Yeah, random again...

My Penich: mike, i'm in the jail library, i'm using this instead of the phone call because i can try a bunch of people... anyway, i got picked up for public masturbation, and i need you to bail me out... i swear i'll make it up to you

WoNdErChiCkA: uh, wrong

My Penich: i know

My Penich: but bail me anyway

My Penich: seriously

My Penich: i didn't think i'd get caught

WoNdErChiCkA: no seriously

My Penich: i said i wouldn't do it anymore

My Penich: this was the last time

WoNdErChiCkA: um, good for you

My Penich: i know it's wrong

My Penich: so can you come bail me or not?

WoNdErChiCkA: no

My Penich: oh come on what’s the problem?!

My Penich: okay, well i don't see ryan, so can you call him for me and tell him to get down here?

My Penich: he'll bail me

WoNdErChiCkA: yeah i dont know who you are talking about

My Penich: this is mike right?

My Penich: ryan is your brother

My Penich: your brother ryan?

WoNdErChiCkA: mike?

WoNdErChiCkA: im not a male and i dont have a brother

My Penich: oh shit

My Penich: i'm so sorry

My Penich: seriously

My Penich: i'm soooo sorry

My Penich: oh this is embarrassing

WoNdErChiCkA: : - D

My Penich: this is great. this is just great

WoNdErChiCkA: okay

My Penich: so this is my "phone call"… this is great

My Penich: sorry

WoNdErChiCkA: yeah, im just a waste

WoNdErChiCkA: bye

My Penich: sorry

My Penich: i didn't mean that

WoNdErChiCkA: whatever

My Penich: i just really embarrassed myself

My Penich: and i somehow don't think you'll come bail me out

WoNdErChiCkA: um, no

My Penich: listen... i'm sorry about that

My Penich: oh i've never been this embarrassed

My Penich: this is worse than being caught

WoNdErChiCkA: dont be, I'll forget soon anyway

WoNdErChiCkA: and its not like you know me or anything

My Penich: yeah, but still, it's the principal

My Penich: so what is your name?

WoNdErChiCkA: it's holly and i gotta get off, my mom's bitchin at me

My Penich: hi holly, i'm tom

My Penich: WAIT

My Penich: before you go do you wanna cyber?

My Penich: You still there?