smule porb: one

Swtlady117: one what?

smule porb: just one

smule porb: that's all

Swtlady117: hi courtney

smule porb: dangit

smule porb: hi

Swtlady117: lol put that on your website ;-)

smule porb: yeah... yeah it will be. sadly

smule porb: can't fool a flores episode 3 or 4

smule porb: you'll see it

Swtlady117: lol

Swtlady117: excellent

Swtlady117: why do you even try anymore?

smule porb: one time i'll get you

smule porb: believe me

smule porb: once

Swtlady117: yeah right

Swtlady117: have you hung out with michelle lately?

smule porb: na

smule porb: not since last weeks

smule porb: singular

smule porb: week

smule porb: not plural

Swtlady117: haha okay

smule porb: so texas good though?

Swtlady117: yeah it is :-) at first it was way sunny, so lots of laying by the pool, but it's been a little stormy lately

smule porb: so you've got a good mexitan allready huh?

Swtlady117: LOL, i like that, mexitan

Swtlady117: not really yet, but hopefully before i leave

smule porb: you better

smule porb: i want to see a tan flores when you get back

yeah... and to my readers- believe me, i will fool the flores. it will happen. just wait and see- she will fail, oh yes, she will fail... ha ha ha ha ha... Waaa ha ha ha ha... BWAA HA HA HA HA!!! (the sound of evil jensen plotting his attack)