theBIGjensen: hi there cutie... i have oral flippers local thrift market

Giang44: Oral flippers?

theBIGjensen: yes, they're effective

theBIGjensen: how are you?

theBIGjensen: what you're too good to talk to me?

Giang44: Sorry about that

theBIGjensen: i would like 100% full attention, i command your respect when i speak!!!

Giang44: Bathroom break

Giang44: I just got back here

theBIGjensen: details

Giang44: uh huh.........

theBIGjensen: hit me with details

Giang44: I was in Portland today......

theBIGjensen: no, details on your bathroom break

theBIGjensen: how did that go?

theBIGjensen: was it worth the effort?

theBIGjensen: any big problems while you were in there?

theBIGjensen: everything come out okay?

theBIGjensen: did you have a good time?

theBIGjensen: details, details

theBIGjensen: hello?