Some girl with blond hair...

smule porb: are you actually blind?

BlndChic84: yeag

smule porb: how do you know what i'm typing?

smule porb: do you have a translator of some sort?

BlndChic84: no my mom does it for me

BlndChic84: why are you being soo mean

smule porb: i'm not mean

smule porb: i'm curious

BlndChic84: and i have a special keyboard

smule porb: really

smule porb: that's just very fascinating

BlndChic84: i can talk into this thing and it types for me!!

smule porb: i'm happy to see blind people working so diligently in our society

smule porb: it warms my heart

BlndChic84: are you being sarcastic

smule porb: no... no sarcasm

BlndChic84: ok

smule porb: so your "keyboard" though, it's like a microphone?

BlndChic84: no it has the whole brial thing it's little dots or i can talk into this thing and it will tpye what i say

smule porb: that's really cool... do you work?

BlndChic84: it took me along time to learn how to type

BlndChic84: no

smule porb: were you blind at birth, or was there some sort of accident?

smule porb: sorry, i don't mean to bring up bad stories

smule porb: is that a question i shouldn't ask?

BlndChic84: no no

BlndChic84: it's ok

BlndChic84: there was an accident

smule porb: what happened? again i'm sorry for intruding

BlndChic84: i got into a really bad car accident w/ my bf i lost my sight and some of my speech my head was severly bashed in im suprised im living

smule porb: so the occipital lobe was injured then?

smule porb: and wernicks area?

BlndChic84: but im happy to be alive i forgot how to do alot of things but i relearned w/ lots of support

BlndChic84: something like that

smule porb: er wait, no broccas

smule porb: broccas is speech

smule porb: wernicks is hearing

smule porb: i'm sorry

BlndChic84: no not hearing

smule porb: what type of rehabilitation?

BlndChic84: i had to do alot of physical therepy

smule porb: like brain electrostimulant type therapy?

BlndChic84: no

smule porb: i have a cousin who is blind

smule porb: so that's where i learned about it.

BlndChic84: oh

smule porb: what type of therapy then?

BlndChic84: ummm

BlndChic84: im not sure but if you gimme your e-mail i can find out

smule porb: pardon?

smule porb: i'm not sure i understand

smule porb: it's

BlndChic84: ok

smule porb: but i don't see the correlation

BlndChic84 signed off at 12:59:00 PM.