Some guy who IMed me wanting to hook up...

Zia Jaffery: hi

colleen011281: hi

Zia Jaffery: asl

colleen011281: 10 girl memphis, tennesse

colleen011281: asl?

Zia Jaffery: ohhhhhhhhhhhh

Zia Jaffery: tooooooo young

Zia Jaffery: i am 27 m pak

colleen011281: wait

colleen011281: do you wanna cyber?

Zia Jaffery: with a 10 year old

colleen011281: yeah

colleen011281: me

Zia Jaffery: how come

colleen011281: or we could just wrestle

colleen011281: it's up to you really

colleen011281: but one or the other

Zia Jaffery: thing is u don't even a grown up lady and donot have the basic requirement

Zia Jaffery: isn't it

Zia Jaffery: r u

colleen011281: um... i'm 10, i don't understand what you're saying

colleen011281: do you wanna cyber or not?

Zia Jaffery: i mean i like girls with tight titsies

Zia Jaffery: because i love to lick them hard

colleen011281: really

colleen011281: that could be me

Zia Jaffery: so what is ur figure

Zia Jaffery: measurements

colleen011281: um... typical 10year old i don't really know... kinda lanky

Zia Jaffery: ok

Zia Jaffery: ur tits size

Zia Jaffery: do u ve a pic of your

colleen011281: i don't wear a bra yet... but my mom says my breasts are larger than most other girls in my class

Zia Jaffery: oh

Zia Jaffery: can i see u

colleen011281: i don't know how to send pics

colleen011281: i could go ask my mom really quick

Zia Jaffery: wait

colleen011281: what for?

Zia Jaffery: just go people and there is send file command

colleen011281: okay

Zia Jaffery: just go and see People

Zia Jaffery: click on it

colleen011281: oh, send file?

Zia Jaffery: yes

colleen011281: okay, i see... but i don't really have a picture to send

colleen011281: i could try to find one

Zia Jaffery: ok

Zia Jaffery: well tell me do u ve sex experince

colleen011281: um... no. but my dad explained everything to me. so i think i understand

Zia Jaffery: ok

Zia Jaffery: so u ve cybersex experiance

colleen011281: no

colleen011281: here, i'm going to go ask my mom something really quick

colleen011281: see if i can learn how better

colleen011281: because i'm not really sure

colleen011281: i'll be right back

colleen011281: okay, i'm back

Zia Jaffery: ok

colleen011281: my mom is mad

colleen011281: i need to go now

colleen011281: can we talk later?

Zia Jaffery: ok why is she mad

colleen011281: i don't know

Zia Jaffery: because u asked her

Zia Jaffery: isn't it

Zia Jaffery: because its bad

colleen011281: um

colleen011281: i don't know

colleen011281: but you can call me tomorrow

Zia Jaffery: ok

Zia Jaffery: bbyez then

colleen011281: 1-503-999-2201

colleen011281: tomorrow afternoon?

colleen011281: i have to go my mom's coming

colleen011281: bye

Zia Jaffery: i ve to go to th eoffice tommorow

Zia Jaffery: bbyez