Random girly...

My Penich: shoot

Cinnamon00001: what

My Penich: jumpin the gun a little aren't ya?

Cinnamon00001: ??

My Penich: you scared me

My Penich: let's try to keep the racket down eh?

Cinnamon00001: ok

Cinnamon00001: who are u

My Penich: i'm just trying to sleep

My Penich: i work tomorrow

My Penich: you're keeping me up

Cinnamon00001: oh

Cinnamon00001: sorry

My Penich: oh, i forgive you

My Penich: but let's try to keep it down a little though okay?

Cinnamon00001: ok i will

My Penich: thanks

Cinnamon00001: ur welcome

My Penich: some of us have to get a little shut eye on week nights eh?

Cinnamon00001: yeah

My Penich: yeah?

Cinnamon00001: yes sir

My Penich: yeah

Cinnamon00001: are u going to bed??

My Penich: i'm trying, but you keep talking and it's a little hard to doze off every time i hear a huge beep

My Penich: beep

My Penich: beep

My Penich: beep

My Penich: beep

My Penich: you see what i mean?

Cinnamon00001: yes

Cinnamon00001: but who the hell are u and how do u know me??

Cinnamon00001: im not making any noise

My Penich: yeah you are... all that racket

My Penich: it's nonstop constant since 3pm

Cinnamon00001: what??? i think your crazy

My Penich: let's just settle down and talk things over, okay?

Cinnamon00001: no freak

Cinnamon00001: you need some mental help

My Penich: okay, but let's take the first step and calm down

Cinnamon00001: leave me the hell alone

My Penich: why don't you make some more noise. i'm gonna call the cops

Cinnamon00001: um i think u need your medication

My Penich: that's the single most overused sentence in history

Cinnamon00001: but how can u hear me??

Cinnamon00001: im on a COMPUTER

My Penich: i live right next door to you

My Penich: and bang bang bang bang all the live long day

Cinnamon00001: oh really

My Penich: let's just keep it down eh?

Cinnamon00001: where do i live???

My Penich: seriously, just keep it down

My Penich: i'm not asking for much

My Penich: i'm going to try to go to bed now

Cinnamon00001: whats your name??

My Penich: WHAT WAS THAT?!

My Penich: THAT SOUND!


Cinnamon00001: i donno

Cinnamon00001: are u a man??

My Penich: will you PLEASE just keep it down?


My Penich: yes, i'm a man, and yes i work early tomorrow morning

Cinnamon00001: where do u live sir?

My Penich: RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO YOU, holy crap pull yourself together

Cinnamon00001: because i dont think your my neighbor

My Penich: please, i'm a very important person... and i have a big day tomorrow

Cinnamon00001: because i dont have any NEIGHBORS

My Penich: well apparently you do

My Penich: because i'm your neighbor

Cinnamon00001: not within 10 miles

My Penich: wait... is this Cinnamon00001?

Cinnamon00001: yes

My Penich: yeah, then i'm your neighbor

Cinnamon00001: whats my real name??

Cinnamon00001: u dont know

My Penich: katie

Cinnamon00001: if your joking around with me its not very funny

Cinnamon00001: no wrong

Cinnamon00001: DUMB ASS

My Penich: chelsey

Cinnamon00001: u dont have 1 fucking clue, do u??

My Penich: megan!

Cinnamon00001: go take your pills u fucking mental case

My Penich: bethany

Cinnamon00001: no wrong

My Penich: kristin

Cinnamon00001: DUMBASS

My Penich: samantha


My Penich: hmm... well in that case can i use your bathroom? i pooped my pants

Cinnamon00001: lol

Cinnamon00001: very funny

Cinnamon00001: your wierd

My Penich: it's running down my thigh, hurry

My Penich: hurry hurry hurry

Cinnamon00001: dont u have something better to do then harass people u dont know??

My Penich: PLEASE i'm dying here, i reek like hell and i have my own feces on my leg thighs

My Penich: let me in!

Cinnamon00001: no

Cinnamon00001: i dont like you

Cinnamon00001: go away

Cinnamon00001: go eat your shit

Cinnamon00001: fucking wierdo

My Penich: that's not very nice

My Penich: let's keep it down okay?

My Penich: eh?

Cinnamon00001: well you are a phyco

My Penich: no, i have bowel problems

My Penich: and i have to work in the morning

Cinnamon00001: your either drunk or very very wierd

Cinnamon00001: and i think its the wierd