colleen011281: take off your pants

Laguna606: no

colleen011281: pardon?

Laguna606: no

colleen011281: okay, well, it was worth a shot

colleen011281: do you wanna cyber?

Laguna606: Are you male or female?

colleen011281: female

colleen011281: take your pants off

Laguna606: so am i

colleen011281: okay

Laguna606: okay

colleen011281: take your pants off

Laguna606: whatever floats your boat floats mine too

colleen011281: come over with your pants off

Laguna606: ok

colleen011281: i'll see you with your pants off

Laguna606: ok

colleen011281: pants

Laguna606: got it

colleen011281: off

colleen011281: get some fruit

Laguna606: ok

Laguna606: I have a plum

colleen011281: okay... your pants are off right?

Laguna606: yup

colleen011281: okay... take off your panties

Laguna606: i didn't have any on

colleen011281: good... open your door so everyone can see

colleen011281: quick

Laguna606: not tonight

colleen011281: quick

colleen011281: now

colleen011281: hurry

Laguna606: nope

colleen011281: crack

Laguna606: you know what? This cyber bullshit is retarded... I wanted to amuse myself to see how dumb it was... and yeah, it is. Go screw yourself... with a fruit. Now. Quick. Hurry.

colleen011281: just take your pants off

colleen011281: it's not sex

colleen011281: i just wanted to see you with your pants off

colleen011281: that's all

Laguna606: you cant see me

colleen011281: sure i can, since you moved back to eugene, i see you all the time

Laguna606: Courtney!!!!

Laguna606: Shut up!

colleen011281: and next time i tell you to take off your pants, actually do it

Laguna606: I DID!

Laguna606: : - (

Laguna606: you don't believe me, go check

colleen011281: i see you

Laguna606: you're a butthead

colleen011281: hold up your pants

colleen011281: high

colleen011281: hold them up hing

colleen011281: and hold them up sping

Laguna606: but I don't like wedgies

colleen011281: you put your pants back on?

colleen011281: now you're just wasting my time

colleen011281: never EVER put your pants back on

Laguna606: aww... come on

colleen011281: no

Laguna606: face

colleen011281: neckbreck

colleen011281: pants

colleen011281: pants

colleen011281: off

Laguna606: no

colleen011281: you took them off for colleen

Laguna606: face

colleen011281: pants

Laguna606: brb

colleen011281: don't come back unless your pants are off

PantsI PantsII PantsIII PantsIV