theBIGjensen: seek, m. seek, p. seek, a. seek, g.

Auto response from Laguna606: Let the madhouse begin!!!

theBIGjensen: do you like my poem? i call it poim

theBIGjensen: safety hands and safety gates... safety lands and broken plates...

theBIGjensen: i call that one safety poim

theBIGjensen: can i recite you another poim?

theBIGjensen: or do you not like my poitry

theBIGjensen: well anyway, this one is called poultry scurvey

theBIGjensen: "poultry scurvey ping ping sing pong- and I have a ping pong pill sing song"

theBIGjensen: that one i like best

theBIGjensen: i think it's going to take off

theBIGjensen: and be a phenominal success

theBIGjensen: DIE!

theBIGjensen: that's another poim of mine

theBIGjensen: it's called love blossums

theBIGjensen: okay, i'm going to let you think about that