theBIGjensen: did you go ahead and send them to him?

theBIGjensen: you can do that through email now

theBIGjensen: he's sorta expecting them

theBIGjensen: but, you still got a few days, so don't stress it

Giang44: I overnighted it through UPS

Giang44: Just in case

Giang44: IS that okay?

theBIGjensen: SERIOUSLY THOUGH - don't let the corners get creased

theBIGjensen: it sooo degrades the value

theBIGjensen: but either way

Giang44: gotcha

Giang44: It's all good

Giang44: Don't worry about it

theBIGjensen: i don't think you do

theBIGjensen: okay

theBIGjensen: i'll take your word for it

theBIGjensen: but serious... I'm not joking

theBIGjensen: he told me to remind you

theBIGjensen: so actually do it

Giang44: I DID!

Giang44: What else do you want from me?

theBIGjensen: bloody sex... it's rough... but some people engage in it...

theBIGjensen: maybe no intercourse

theBIGjensen: i don't need taht

theBIGjensen: but keep the corners flat you know?

theBIGjensen: hello?

theBIGjensen: just ship it out tomorrow

Giang44: Gotcha

theBIGjensen: oh, i didn't mean to anger you... put that away.

theBIGjensen: wait!

theBIGjensen: hey

Giang44: ys?

theBIGjensen: are you there?

Giang44: yes?

theBIGjensen: okay, whew

theBIGjensen: hey screw you

theBIGjensen: go finger yourself

theBIGjensen: hello?

theBIGjensen: are you there?

theBIGjensen: are you angry?

theBIGjensen: or just doing what i told you to do?

theBIGjensen: hello?

theBIGjensen: HEY

theBIGjensen: go away

theBIGjensen: leave

theBIGjensen: get off IM

theBIGjensen: now

theBIGjensen: bye

theBIGjensen: ...

theBIGjensen: hello?

theBIGjensen: so how much is the total shipping cost then?

theBIGjensen: like 2-3$ is all right?

theBIGjensen: that's cool

theBIGjensen: well take care my long lost love

theBIGjensen: i love you

theBIGjensen: i wrote a poem about you

theBIGjensen: it's called "G to ride"

theBIGjensen: and it tells the story of my love for you

theBIGjensen: my love

theBIGjensen: and my love for Bruce Springstein

theBIGjensen: which is incredible

theBIGjensen: as are you, my second love... second only to Bruce

theBIGjensen: who I love so dearly

theBIGjensen: and now you shun me

theBIGjensen: and my love falls to pieces underneath your elegant figure my love

theBIGjensen: breaks like glass behind your beautiful step

theBIGjensen: and you walk on and don't look back my love

theBIGjensen: for i love you so dearly i would give my life for you to just step on that glass once more so i could see you one last time my angel

theBIGjensen: but then the glass might puncture your angelic foot and you would bleed all over me

theBIGjensen: and I wouldn't want to get ravaged with aids and rabies

theBIGjensen: so forget that

theBIGjensen: but i still love you

theBIGjensen: i just don't want you walking on glass

theBIGjensen: that might be painful

theBIGjensen: as is the pain of you so beautifully walking away from my life here

theBIGjensen: my love, you refuse to speak to me?

Giang44: hello?

Giang44: Ywah

Giang44: Yeah

Giang44: I'm here

Giang44: Sorry about that

theBIGjensen: oh, your beautiful voice

Giang44: The computer was possessed

Giang44: I had to wait

theBIGjensen: i would die to hear you again

Giang44: But I'm here now

theBIGjensen: my love

Giang44: Speak to me, dear one

theBIGjensen: oh, please, don't stop talking

theBIGjensen: my angel in this dreadful place

theBIGjensen: I will always come for you my love... always

theBIGjensen: i'll open my heart for your every desire

theBIGjensen: my love, will you be my one?

Giang44: No thanks

Giang44: I pass

theBIGjensen: ah, i give my life

theBIGjensen: my one walks and I now live for nothing

theBIGjensen: here, take my life, I shall leave this dark place where I am not so loved as thou

theBIGjensen: my dearest

theBIGjensen: my dearest Beverly

theBIGjensen: Bev?

theBIGjensen: this is you correct??

Giang44: No

theBIGjensen: Oh, shit.... I gotta go. Sorry for the inconvenience, I thought you were someone else.