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Some little school girl...

yeah, you have to know a little about this one... i looked on this girls personal profile and it gave her website address, so i went there and she was talking about how she would sick her friends "the bloods" on people who messed with her... so with that knowledge, here's the conversation

My Penich: bloods?

My Penich: that's very very scary

Stars1257: then shut the fuck up!

My Penich: uh oh

My Penich: oh no

My Penich: oh shoot heck

My Penich: you're very very scary

Stars1257: fuck off

My Penich: i just don't want to upset you

My Penich: i don't want to get off on the wrong foot stipples

My Penich: you and your bloods

My Penich: that's scary stuff

My Penich: i'm sorry

My Penich: are you mad at me?

My Penich: hey

My Penich: i didn't mean to upset you

Stars1257: ?

My Penich: hello?

My Penich: rachell?

Stars1257: rachell?

My Penich: i'm not rachell

My Penich: you're rachell

Stars1257: no

My Penich: oh no, don't get mad

My Penich: i just was wondering

My Penich: rachell are you 15 yet?

My Penich: or are you still in middle school with your bloods who are little girls too?

My Penich: okay... i see how it is... you're going to sick your vicious ferocious fifteen year old bloods on me. i'm peeing cowering.

My Penich: I'm filled with fright and fear of the 70 pound tools that you call bloods.

My Penich: please, i don't want to die in my pee.