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Some guy with a temper...

My Penich: hi

DedNUn: high

My Penich: i wasn't talking to you

DedNUn: then dont im me

My Penich: i said i wasn't talking to you

My Penich: please quit talking to me

DedNUn: your so cool though

My Penich: quit

DedNUn: or what?

DedNUn: youll tell my mom?

My Penich: stop typing.

DedNUn: your cool

My Penich: bow out now while you still have a very small amount of self worth.

DedNUn: your cool

My Penich: what are you 10?

My Penich: quit talking to me

DedNUn: could but be older then you

My Penich: a) that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, and b) i try not to associate with people of your horridly miserable intellectual status

My Penich: i'm going to go talk to some tiny children who are better than you.

My Penich: bye

DedNUn: well you are

My Penich: what does that mean?

My Penich: just babbling now?

My Penich: i understand

My Penich: that's something 10 year olds do

My Penich: you'll grow out of it

DedNUn: your saying you dont talk to people like me

DedNUn: but you are

DedNUn: so who is the asshole now

My Penich: wow, you're so smart.... when does school start?

DedNUn: maybe your dumb lame ass should get laid mroe ogten so you dont have so much stress

My Penich: what are mroe and ogten?

My Penich: is that 10 year old slang?

My Penich: couple more years and you'll be hitting up middle school with the big boys

DedNUn: so why did you fag mind instant message me just to say your not talking to me when you are

My Penich: fag mind? clever... that has to be the worst arrangement of words i've ever seen

My Penich: "you fag mind"

My Penich: thanks, that's funny... hugely comical- that helps me laugh.

DedNUn: you know before you start im'ing people you should really consider who you might be fucking with and what they might be capable of doing to you

My Penich: you mean whom, not who. But shoot yeah, you're right, i should probably talk entirely monosyllablically. I'm sorry, forgive me, from now on i'll use only small stupid words so you can understand them.

DedNUn: what they could do

My Penich: telling your 4th grade teacher that a bully made you feel like a tool isn't gonna do much to me.

DedNUn: actually im pretty serious

My Penich: what are you going to do, cry?

My Penich: i'm sorry, i didn't mean to make you cry

DedNUn: did i say i was going to do anything?

My Penich: what you're capable of doing... you are capable of crying... so i don't want to initiate your little girly lacrimal ducts. tear tunnels, sorry. trying to keep simple.

My Penich: i'd feel bad

DedNUn: i said "they are capable of doing not in referrence to myself. it is a generral statement, one your mind is capabl to understand

My Penich: "they" that's some freaky freaky stuff- you spelled reference, general, and capable wrong. you're unbelievably stupid.

DedNUn: or maybe it isnt

My Penich: lets just face the facts... you're very upset because you're not very smart

DedNUn: the more you talk tome the more i learn about you

My Penich: great... that's fantastic... that doesn't make any difference at all in any way ever holy crap you're stupid.

DedNUn: the more i learn where you are, who you are, and the shit computer you are using

My Penich: ooooh special, go share that with your bed buddies during ass tag.

My Penich: why don't you just go cry and call it a night

DedNUn: right

DedNUn: i hope your momie isnt to mad when the shitt comp your using doesnt work anymoer in the morning

My Penich: do you even know how to spell? You just misspelled mommy, isn't, too, shit, doesn't, anymore, and 'your' is in relation to possession, you're means 'you are'.

My Penich: but you're doing okay- you and your ten year old fingers

My Penich: hey, guess what?

DedNUn: what?

My Penich: while my computer isn't working in the morning, I'm going to use it to post this conversation on the internet so everyone can see you get tooled and cry like a little school girl.

My Penich: what you're warning me now?... uh oh, is this why my computer won't work tomorrow?

My Penich: because you gave me a 35% warning

My Penich: any idiot can click a warning button

My Penich: you better stop before my computer shuts down all together

My Penich: this is getting scary now, what am i going to do?!

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