colleen011281: is this kristin?

Swtlady117: yes

colleen011281: hi

Swtlady117: who is this?

colleen011281: colleen

colleen011281: how are you?

Swtlady117: uhh, i am great, do i know you?

colleen011281: i should certainly hope so

colleen011281: you're great though!

colleen011281: that's good...

Swtlady117: yeah i am, how do i know you?

Swtlady117: i'm sorry if i'm being rude, but i don't think i know you

colleen011281: church and school

colleen011281: well, used to be school

colleen011281: and i'm sort of offended

colleen011281: not overly offended, but it certainly does hurt my feelings a little

Swtlady117: what's your last name colleen?

colleen011281: thompson

colleen011281: from north

colleen011281: remember?

colleen011281: you always called me tommy

colleen011281: thompson tommy

Swtlady117: lol what?

Swtlady117: wht are you talking about?

colleen011281: that was my nickname

colleen011281: at north

colleen011281: a few years ago now i guess... well, maybe two years

Swtlady117: haha i think you've got the wrong kristin

colleen011281: is this kristin flores?

Swtlady117: yeah it is

colleen011281: great, hi, how are you?

Swtlady117: haha i told you i was great :-) how did you get my screen name?

colleen011281: you gave it to me

colleen011281: kristin flores?

Swtlady117: yeah that's me

Swtlady117: okay, well colleen how are you?

colleen011281: i was awesome...

colleen011281: thanks for your concern

colleen011281: and concerned i am

colleen011281: i'm a very concerning person

colleen011281: i just get concerned with things easily

Swtlady117: lol

Swtlady117: courtney

colleen011281: oh i'm sorry, i didn't mean to throw all the different types of concern at you

colleen011281: i'm just concerned with you not knowing me, and that concerns me

colleen011281: okay, i'm getting concerned, are you still there?

colleen011281: kristin flores?

colleen011281: does this not concern you anymore?

colleen011281: KRISTIN FLORES ANSWER ME NOW!!!!!

colleen011281: N O W ! ! !

Swtlady117 signed off at 7:41:39 PM.

every time... every time... "courtney"... silence... freakin kristin. why? why do you always know? kristin's just very intuative, in touch with a lot of things. that's how she knows. you're eating too much dairy.