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Some random hornball chick...

My Penich: steam

My Penich: hmm.... is that right?

iLLdoUrBdyGood69: yes thats right

My Penich: asl?

iLLdoUrBdyGood69: 28 female ca

iLLdoUrBdyGood69: how about you

My Penich: 23mtexas

My Penich: but i have a dorsal fin, so i don't know if that's a problem or a turn-on or what

My Penich: you seem like a busy person

My Penich: busy like a fox

iLLdoUrBdyGood69: true

My Penich: it happens

My Penich: an experienced fox?

iLLdoUrBdyGood69: yes

My Penich: too bad you're soooo old.

My Penich: so what's this nature?

My Penich: a fox in heat?

iLLdoUrBdyGood69: lol

iLLdoUrBdyGood69: brb

My Penich: yeah

My Penich: hurry up my erection's going away

My Penich: seriously... i'm going to be impetant by the time you get back

My Penich: listen, if you wanna cyber, you better hurry that old wrinkled ass of yours right up

iLLdoUrBdyGood69 signed off at 12:13:28 AM.