Random girl who just wants to know who I am...

theBIGjensen: hey, i'm going to go bruch my teeth

EskimoCracker497: um....who are you?

theBIGjensen: oh, i'm tired

theBIGjensen: so i'm going to go bruch my teeth and go to bed

EskimoCracker497: who are you?

theBIGjensen: pardon?

theBIGjensen: what do you mean?

EskimoCracker497: who is this...i dont know you

theBIGjensen: oh, don't worry about it. i'm just going to bruch my teeth is all

EskimoCracker497: what is your problem

theBIGjensen: problem?

EskimoCracker497: a/s/l?

theBIGjensen: sorry i don't know quite what you're getting at

theBIGjensen: anyway i'm tired

theBIGjensen: are you sleepy?

EskimoCracker497: i dont know you....why did you just im me and tell me you were going to BRUSH (note the spelling) your teeth

theBIGjensen: oh

theBIGjensen: hmm

theBIGjensen: hhmmmmm

theBIGjensen: mmmm

EskimoCracker497: what the heck are you doing

theBIGjensen: what?

theBIGjensen: who is this?

EskimoCracker497: kristy

EskimoCracker497: i dont know you

theBIGjensen: do i know you?

EskimoCracker497: noooo

theBIGjensen: hmm

theBIGjensen: should i?

EskimoCracker497: i dint think so

EskimoCracker497: a/s/l?

theBIGjensen: okay, well i'm going to go bruch my teeth

theBIGjensen: have a good night

EskimoCracker497: no, who are you

theBIGjensen: okay

theBIGjensen: how are you?

EskimoCracker497: you are frikin bugging me how do you think i am

theBIGjensen: hmm

theBIGjensen: hhmmmmmm

theBIGjensen: okay, i'm tired

theBIGjensen: are you tired?

EskimoCracker497: no im not

theBIGjensen: oh

theBIGjensen: weird

EskimoCracker497: what is your name?

EskimoCracker497: can you at least tell me that

theBIGjensen: yeah, i'm going to go bruch my teeth and hit the sack

theBIGjensen: have a good night!

EskimoCracker497: screw you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

theBIGjensen: !!!!!!one

theBIGjensen: geez

theBIGjensen: hi

EskimoCracker497: what?

theBIGjensen: what do you mean?

EskimoCracker497: about what?

theBIGjensen: which one?

EskimoCracker497: huh?

theBIGjensen: pardon?

theBIGjensen: hmmm

theBIGjensen: well, i'm tired

theBIGjensen: are you tired?

EskimoCracker497: NO I AM NOT TIRED!!!

theBIGjensen: why did you "warn" me?

theBIGjensen: that's not very nice

EskimoCracker497: well you are annoying me

theBIGjensen: okay

theBIGjensen: settle down

theBIGjensen: settle down

EskimoCracker497: are you gonna actually talk normal?

theBIGjensen: pardon?

theBIGjensen: i'm tired

theBIGjensen: are you tired?

EskimoCracker497: brb

theBIGjensen: oh

EskimoCracker497: im back

theBIGjensen: did you go to the bathroom?

EskimoCracker497: no

theBIGjensen: hmm

theBIGjensen: okay

EskimoCracker497: i had to go get my phone card to call my boyfriend

theBIGjensen: oh

theBIGjensen: what else did you do?

EskimoCracker497: thats it

theBIGjensen: you didn't go to the bathroom?

EskimoCracker497: NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!1

theBIGjensen: why do you keep typing "1"?

theBIGjensen: that makes me think you went to the bathroom

EskimoCracker497: cause i let go of the shift key before the 1 or exclamation

theBIGjensen: why do you do that?

EskimoCracker497: because i feel like it

theBIGjensen: oh

theBIGjensen: you're weird

theBIGjensen: i don't like that

EskimoCracker497: then go to bed and stop talkin to me

theBIGjensen: okay.

EskimoCracker497: there problem solved

theBIGjensen: are you tired?

theBIGjensen: because you seem cranky

EskimoCracker497: im not tied but you are making me cranky

theBIGjensen: hmm

theBIGjensen: hello?

EskimoCracker497: yea

theBIGjensen: oh

theBIGjensen: did you bruch?

EskimoCracker497: no

theBIGjensen: hmm, you must be tired.

theBIGjensen: tired and cranky