Random girl again...

slaka fuch: 1 cup broccoli

slaka fuch: 1 tbsp olive oil

slaka fuch: ½ cup chopped asparagus

slaka fuch: 1 tsp salt

slaka fuch: 1¼ cups water

slaka fuch: 1 cup 2% milk

slaka fuch: 1tbsp brewers yeast

slaka fuch: 4 whole eggs, 2 egg whites

slaka fuch: 3 oz chopped, diced ham

slaka fuch: and trace amounts of baking soda

slaka fuch: parsley and cucumber makes a great additive when prepared

Sweety311B: ??

slaka fuch: all you have to do is combine the water milk and oil in a large sauce pan

slaka fuch: bring to boil at a moderately low heat

Sweety311B: what the .. ?

slaka fuch: throw in the diced meat

slaka fuch: continuing to stir during this process though

slaka fuch: when the meat is becoming tender, you can slide in the remaining ingredients


slaka fuch: coverElt;br>
slaka fuch: pardon?

Sweety311B: who is this?

slaka fuch: oh you don't know me

slaka fuch: cover the dish and bring to a rolling boil

slaka fuch: stirring occasionally

Sweety311B: haha

slaka fuch: for about 15 to 18 minutes

Sweety311B: you're loco

slaka fuch: when it's done, whallah

Sweety311B: what did we jus make?

slaka fuch: it's a fragrence that will fill the house

slaka fuch: tasty, yet sound in productivivty

Sweety311B: haha.. k

slaka fuch: and i think the folks at home would agree

slaka fuch: are you with me people!?

Sweety311B: k..i gotta question

slaka fuch: let's go to the audience for questions

Sweety311B: yeah.. um.. who the hell are you?

slaka fuch: you've never met me... is there anyone else with a question?

slaka fuch: yes, you in back

Sweety311B: age/sex/loc?

Sweety311B: pic?

Sweety311B: sane?

slaka fuch: i'm a chef

Sweety311B: uh huh

Sweety311B: next question

Sweety311B: ; - )

slaka fuch: that's not a question, with crap like that you'll never be a good chef

slaka fuch: yes, you in the back

Sweety311B: i dont wanna be a chef

slaka fuch: so why did you come to my seminar?

Sweety311B: you IMed me..

Sweety311B: you're crazy

slaka fuch: i don't know what you're talking about

Sweety311B: : - ( : - ( : - (

slaka fuch: why the long face?

slaka fuch: yes, you in the stripes

Sweety311B: k.. i think i'll leave you now

slaka fuch: i don't understand

slaka fuch: you show up...

slaka fuch: you're eager to learn...

slaka fuch: then you leave before you're done?

Sweety311B: yes.. buh bye

Sweety311B: thanks for being a little strange.. talk to you prolly never again. bye

slaka fuch: okay class, so we learned that some students just don't have the dedication to be successful

Sweety311B: okay.. if you want to continue talking to me.. act sane.. cuz im about to block you

slaka fuch: so those of you who stayed, congratulations, you're all incredibly dedicated to the fine art of cooking and pastry- the rest of the students are dumb, useless, and amount to nothing.

yeah, i've gotta give credit where credit's due... brice gave me the idea to open the conversation listing ingredients... i stole that part from him, so comical credit isn't mine on the opening of this conversation... thanks for the clever idea brice...