theBIGjensen: i accused YOU of stealing YOUR own lipstick after that one night where you weren't even in the room... i just find that sorta funny, don't you?

One Puffy One: ummm are u ok?

theBIGjensen: whoops

theBIGjensen: wrong SN

One Puffy One: ok

One Puffy One: bye

theBIGjensen: but while we're on the topic, how do you feel about poking old people with sharpened pencils?

One Puffy One: thast mean

theBIGjensen: no, they like it

theBIGjensen: seriously

theBIGjensen: i'm in charge of an oldperson group

One Puffy One: are u ok?

theBIGjensen: thursday nights

theBIGjensen: and it stimulates the melonin in the skin

theBIGjensen: for a youngster like yourself it might be painful

theBIGjensen: but it's different for them

theBIGjensen: so how do you feel about it?

One Puffy One: its still mean

One Puffy One: how old are u?

theBIGjensen: 28

One Puffy One: oh

theBIGjensen: and you?

theBIGjensen: are you an old person?

theBIGjensen: if you are can i poke you?

One Puffy One: 18/f/illinois

theBIGjensen: ah... i see, a huge run down of things i never asked.

theBIGjensen: a youngster then

theBIGjensen: no poking necessary

One Puffy One: u can still poke me if you like...i guess

theBIGjensen: i'll dull the pencil to be nice

theBIGjensen: is that okay?

theBIGjensen: it'll be a little different than my group of people i speak to.

theBIGjensen: they're all old men i can poke

theBIGjensen: sharply poke

theBIGjensen: but i won't poke you

theBIGjensen: you're too young with tender skin

One Puffy One: ok

theBIGjensen: really? thanks... oh whoops

theBIGjensen: sorry, spoke too soon

One Puffy One: huh?

One Puffy One: u've confused me

theBIGjensen: i didn't mean to. i just have a way of talking to old people. and you're not old

theBIGjensen: old people are really jumpy

One Puffy One: lol

theBIGjensen: i can say anything to an old person and they seem to follow me. if they don't i poke them and they like that too

theBIGjensen: and they have tons of kittens that nibble on their toes feet

theBIGjensen: most of them anyway

One Puffy One: are u sure you are ok???

theBIGjensen: i'm great. as are old people

theBIGjensen: how are you?

One Puffy One: just peachy keen

theBIGjensen: commanding?

One Puffy One: huh?

theBIGjensen: are you a little overly commanding?

One Puffy One: why would i be commanding?

theBIGjensen: you just seem commanding

theBIGjensen: is that true

One Puffy One: i don't even know what that means

theBIGjensen: oh like you would yell at me if i didn't do the laundry

theBIGjensen: do you mind if i do your laundry?

One Puffy One: no i wouldn't yell at you

One Puffy One: no i don't mind come on over

One Puffy One: lol

theBIGjensen: hmm... where's your laundry at? should i get started now?

One Puffy One: in the dirty clothes basket....probably i have a lot of dirty clothes

theBIGjensen: should it be a white load? because i don't have very much bleach, so i might need to borrow some

One Puffy One: no

One Puffy One: i can do the whites myself

theBIGjensen: why?

theBIGjensen: you don't trust me

theBIGjensen: i swear i'll grab socks in pairs

One Puffy One: i trust you...i was just sayin

theBIGjensen: okay

One Puffy One: its not my socks i'm worried

theBIGjensen: i understand

theBIGjensen: panties and such... that's fine, i'll do another color

theBIGjensen: no worries

theBIGjensen: darks or maybe JUST socks

One Puffy One: lol...all my panties are silk and colored and my bras are white

theBIGjensen: hmm... so your bras are what you were worried about

theBIGjensen: it's strictly business my washings...

theBIGjensen: i wouldn't take any

theBIGjensen: i'm fairly professional

One Puffy One: yeah..and my panties ...i love them and don't want anything to happen to them especially no holes or bleach stains

theBIGjensen: i love silk panties too, but i trust people more than panties

theBIGjensen: but everyone has their values

One Puffy One: yes

theBIGjensen: so just socks then?

theBIGjensen: am i washing your feet jimies?

One Puffy One: so you married or anything?

theBIGjensen: no... i'm single

One Puffy One: cool

theBIGjensen: yeah, thanks

One Puffy One: welcome

theBIGjensen: i'm welcome, great!

One Puffy One: so where are you from?

theBIGjensen: oregon

One Puffy One: ok

One Puffy One: well...whast your name?

One Puffy One: whats*

theBIGjensen: i knew what you meant... i went through college

theBIGjensen: i just like washing clothes

theBIGjensen: that's all

theBIGjensen: don't judge me like a hooker

One Puffy One: ok..u don't have to become a smart ass on me

One Puffy One: whats your name?

theBIGjensen: but other than that I go by Jensen

One Puffy One: ok then Jensen...i'm tierd and i'm going to bed

One Puffy One: goodnight!

theBIGjensen: wait

theBIGjensen: hurry

One Puffy One: what?

theBIGjensen: what?

One Puffy One: u said wait

One Puffy One: wait on what?

theBIGjensen: oh, sorry, i thought i was going to poke you

theBIGjensen: guess not

theBIGjensen: sorry

One Puffy One: well i think i've waited long enough

theBIGjensen: whoah

theBIGjensen: shoot

One Puffy One: u kept goin on and on about my laundry

One Puffy One: lol

theBIGjensen: yeah, well i'm into that... it happens

One Puffy One: so are u poking me or not?

theBIGjensen: POKE!!!! HA HA!

One Puffy One: WOW thanks...that was great!

theBIGjensen: see?

One Puffy One: can i go to bed now?

theBIGjensen: old people can be smart... old people ARE smart. i LIKE old folk...