Random girl that took some abuse...

colleen011281: take your pants off

dybles55: no

dybles55: lol

colleen011281: do it

dybles55: who is this

colleen011281: take your pants off

dybles55: shut up

colleen011281: you don't know me

colleen011281: just take your pants off

dybles55: ok

dybles55: no

colleen011281: oh no, no, it's not sex

colleen011281: i mean, well, it could lead to sex

colleen011281: but really, they're just pants

dybles55: kiss my ass

colleen011281: yeah okay that's fine take off your pants

dybles55: no

dybles55: who is this

colleen011281: seriously, i'm not joking, TAKE OFF YOUR PANTS

colleen011281: and you just keep your mouth shut!

dybles55: take YOUR pants off

colleen011281: mine are already off

colleen011281: i'm still waiting for you, dybles

colleen011281: are your pants off?

dybles55: yeah

colleen011281: okay

colleen011281: let's touch and wrestle and things

dybles55: ok whatever that means

colleen011281: yeah?

colleen011281: are your pants off?

dybles55: yep

colleen011281: okay, i'll be there in a sec...

colleen011281: don't go trying to pull them up when my back is turned

dybles55: ok but hey i have to go so maybe i will talk to u later

dybles55: bye

colleen011281: WAIT

colleen011281: leave your pants off

colleen011281: i'll be there in a sec

dybles55: bye

colleen011281: pants

dybles55: what

dybles55: no really who is this

colleen011281: you don't know me at all... i'm just a girl who wants you to have no pants

colleen011281: so take your pants off

dybles55: gross are u a lez

dybles55: i'm a girl u do know that

colleen011281: i'm just kidding... i can't believe you didn't know it was me

colleen011281: you still don't know who it is do you?

dybles55: no

colleen011281: seriously?

colleen011281: no clue?

dybles55: yeah

colleen011281: you know me

dybles55: no

colleen011281: i'm about 6feet tall

colleen011281: brown hair, well sorta brown- not that brown but people tell me it's brown

dybles55: yeah

colleen011281: you know?

dybles55: no

colleen011281: i can't believe you

colleen011281: guess

dybles55: i don't know

colleen011281: fine FUCK YOU

dybles55: no

colleen011281: DIE

dybles55: ik now u are just mean

dybles55: ok

colleen011281: ok

dybles55: who is this

colleen011281: you DO know me

colleen011281: just guess

dybles55: chase come on who is this

colleen011281: i'm not chase

colleen011281: guess again

dybles55: then who are u

colleen011281: i lied about the height

colleen011281: well, i just extended my spine, that's all

dybles55: ok

colleen011281: it starts with a b

dybles55: ok

colleen011281: you're dumb

dybles55: you're dumb

colleen011281: you can't even figure out who this is

dybles55: no

dybles55: just tell me

colleen011281: male

colleen011281: starts with b

dybles55: ok

dybles55: ok

dybles55: next letter

colleen011281: r

colleen011281: if you can't figure it out you're just plum stupid

colleen011281: dumb, just dumb

dybles55: well then i guess i am dumb

colleen011281: yes, you're sooo dumb

colleen011281: i can't believe it

dybles55: tell me who the fuck this is

colleen011281: it's not sex

dybles55: and u are dumb

colleen011281: wanna cyber?

dybles55: no

colleen011281: yes

colleen011281: do it

colleen011281: do it now

dybles55: shut up who is this

dybles55: fine if u don't tell me who this is then i'm not going to talk

colleen011281: wait

dybles55: what?

colleen011281: call me

colleen011281: you'll know when you call

colleen011281: i guarantee you'll figure it out

dybles55: ok

dybles55: #

colleen011281: 1-503-999-2201

dybles55: ok i'm not going to call u

colleen011281: please

colleen011281: i love you

dybles55: no

colleen011281: but i do

dybles55: i don't care right now u pissed me off

dybles55: and now i don't want to talk to u

colleen011281: you don't even know who this is

colleen011281: just call

colleen011281: please

colleen011281: i'll apologize

dybles55: no

dybles55: sorry to late

dybles55: tell me who this is

colleen011281: br;aoii'312 son of a bitch... my friend hit my fingers when i was typing my name

dybles55: ok so type it again

colleen011281: call me

colleen011281: i'll tell you

colleen011281: i promise

dybles55: no

colleen011281: then you'll never know, ever

dybles55: kiss my ass

colleen011281: stupid slutty crack whore

colleen011281: you

colleen011281: you are a stupid slutty crack whore

dybles55: ok

dybles55: bye

colleen011281: grass

dybles55: what??

colleen011281: i said you're a toothless tramp

dybles55: ok

dybles55: bye

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