A long drive for a random...

JIGGA8960: hey

lip corner: are you coming or not?

JIGGA8960: what?

JIGGA8960: what do you mean?

lip corner: no games. sex. do you want sex?

JIGGA8960: i can if u help me girl

lip corner: what are you 12?

lip corner: you can't get here?

JIGGA8960: no kidding

lip corner: no kidding?

lip corner: you can't get here... no kidding

lip corner: what the hell does that mean?

JIGGA8960: i don't know

JIGGA8960: what's up

JIGGA8960: i don't know

JIGGA8960: what you doin

lip corner: probably not you

JIGGA8960: why not

lip corner: you're 12

JIGGA8960: fine I'll come, I'm just lazy

lip corner: yeah well, if you don't come, it's YOU that's missing out on this fine ass

JIGGA8960: where do you live

lip corner: I TOLD YOU

JIGGA8960: no you didn't

lip corner: yes, yes i did

lip corner: several times

JIGGA8960: okay, where is that

lip corner: salem

JIGGA8960: salem, oregon?

lip corner: yes

lip corner: listen if you're not coming down for sex, i don't want to waste time talking to you

lip corner: and all it's going to give is sex, no relationship. just sex. tons of sex.

JIGGA8960: i'll come i'll come

lip corner: no, you probably won't, i'm sure your car sucks

JIGGA8960: i'll speed don't worry

lip corner: well hurry up

JIGGA8960: tons of sex? like more than just once?

lip corner: yes. tons. tons and tons

JIGGA8960: I don't know where you live

lip corner: we'll meet at roths

JIGGA8960: what's that

lip corner: IT'S A STORE

JIGGA8960: where

lip corner: in salem oregon

lip corner: WEST salem oregon

lip corner: just find it

JIGGA8960: I don't even remember how to get to salem

lip corner: where are you coming from

JIGGA8960: Washington

lip corner: south I-5 follow the signs

lip corner: salems not big, go downtown, over the bridge

lip corner: take the first exit to the right. it's wallace.

lip corner: follow wallace for like half a mile. turn right at the second light. you'll see it, it's huge

JIGGA8960: you'll be there?

lip corner: YES

lip corner: I'm horny as shit

lip corner: hurry your ass up

JIGGA8960: what will you be driving

lip corner: what will YOU be driving? I'll find YOU

JIGGA8960: Honda civic, you?

lip corner: Honda civic hatchback

lip corner: I'll be in the back of the parking lot by the newspaper recycling thing.

lip corner: I'll probably be the only one there

lip corner: hurry your ass up

JIGGA8960: so you'll just be waiting?

JIGGA8960: i'll hurry but its going to take a while for me to get there

lip corner: how long?

JIGGA8960: I don't know, how about we meet at 11:30

lip corner: I'll be there

lip corner: I'm going to go buy condoms, I'll poke them first with sharp things

lip corner: you're in for a world of hurt buddy, I've got 6 stds

JIGGA8960: don't say things like that

lip corner: it's true

JIGGA8960: no, I don't believe you

JIGGA8960: doesn't matter anyway you're still hot

lip corner: are you coming?

JIGGA8960: of course

lip corner: i'll see you at 11:30 for sex


lip corner: what?!

JIGGA8960: do you have a phone number

lip corner: 503-999-2201 only call if you get lost. all I want is sex, i don't want to talk on the phone

JIGGA8960: even better

lip corner: leave now or don't come at all

JIGGA8960: out the door

lip corner: good

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