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theBIGjensen: shh... they're right behind you

Giang44: I'll be careful

theBIGjensen: shhhh

theBIGjensen: don't say a word

theBIGjensen: it's all in your heart

Giang44: I won't

theBIGjensen: just go... shhhh

Giang44: k

theBIGjensen: turn and face aaron

theBIGjensen: and say, hello my love

Giang44: He's downstairs

theBIGjensen: shhhh... just go

Giang44: ok

theBIGjensen: lum retrieves you in his arms... and they proceed into the bathroom

Giang44: Eew . . .

theBIGjensen: sometimes love hurts

Giang44: Is it hurtin for you right now?

theBIGjensen: no, it is hurting for lum... and it is hurting for you

Giang44: Why?

theBIGjensen: because you two need each other... as objects

Giang44: No . . . he doesn't need me. He needs his girlfriend, and they're together as we speak

theBIGjensen: no... he needs you

Giang44: Why's that?

theBIGjensen: to do some love damage

Giang44: Why me?

theBIGjensen: yes, you

theBIGjensen: that's correct

Giang44: Love damage?

theBIGjensen: yes

Giang44: O-kaay

theBIGjensen: precisely, now GO

Giang44: No thanks

theBIGjensen: off to yonder lumland

theBIGjensen: what's the matter?

Giang44: He doesn't want me

Giang44: And I don't want him

theBIGjensen: but you do want him

theBIGjensen: you do

Giang44: I want his neighbor

theBIGjensen: pink?

Giang44: I don't

theBIGjensen: his pink neighbor?

Giang44: Pink?

Giang44: What?

Giang44: He has a pink neighbor?

theBIGjensen: pink is one big gay bee

theBIGjensen: yes

Giang44: No, not him

theBIGjensen: his pink neighbor

Giang44: No

theBIGjensen: well... yes

Giang44: Not pink

theBIGjensen: other color? races?

theBIGjensen: you hideous racist

theBIGjensen: everybody look at the racist

theBIGjensen: she's talking to me now!

theBIGjensen: racist!

theBIGjensen: hello?

theBIGjensen: are you there?

Giang44: You hurt my feelings

theBIGjensen: i know isn't that outstanding?

Giang44: You're not nice

Giang44: My mommy told me not to play with meanies

theBIGjensen: and i deserve to be not nice to

Giang44: Why's that?

theBIGjensen: because i'm not nice

Giang44: Okay

Giang44: I believe you

theBIGjensen: but that doesn't matter, because we're talking about lum... and you

theBIGjensen: and a strange bond you both possess

theBIGjensen: leaking from the pulsating hearts bound beneath your skin

theBIGjensen: thumping love on every hit of the sinoatrial node

theBIGjensen: like the sun striking the desert land, your love will grow with such abundance

theBIGjensen: and prosper with this bold new light

Giang44: You should be talking to his girlfriend, not ,e

theBIGjensen: you are e then

theBIGjensen: he says you, e, are far better looking than his girlfriend

Giang44: Go talk to Lum

theBIGjensen: uh oh

theBIGjensen: look out

Giang44: Huh?

theBIGjensen: marige problems!

Giang44: She's a cutie!

theBIGjensen: oh, face batter swing face!

theBIGjensen: rope swing?

theBIGjensen: lum?

theBIGjensen: i like bestial anal sex

theBIGjensen: is that okay?

Giang44: sure

theBIGjensen: okay

theBIGjensen: good

theBIGjensen: i thought maybe i was different

theBIGjensen: i'm glad you do too

Giang44: Uh huh

theBIGjensen: is it fun?

Giang44: Sure

theBIGjensen: do you enjoy the process then?

Giang44: Of course

theBIGjensen: wow, you're one sick bastard!

Giang44: Shhhhhhhh

Giang44: Don't say anything

Giang44: I don't want anyone to think that I'm a freak

theBIGjensen: okay

theBIGjensen: i'll keep it a secret

theBIGjensen: it's just between you and me and all the other people i just now told

Giang44: Okay as long as it's not Aaron

theBIGjensen: BONZIA!!

theBIGjensen: it's aaron at the mall

theBIGjensen: Brazillian quarters

Giang44: You are a true fan

theBIGjensen: very

theBIGjensen: fan

theBIGjensen: i'm a very fan

Giang44: Hey, I gotta dash

theBIGjensen: screw you!

Giang44: But I'll see you later

Giang44: I promise

theBIGjensen: yes

theBIGjensen: very promise

Giang44: See ya!

theBIGjensen: yes

theBIGjensen: bye NOW!