Blond Bomber follow-up...

colleen011281: just out of curiosity... how much do you weigh now?

blondbomb613: 112

colleen011281: nice, nice.... i'd spank that...

colleen011281: sorry... i'm being rude

blondbomb613: its koo

colleen011281: kangaroo?

colleen011281: you aren't marsupial are you?

blondbomb613: what?

colleen011281: i don't cyber poke marsupials

colleen011281: it's sorta a policy of mine

blondbomb613: what ?

colleen011281: listen, do you wanna cyber or not?

blondbomb613: NOOOOOOOOOO

colleen011281: hmm

blondbomb613: i perfer the real shit

colleen011281: where do you live?

blondbomb613: cali

blondbomb613: u?

colleen011281: what city?

colleen011281: hampshire?

colleen011281: that's where i live, it's in northern cali, but probalby not by you

blondbomb613: im in northern cali too

blondbomb613: alturas

colleen011281: hmm

colleen011281: i don't know where that is

colleen011281: so how much sex do you have?

colleen011281: do you like bob marley?

blondbomb613: I LUV HIM

colleen011281: do you smoke?

blondbomb613: yes

colleen011281: really

colleen011281: do you smoke after sex?

colleen011281: because i know that's popular

blondbomb613: any time anyday

colleen011281: any time smoke, or any time sex?

blondbomb613: anytime smoke

colleen011281: do you ever involve smokes with sexual intercourse?

colleen011281: i heard that's popular now too

blondbomb613: i dont no if it is

colleen011281: i didn't ask you if it was popular, stupid, i asked if you use them

colleen011281: i know it's popular

colleen011281: do you have a barn?

blondbomb613: no

colleen011281: are you determined to be like snow white?

blondbomb613: no

blondbomb613: i am who i am

colleen011281: are you into bantam eggs like marbles?

blondbomb613: nah

colleen011281: have you ever seen a real incubator?

colleen011281: hello?