A random I talked with before...

My Penich: hi

My Penich: here, do me a favor, IM PrincessArabell

Cinnamon00001: y??

Cinnamon00001: who is she

My Penich: and tell her she's a bone

My Penich: then send your conversation to me

Cinnamon00001: no first tell me who u are

My Penich: um

Cinnamon00001: i need your asl

My Penich: i am weird

Cinnamon00001: ya

Cinnamon00001: asl

My Penich: my name's courtney, i'm a guy i'm 20 and live in oregon

Cinnamon00001: oh

Cinnamon00001: do u do this alot??

My Penich: just seriously... i'm really weird, just one favor please?

My Penich: IM PrincessArabell

My Penich: and tell her she is a bone

Cinnamon00001: ok brb

My Penich: don't mention me

My Penich: just say "you are a bone"

Cinnamon00001: ok

Cinnamon00001: i wont

My Penich: beautiful

Cinnamon00001: k i did it

Cinnamon00001: Cinnamon00001: you are a bone

PrincessArabell: court?

Cinnamon00001: bone

PrincessArabell: ah

My Penich: beautiful

Cinnamon00001: lol

My Penich: say dog bone... chewed up dog bone

Cinnamon00001: is that all u want me to say

My Penich: her name is Trina- i know her... don't feel bad

Cinnamon00001: k

Cinnamon00001: i dont i think its fun

My Penich: great

Cinnamon00001: but u are a phyco

My Penich: i know

My Penich: i get that all the time

Cinnamon00001: she wont say anything

My Penich: tell her "John says you're a bone too"

Cinnamon00001: can i call her a bitch??

My Penich: yeah

Cinnamon00001: k

My Penich: ah

My Penich: she left

My Penich: allright, another one... DaissyMayy

My Penich: they're friends

Cinnamon00001: ok

My Penich: tell her "you're a freaky piece of shit"

Cinnamon00001: ok

Cinnamon00001: brb

My Penich: "and your toyota is worthless dump"

Cinnamon00001: Cinnamon00001: your a freaky piece of shit

DaissyMayy: trina?

DaissyMayy: who is this?

Cinnamon00001: and your toyota is a worthless dump u BITCH!!

My Penich: "stupid maroon piece of junk"

My Penich: say that

My Penich: she just signed off

My Penich: how'd the rest of the conversation go?

Cinnamon00001: DaissyMayy: :-)

Cinnamon00001: stupid maroon piece of junk

Cinnamon00001: dont smile at me slut

DaissyMayy: is this trina? i'm going now

DaissyMayy: bye girl

Cinnamon00001: bye cunt

Cinnamon00001: lol

Cinnamon00001: im so funny

My Penich: allright, thanks... it was comical...

Cinnamon00001: DaissyMayy: who is this?

Cinnamon00001: take a fucking guess

My Penich: tell her "soy sucks"

Cinnamon00001: DaissyMayy: courtney

Cinnamon00001: no dumb ass your WRONG

Cinnamon00001: soy sucks

DaissyMayy: who cares

My Penich: you're doing good... work on maintaining their attention a little though... don't just cuss at them 2 seconds in.

My Penich: oh there's princessarabell again

My Penich: keep messing with her- i gotta go

My Penich: thanks for the laugh