

stephandabbybbf: i already did....and i'm not doing it again until you tell me who you are

theBIGjensen: i'm simply a 46 year old man who works in a local canary and shops in Albertson's produce and wanted to see how open you were with your legs and/or virginity

theBIGjensen: nothing wrong with that

stephandabbybbf: oh really??

theBIGjensen: i'd tap it

theBIGjensen: you into that?

stephandabbybbf: well i don't appreciate who ever the HELL you spell that,you acting like a SHIThead when i have better things to do without you acting like you rule the damn world.

stephandabbybbf: and if i am into that its none or your damn business

theBIGjensen: just take your pants off now

stephandabbybbf: hell no i won't

theBIGjensen: you did earlier

theBIGjensen: i got you to inject fruit

theBIGjensen: even a pear

stephandabbybbf: what makes u think that

theBIGjensen: you said that specifically

theBIGjensen: multiple times

stephandabbybbf: no i jsu did that because i wanted to know who u were

stephandabbybbf: just**

theBIGjensen: learn how to spell, but first take your pants off again

stephandabbybbf: i never did take them off

theBIGjensen: yes you did

theBIGjensen: i saw you

stephandabbybbf: no i didn't

theBIGjensen: yes you did

stephandabbybbf: ok...what do i look like

theBIGjensen: loose

stephandabbybbf: loose???

stephandabbybbf: what the hell does that mean

theBIGjensen: wide open entrance with no admission fees

theBIGjensen: pears can fit

theBIGjensen: nice though

theBIGjensen: you're a really nice girl

stephandabbybbf: you damn bastard...i don't know who u think u are...but you are really starting to get on my fucking nerves

theBIGjensen: don't cuss please

theBIGjensen: it's offensive

stephandabbybbf: hell

theBIGjensen: don't be offensive

stephandabbybbf: i don't care

theBIGjensen: that's not a very good attitude

stephandabbybbf: i don't care

theBIGjensen: sshhhh

theBIGjensen: go to bed

theBIGjensen: you seem grumpy

theBIGjensen: did you get your juice tonight?

theBIGjensen: go drink your juice

stephandabbybbf: and for your information...i'm not loose....i'm still a damn virgin

theBIGjensen: damn virgin or no virgin, it's all the same if a pear can squeeze in... let's be a little more moral okay?

theBIGjensen: just a little

theBIGjensen: babysteps

theBIGjensen: set small goals for yourself so you can reasonably hope to achieve them

stephandabbybbf: i did not stick a fruit where it doean't need to be

theBIGjensen: doean't? is that german? are you german?

stephandabbybbf: no....

theBIGjensen: what is it?

stephandabbybbf: shutup

theBIGjensen: you have a thrilling vocabulary


stephandabbybbf: and u being 46 years old....thats just nasty

theBIGjensen: you're a little school girl with fruit that probably won't come out

theBIGjensen: do you have scabies?

stephandabbybbf: no

theBIGjensen: hmm

theBIGjensen: i'll bet you do

stephandabbybbf: what are you going to bet on you bastard

theBIGjensen: you going to bet on you? that doesn't make any sense

stephandabbybbf: u like harrasing people don't you

theBIGjensen: i know you

stephandabbybbf: how do u know me?

theBIGjensen: i just wanted a piece of your ass like everyone else

theBIGjensen: that's all

stephandabbybbf: like everyone else?

theBIGjensen: let's cut to the chase, when are we hooking up?

stephandabbybbf: i wanna know who i am talking to

theBIGjensen: me

theBIGjensen: you want it?

stephandabbybbf: who are you ?

stephandabbybbf: y can't you tell me who you are?

theBIGjensen: i did

stephandabbybbf: no you didn't

stephandabbybbf: you didn't tell me your name

theBIGjensen: canary employee... i work with pears at agripac

theBIGjensen: that's why i want to test their volume in your inner vagina

theBIGjensen: see about size efficiency

stephandabbybbf: you sick bastard

theBIGjensen: no cussing

stephandabbybbf: oh my God

theBIGjensen: never say that

theBIGjensen: now i don't want to see you anymore

theBIGjensen: i'm gonna go ahead and leave you to your lonesome

stephandabbybbf: uhhh...i don't think so

theBIGjensen: you'll be lonely without me, but i'm sorry, i must leave

stephandabbybbf: wait........why don't you just tell me who you are?

theBIGjensen: i did

stephandabbybbf: have we met at anytime?

theBIGjensen: my name is andrew..

stephandabbybbf: andrew?....last name?

theBIGjensen: my friends call me mikey because of my last name

stephandabbybbf: are you seriously 46?

stephandabbybbf: ok..bye...don't answer me

theBIGjensen: yes

theBIGjensen: yes i am

theBIGjensen: i don't want a piece anymore

theBIGjensen: so don't try and win me back

theBIGjensen: you lost your chance

stephandabbybbf: i never did....thats gross

stephandabbybbf: thats just nasty

stephandabbybbf: bye ......bastard

stephandabbybbf signed off at 10:37:50 PM.