once again, same girl...

SexKttn82: whats up with your sn?

SexKttn82: its kinda bazarre

My Penich: um... it's a little phrase my buddy and i used to use

SexKttn82: whats it mean??

My Penich: penis... when we were in high school we'd always throw it out in a sentence and it would confuse everyone

SexKttn82: sounds funny

My Penich: it was good times

SexKttn82: so you are out of high school??

My Penich: yeah

SexKttn82: could of fooled me

My Penich: thanks.

My Penich: thanks a lot.

SexKttn82: age??

My Penich: 20, thanks.

SexKttn82: welcome

My Penich: thank you.

SexKttn82: ah

My Penich: and you must be 18?

SexKttn82: yeah

SexKttn82: how did u know??

My Penich: i know you

SexKttn82: no you dont

My Penich: you also have an 82 in your sn

SexKttn82: unless this is rick

My Penich: yes

My Penich: it's rick

SexKttn82: oic

My Penich: how are you?>

SexKttn82: ok

SexKttn82: is this really you??

My Penich: ; - )

My Penich: you know it baby

SexKttn82: : - P

SexKttn82: ok where do you work?

My Penich: come on, enough with the silly questions

SexKttn82: hello???

My Penich: you know i'm good for my word

SexKttn82: yeah

SexKttn82: trust no one- that is my philosophy

My Penich: i love you

SexKttn82: yeah

SexKttn82: so where do you work

My Penich: i do work, yes, and i'm madly in love with you

SexKttn82: ok then where do you work

My Penich: my location isn't as important as my love

SexKttn82: ok

SexKttn82: enough shit

My Penich: i just love you from work, that's all

SexKttn82: prove yourself bitch

My Penich: i'm not a bitch

SexKttn82: ok

SexKttn82: you are annoying me

My Penich: sorry... i work at the gap

My Penich: i got switched

SexKttn82: ok

SexKttn82: then you dont know me

My Penich: I meant mervyns

SexKttn82: no

My Penich: chevron

SexKttn82: no

My Penich: well i still love you then... i think i'll move in with you

My Penich: i'll be there in a sec

My Penich: hold on

SexKttn82: what??

My Penich: is that not okay?

SexKttn82: ahhhh

My Penich: fine, now's not a good time for you i guess, so i'll move in later.