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Blond Bomber once again...

colleen011281: I felt a compassion for Liza

colleen011281: she readily accepted

colleen011281: she exhibited signs

colleen011281: and erratically checked the empty hole

colleen011281: i constructed a room of one a day to expose warm moist skin

colleen011281: age began to hatch

colleen011281: it was unbelievably small and suppressed

blondbomb613: i cant see what ur tyoping

colleen011281: yet more thrilled, and more suited

colleen011281: as she enthralled and engaged motherhood

colleen011281: yet reluctant of please for pacing at the door into a world filled of warm bugs and green grass

blondbomb613: i said i cant see what ur tyoping

colleen011281: expectations Liza let serve the sun up to sun down

colleen011281: searching for the babies and the perfection of it all

colleen011281: the absolute order

colleen011281: in a demonstration of life

blondbomb613: ok i see it now

colleen011281: it was a moment of reflection

colleen011281: i stood one morning gazing the field from the community window in a population scattered

colleen011281: i knew this activity indicated the presence of a hawk

colleen011281: it caught my eye

colleen011281: and Liza's dark eyes struck us both

colleen011281: she broke stride and turned back

colleen011281: infancy and commanding outstretched interpretations come over her

blondbomb613: what ru talking about?

colleen011281: releasing the outcome into the other hands

colleen011281: silent... slow and reluctent

colleen011281: perception of what had happened filled the vast that fled

colleen011281: headlines with subtle instinct

colleen011281: life's quirks bringing two and two

colleen011281: a phrase, just a simple phrase

colleen011281: but she declined

colleen011281: heroic

colleen011281: i stood looking at feathers in the mound

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