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The Blond Bomber...

colleen011281: hi

colleen011281: it's colleen

blondbomb613: colleen who?

colleen011281: can i see your pic?

colleen011281: your website won't load

colleen011281: give me the address again?


colleen011281: i see you like NIN

colleen011281: and Limp bizkit

blondbomb613: my comp is messed up and i cant see whjat ur typing

colleen011281: i said do you wanna cyber?

blondbomb613: if u got yahoochat holla at me on there at sweet_angel6_99

colleen011281: okay, well i don't

colleen011281: so oh well

blondbomb613: oh shit

blondbomb613: i can see now

blondbomb613: WOW!

colleen011281: pardon?

blondbomb613: nothing

colleen011281: you seem alarmed

blondbomb613: anywayz

blondbomb613: i was

colleen011281: about what?

blondbomb613: cuz i couldnt see what u were typing

blondbomb613: but now i can all of a sudden

colleen011281: oh, i see

colleen011281: hmm

blondbomb613: yah

colleen011281: weird

blondbomb613: yes very

blondbomb613: anywayz u see ma pics?

colleen011281: yes i did

colleen011281: you're hot

blondbomb613: well thank you

blondbomb613: do you have a pic?

colleen011281: eggs are sent on conveyer belts

colleen011281: no, i don't... sorry, i should

colleen011281: i'm super sexy

blondbomb613: lol

blondbomb613: ok

colleen011281: it's not funny, i'm seriously that hot

colleen011281: and we would rip it up

blondbomb613: really

colleen011281: yes

blondbomb613: coo

colleen011281: are you open with your sexuality?

colleen011281: like open to change and so on?

blondbomb613: i am but i am not bi or lesbian

blondbomb613: well see

blondbomb613: ive kissed a girl and thats all

colleen011281: hmm...

colleen011281: really, so you must be full blown lesbian then huh?

colleen011281: details

blondbomb613: i am for guys

colleen011281: hmm... well I listened to you babble on for a while, do you want to cyber now?

blondbomb613: not right now

colleen011281: not in the mood huh?

colleen011281: i understand

colleen011281: i have hormone swings too

colleen011281: well, whenever i can tap your ass, just give me a holler

blondbomb613: ok

colleen011281: i'll be around

blondbomb613: ok

blondbomb613: later girl

colleen011281: wait

blondbomb613: ok

colleen011281: okay, you can go now

blondbomb613: y?

blondbomb613: oh ok

blondbomb613: buh bye

colleen011281: bye ass cheeks

colleen011281: remember, you got the open tap call